Do Narcissists Cry?

There is much dispute over whether or not narcissists cry. Some claim to do so, while others claim not to. So, what is the truth?

According to specialists, some narcissists cry when they are weak or emotional, while others only cry when they are attempting to manipulate someone.

Narcissists are frequently seen as emotionally cold and calculating. It may come as a surprise to you that they are capable of crying. In reality, narcissists who cry are frequently the hardest to deal with. They can be manipulative, using their emotions to exert influence over people around them. If you’re in a relationship with a narcissist who cries, you should be aware of this behavior and know how to handle it. 

Do narcissists cry? The answer may vary depending on who you ask. Some claim that they never cry, while others claim that they only cry in dire situations. The fact is that there is no clear proof in either direction. However, psychologists and academics have discovered some fascinating facts regarding the psychology of weeping behavior. Continue reading for more details!

Types Of Narcissists

There are several varieties of narcissists, depending on who you ask. These many kinds share certain characteristics but differ in how they express their narcissism.

Some of the most frequent varieties of narcissism are:

Grandiose Narcissism

The grandiose narcissist is the first kind. This individual is conceited and self-centered. They believe they are better than everyone else and frequently try to put people down to feel superior. They are extremely manipulative and frequently take advantage of people.

Vulnerable Narcissism

The vulnerable narcissist is the second kind. This individual lacks the confidence of the grandiose narcissist and frequently feels insecure. They may seek attention and acceptance from others to compensate for their insecurities. They can be extremely sensitive to criticism and may become enraged if they feel rejected or ignored.

Malignant Narcissists

The psychopathic narcissist is the third kind. This individual is a psychopath who utilizes manipulation and exploitation to achieve their goals. They have no respect for other people’s sentiments and frequently exploit them.

Classical Narcissists

A classical narcissist is obsessed with grandiose ideas of prosperity and power. They feel they are exceptional and hence deserve nothing but the finest. They are frequently worried about how others see them and are easily offended. Classical narcissists may feel entitled and may take advantage of others to acquire what they desire. They may look pleasant and self-assured, but they may also be deceptive and predatory. Because of their lack of empathy, classical narcissists frequently struggle to establish long-term relationships.

Communal Narcissist

A Communal Narcissist is someone who exaggerates their idealization to the point that they feel they are superior to everyone else. They have an exaggerated feeling of self-importance and a strong need for admiration. They are also quite sensitive to criticism and might respond aggressively, if not violently when threatened. Communal Narcissists frequently attempt to exert control over others around them and may be exceedingly manipulative. They may first look attractive and engaging, but their true colors will emerge. If you’re in a relationship with a Communal Narcissist, you may feel under continual pressure to perform or satisfy their unreasonable demands.

Types Of Cries Used By Narcissists

Narcissists utilize two sorts of cries:

  • Genuine
  • Fake

Emotional intelligence is thought to be higher in narcissists who cry truly. They are aware of their emotions and can express them in a non-manipulative manner. This form of crying is more difficult to cope with since it is more difficult to determine whether the narcissist is serious. There are also fewer options for dealing with a narcissist who tears since you can’t just order them to stop crying.

The most manipulative narcissists cry with phony emotions. They use their tears to influence and dominate people around them. This form of crying is easier to deal with since the narcissist can simply be told to stop. However, it is vital to note that this type of narcissist may also employ other techniques such as guilt-tripping or gaslighting. If you’re in a relationship with a narcissist who pretends to cry, you should be aware of these additional deceptive habits and how to cope with them.

Do Narcissists Cry When Watching Movies?

Narcissists are only concerned with themselves. So, what’s the deal with the narcissist in your life crying during a Disney movie? Narcissists will only cry in public, in front of others who can see them. Perhaps this is your first date, and a narcissist is attempting to entice you. They want to show you their vulnerable and hurt side.

Remember that narcissists value first impressions. Aside from the love bombing, some acting and manipulation are going on. Narcissists will not reveal their actual character to you until you have been imprisoned and hooked to them like heroin as a result of their emotional manipulation and love-bombing. Anyone can become a victim of a narcissist.

If you’ve been the victim of a narcissist, you’ll search for one in every new person you encounter. Even crocodile tears can’t knock you out. It makes you suspicious. Women, in particular, must be on the watch for deceptive characters. It seems like a terrible existence, but it’s better to be safe than suffer at the hands of a manipulative and sadistic narcissist. You must be aware of mind games that a narcissist engages in.

When Do Narcissists Cry?

Someone with narcissism or NPD can cry, but for different reasons than someone without narcissism.

Narcissists can care about people and their feelings, but they usually do it to satisfy their wants and goals. This indicates that someone with narcissistic qualities may cry out of regret or guilt, but not out of empathy.

They may be humiliated, for example, if they are chastised for their role in a sad scenario. They may feel grief or remorse that whatever transpired casts an unfavorable light on them.

Final Thoughts

Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a psychiatric ailment that affects people’s emotions and causes them to cry more frequently than others. However, it is crucial to emphasize that many other variables, such as stress or low self-image, might be at work here as well. 

If someone believes they are being scolded for demanding attention and praise, they may feel ashamed enough to cry because it hurts them so deeply. Furthermore, when narcissistic people feel guilt for anything they’ve done wrong or been discovered doing wrong.

We took a thorough look into whether or not a narcissist can weep in this post. The answer is complicated: A narcissist can cry, but are they truly crying from the heart? Most likely not. Are they sobbing to make a point or to draw in an unsuspecting empath? Very likely. 

Just because a narcissist cries when watching a Disney movie does not imply that they are a sensitive, emotional person! Keep an eye out for these people in your life.

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