How Do I Get Motivated to Overcome Social Anxiety?

I used to struggle meeting new people and always wondered how do I get motivated to overcome social anxiety. Though it can be challenging to learn how to deal with social anxiety, but learning how to overcome the social fear can be so powerful and beneficial. As a result, you’ll experience a change in yourself.

Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) is one of the most significant mental diseases. According to estimates, social anxiety disorder affects about 12% of the population. People with this illness encounter challenges in every aspect of their lives. They struggle to find life partners, open up to others, speak in front of large crowds, and make friends, and they often fall behind in their careers.  

What is Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD)? 

Social anxiety disorder is a typical form of anxiety condition. Examples of the illness are fear of speaking in public, getting to know new people, dating, appearing in a job interview, responding to a question in class, or interacting with any ordinary man. The person with this disorder worries a lot about people judging them. They are confused by nature and panic a lot.  

How to overcome social anxiety?

The positive thing is that you can treat this illness by following social anxiety tips. To find out, stay with us. 

The Symptoms Of Social Anxiety Disorder: 

Social anxiety disorder has significant impacts on the mind and body. People with social anxiety disorder frequently experience these problems in public, especially while performing in front of a large audience.

  • They get panic attacks. 
  • They feel an extreme fear of people’s judgments.
  • They get out of breath. 
  • Sweaty and cold hands.
  •  Avoid joining a group of people.
  • Faces difficulty in speaking.
  • They tend to feel embarrassed and awkward in front of people. 

How To Treat Social Anxiety Disorder? 

How to overcome social anxiety and shyness? There are various ways where you can treat your social anxiety. Or can get it treated if you’ve tried overcoming it but have failed. 

The most important thing is that you shouldn’t ignore it. If you overlook this illness, it’ll stay with you all your life. And it might trigger you intensely in some events, so it’s better to take precautionary measures and seek help.  

If you are unsure where to begin, the first step is to get a diagnosis. This will help to determine the severity of your anxiety and the possible solutions to overcome it. 

How do I get motivated to overcome social anxiety? 

Coping with social anxiety can be challenging if you’ve severe anxiety issues. 

Can social anxiety be cured naturally? The answer is yes; it can be cured naturally, without medications, and without visiting a psychiatrist or psychologist. 

Overcoming anxiety with self-help is preferred because medications can have long-term adverse side effects. 

Tips to get motivated to overcome social anxiety with self-help

The following techniques may be helpful for those who struggle with social anxiety:

Know Your Triggers

How to motivate someone with social anxiety? If you want to help someone come out of this illness, tell them that it’s crucial to know one’s triggers because anxiety is something that almost everyone experiences to varying degrees of intensity.

Knowing your triggers will enable you to overcome them because your mind will be ready to deal with them beforehand.

Every person’s experience with social anxiety is different, and what bothers you might not bother someone else. For this reason, each person needs to understand what triggers them.

Keep a Journal

How to overcome social anxiety fast?

Keeping a record will help you a lot in tracking your pace of improvement. You’ll be able to see your progress and how much more improvement is yet left to do. It’ll help you realize if you’re lacking somewhere or what event triggers your anxiety the most. Hence you’ll be able to work hard on it.

Take Baby Steps: 

How to break free of severe social anxiety and lack of motivation? Setting attainable goals is preferable. Because nothing gets better overnight, having big goals and planning to start working toward them immediately may kill your motivation. For someone suffering from this disease, setting a primary goal of speaking in front of a group will be an excellent first step.

Appreciate Yourself: 

If you’re someone suffering from anxiety, you know how challenging it is. Appreciate your little achievements that you’re trying to fight social anxiety, and stay motivated to make more changes towards overcoming the fear. Reward yourself if you made a friend or delivered an effective speech. 

More Ways To Help Social Anxiety

How to help someone with social anxiety? If you’re looking for some viable ways to help someone with this disorder, here are several ways to help them with social anxiety: 

  • Avoid consuming alcohol. 
  • Get plenty of sleep.
  • Don’t consume much caffeine.
  • Eat healthily. 
  • Get physical exercise. 

Inspiration To Deal With Social Anxiety

How to Find Inspiration when dealing with Social Anxiety? Inspiration can play an essential role for one with SAD. Motivation can come in various ways, and a person can inspire you with words or action. There are multiple quotes on inspiration and videos to inspire you. Consider watching them. 

Social Anxiety At Workplace

How to deal with social anxiety at work? Working can be extremely tough if you have a mental health condition like social anxiety disorder. Try to focus on your breath. If something awkward or embarrassing happens, tell yourself that you’re human and it’s okay to make mistakes.

Social Anxiety In Schools

How to stay motivated to go to school when I have social anxiety? Social anxiety in schools can deteriorate the motivation of the children. If you fear the crowd, try to look for some kind kid and talk to him, you might feel comfortable around that person, and it’ll help you overcome your anxiety and gradually fade away. 


Social anxiety disorder is a common mental health condition. The symptoms include social anxiety, fear of criticism, aversion to crowds, or going out of breath, when some asks a question.  

If you don’t treat this disorder, it could eventually get worse. But, if you start working on your anxieties through self-help or medicine, you can enhance your quality of life.


How do I stop struggling with social anxiety?

To get over social anxiety:

  • Seek help.
  • Try public speaking.
  • Check-in with yourself.

What is the fastest way to cure social anxiety?

Try some relaxation methods, such as stress-relieving breathing exercises. Break difficult circumstances into manageable pieces, and focus on becoming more at ease with each one.

What is the key to overcoming social anxiety?

The key is to ease into more demanding situations by beginning with something you can handle.

Can you overcome social anxiety on your own?

Some people can overcome this illness on their own. For the majority of people, it does not go away without treatment. If you experience symptoms, it’s essential to seek assistance.

Can my social anxiety be the cause of my lack of motivation?

Lack of social support and poor performance at work are both primarily related to symptoms of social anxiety disorder.


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