what should I do for a living

What should I do for a living?

Every one of us has occasionally felt unsatisfied at work. You can question whether you’re in the proper line of work, following the ideal career path, or even operating in the right economic area.  You … Read more

Formulas For Confidence Intervals

Formulas For Confidence Intervals

A confidence interval aims to understand the probability that any particular parameter will fall between a range of estimates around the mean. Let’s dive in to understand a bit more and how does it apply … Read more

Why real estate is so stressful?

Why Real Estate Is So Stressful?

Why real estate is so stressful? According to the research, real estate agents were among this year’s top 10 most stressful employment due to increased competition as the economy deteriorated. Is real estate stressful? Real … Read more

What are the effects of Procrastination?

What are the Effects of Procrastination?

We have all struggled with procrastination at some point or another. We have worked with postponing, avoiding, and procrastinating on essential matters for as long as humans have existed. Today, we are going to talk … Read more

how to pay attention in zoom meetings

How to Pay Attention in Zoom Meetings?

After the emergence of the pandemic, there has been a rise in the usage of virtual meetings. Now nearly every other business holds meaningful discussions and meetings through zoom. Although the video conferencing system is … Read more