How To Respond To What’s Good?

When asked, what is good? Depending on the situation, it could mean a number of various things. How you respond to good things depends on your situation. The context dictates how to interpret this phrase and what action to take. Therefore, what is context and why is it so important for how you respond?

How Do We Understand Context

A frame of reference is provided by context or the environment in which something occurs or is present. Context is crucial because it enables us to comprehend what has occurred. When considering context, we must take into account a person’s environment, the other person they are speaking with, and the subject of their conversation. This will provide us with factual information that we can utilize to decide how to respond.

How To Respond To What’s Good

Consider the following suggestions of how to respond to what’s good

Smiling because I got a message from you. How’s it going? 

Tell a person who messages you, “What’s good?” that since he has messaged you, you have a smile on your face (if you want to make a good first impression). Ask him about his health after saying this nice statement. You might convey to the guy that you’re interested in him and that you want to keep things light by adding a flirtatious tone to the chat.

Not me, it’s been a tough week

There is no doubt that you are not doing well when you respond, “Not me,” when a friend or family member asks, “What’s good?” Most people want to hear more when you say something uplifting or reveal that you’ve had a challenging week.

The usual, just at work. You up to anything good? 

Always be lighthearted when texting, especially at the start of a romantic relationship. When a guy texts you that you like, you don’t have to respond soon away or act overly happy. Instead, respond to their question in a calm manner to maintain your composure. Ask them a question in return to give them something to respond to.

Definitely not this weather

Use this response if a stranger is close and you don’t mind starting a discussion. The weather is a fun and straightforward conversation topic. Only extremely extreme circumstances, such as when it is scorching outside or when it is pouring rain, would make this technique effective. This is a kind way to respond to a stranger. You didn’t respond to the question, therefore it’s clear that you don’t want to continue the conversation. I’m hoping against hope that the stranger will get it and leave. What’s good with you? could be included at the end if you don’t mind them.

Hmmm…productive. Thanks for asking! How are you?

You could occasionally feel like hurrying around frantically, trying to get everything done. You might not feel like bragging about how great you are feeling if you are under stress. This situation might seem to become better if you assert that you’ve been productive, which you have been. Additionally, this response gives the other person the chance to ask, “What have you been doing?” Discussing your present tasks with coworkers or colleagues is a terrific approach to learning more about each other’s workdays and perhaps even picking up some advice or suggestions.

Oh, can’t complain

Use this if you prefer to solve your difficulties on your own rather than with others. Alternatively, you won’t complain about it to someone who is likely already in a position to solve the problem.

You look amazing today!

Use this to express your gratitude to friends or family members. Even better, make your crush feel unique by using it to flirt with him or her.

Oh, same old, same old

What if, when someone asks you what’s good, you have no new stories to tell? Then just tell them you’re the “same old.” They’ll then leave you alone. Even if you have stories to tell but don’t feel like talking right now, you can politely decline an invitation to converse. You may keep things private if you say you’re the “same old.”

My day has been great so far

When you’re truly happy, it’s difficult for people to disagree with you. Remember that your defense does not have to be convincing. You could say, “Thank you for asking. Right now, I’m having a great time. I just looked at the weather report, and it doesn’t look like it will rain tomorrow, so I’m going on a long trip.

Why? What did you hear?

You must speak in a mysterious way, like when your friend is watching the most recent news or gossip and you’re a superstar, in order to get the other person to get the humor in your statement.

Lots! I have a busy schedule and can’t truly talk

What’s good? can also be answered in this another way. By responding, “You’re too busy to talk,” the initial word is added with an exclamation point. continues in a cordial manner. The inability to speak is then made abundantly evident. You can also communicate to the person you are chatting to that you are not genuinely interested in hearing from them by failing to provide a new time to chat.

Just counting the hours till the weekend

It is better to use this with a friend who has a busy schedule similar to your own, ideally one from work. It’s a way of saying that you’re exhausted and ready for some much-needed rest.

Shoo! Not interested

You should only invite those who enjoy making fun of one another, of course. You might laugh as you let out some tension. On the other hand, if your friends are rigid and sensitive, you should refrain from making comments like this. You must consider other people’s emotions.

Take Away

There are several ways to respond to the question “what’s good,” as you can see. Your voice and the impression you wish to leave will determine everything.

It’s up to you whether you respond amicably, flirtatiously, humorously, caustically, or negatively! If someone introduces you to them on a regular basis, just have fun with it and see what happens.

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