What are the functions of motivation in psychology?

Motivation is a crucial element that plays a unique role in our daily lives. According to psychology, it has a tremendous impact on our behavior and can shape our thoughts and actions in exciting ways. And if you have been wondering what are the functions of motivation, this article will give a deep insight and help you understand its importance. 

I have observed many people who face productivity and task engagement issues. They all complain that they lack the will to engage in activities they can not overlook. Have you ever thought the same about yourself?

I know what has been bothering you, which is why today’s article is about motivation. Continue reading to understand its exciting functions.

What Are The Functions of Motivation?

Numerous functions of motivation and emotion play their part in shaping our behavior and actions. However, I will only cover four functions of motivation. 

The Function of Motivation in Communication

Motivation plays the following role in communication:

Battles Insecurities 

Be it public speaking, communicating with your friends, or arranging company meetings, communication is vital in effectively conveying your thoughts and needs to the listeners. However, those who lack confidence are insecure about their abilities. Hence, they avoid speaking. This is where motivation kicks in. It battles your insecurity to encourage you to communicate fearlessly. 

Provides Confidence 

Once you overcome your anxieties attached to communication, you will witness an improvement in your confidence. Motivation and confidence go hand in hand. It inspires you by giving you the confidence to achieve something.

As a result, you feel more capable and do things you have always feared. 

Boosts Engagement

Engagement is a critical element of communication. Once you have found encouragement, you will naturally evoke engagement and interaction while you talk. 

As a result, your listeners will better understand your message, aiding you in deriving your desired results. 

Functions of Motivation in Learning 

If you want to discover the ways you can increase your interest in learning, the following motivational functions will help you:

Aids Cognitive Processing 

Reasoning, comprehending, and remembering are parts of intellectual activities that need to be present while a student learns something. However, many students lack such capabilities and face issues while learning.

Many times the lack of motivation causes such matters and can be resolved if you motivate students. 


Motivation is not only essential to initiate activity and learning. It also inspires students to set their goals. And once they know how to direct behavior toward goals, they can effortlessly achieve them without obstructions. 

Increased Efficiency 

Although you might feel inspired to initiate any activity, what keeps you going is more important. Motivation not only helps in activation but also plays well by maintaining persistence. 

Functions of Motivation in Management 

You can find many examples of motivation functions, and management is no exception. If your team lacks desired efficiency and dedication, read the functions to learn how you can stimulate motivation in your team.

Creates Ambitions

Inspired individuals are more goal-oriented and passionate about their work if we compare them with employees who lack motivation. They have a knack for achieving success which further creates ambition for them that they are most willing about. This ambition helps activate and shape their performance.

Reduces Absenteeism 

Motivation helps create a will and dedication in employees because they enjoy their work and continue their efforts. This excitement and passion further aid their will to strive. As a result, you can observe a reduction in absenteeism. 

Improves Productivity

Managers can use motivation as an effective instrument to evoke efficiency and productivity in their team members. Motivation can improve their performance, and as a result, you will witness a surge in the operations and output of your enterprise. 

Functions of Motivation in Career Building

These motivational functions will let you define a straight path for your career and help you unlock professional success. 

Defines Objectives 

You only do something if you feel the urge to do it. In other words, you cannot achieve anything if you lack the willingness and motivation. And when it comes to setting objectives, it is only possible through motivation because it helps you develop excitement and passion for your goals. 

Sets Targets

Once you have a clearer understanding of your objectives, setting targets and devising a strategic plan is your next step. Without organizing your tasks, you will feel mismanaged, which can trouble you during their accomplishments. Moreover, it might be possible that you lose excitement. With motivation, you can easily set your targets and strive to complete them. 

Eases the Path 

Motivation also helps you ease your road to success. If you stay motivated, you can find professional accomplishments soon. 


What are examples of motivational functions? 

You can find examples of motivational functions in any aspect of your life. Whether management, learning, career building, or communication, motivation plays an equal role in driving your best actions and pushing you towards your goals. 

What are the functions of motivation?

Motivation intends to stimulate your will and inspire you to the core to undergo an activity. Once motivated, it pushes you and helps you sustain your efforts to deliver desired results. Not only will you feel productive, but you will also find a determination and urge to give your best. 

What are the functions of motivation in management?

Management is undoubtedly one of the challenging fields because it demands the team managers to evoke passion and motivation in others. Pushing yourself is easy, but inspiring others is tough. However, if you wish to derive productivity and efficiency in your team members, motivation will help you. 


Motivation is a magic wand that destroys every obstacle and reluctance in your route to success. Whether it is about communicating your thoughts to someone, managing your team, building your career, or increasing your knowledge, unless you lack inspiration, you can not flourish. 

I hope you have found answers to ‘what are the functions of motivation?’  While initiating any task, keep in mind that without having a keen motivation, you will be stuck and could also fail because motivation gives you the reasons not to lose and only win. Therefore, you should always seek inspiration while you do anything. 

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