How to increase motivation when depressed?

Depression is one of the most disturbing disorders found in humans. People who are often depressed would know how hard it is to cheer themselves and survive every other challenging day despite constant sadness. If you also find yourself in the same boat, you must know how to increase motivation when depressed.

Battling depression is tough, and finding motivation at the same time is even more challenging. Depression kills your willingness to do anything. It puts you in a state of mind where everything seems dull. Hence, you lose interest in everything. Are you looking for some depression motivation tips?

Here we will highlight a few ways to actively and effectively cure your depression through motivation.

What is Depression?

Depression has become one of the primary medical illnesses today. This disorder has nothing to do with the age and status of the people. Anyone at any given age and period can have depression. It is a disorder that leaves people disinterested, lazy, and least motivated. The victims usually find themselves with low energy, low will, and low interest. 

As a result, coping with their daily life situations becomes more challenging for them.  However, you should always motivate yourself when depressed because constantly remaining anxious can result in further mental and physical complications. No matter how disturbed you are, you should get things done despite of depression; otherwise, you can not lead a healthy and prosperous life.

How can it Affect You?

Depression has more severe effects than you might have thought. It does not only destroy you mentally but physically as well. And for this reason, I will recommend having a positive lifestyle where you feel more encouraged daily.

However, some people can not identify the cause of their inner disturbance. If you want to make sure that you have depression, consider the following symptoms:

  • Depressed people are often sad.
  • They feel worried about everything,
  • If you have depression, you can sense a change in your eating patterns. Most disturbed people have a loss of appetite.
  • They find sleeping difficult.
  • Their moods are disturbed often.
  • They lack the will and energy to do something.
  • They lose pleasure, joy, and satisfaction.
  • You might notice suicidal behavior in depressed people.
  • Depressed people are unable to contemplate. Hence, they lack decision-making abilities.

How to Increase Motivation when Depressed?

People who do not know how to increase motivation when depressed must read the tips and practice them in their daily lives. You might not know that depression can cage you in a life-long problem where you will lack the courage and will to break those barriers. There is a constant battle between your willpower and anxieties. 

However, to conquer negativity, you should prepare your mind for the change you are looking for. By doing this, you can easily accept positive changes in your behavior. Moreover, you can treat your depression with some lifestyle changes as well. By consuming a healthy diet, you can battle the toxicities and inflammations by releasing healthy hormones. And this might affect how you think and react. 

Nevertheless, there are a lot of strategies that can positively inspire you to feel and act well despite your depression. Let’s find out. 

Ways to Get Motivated When you’re Depressed

Have you ever thought about how to build motivation to overcome depression? I will shed light on some tips that will do magic for you. Continue reading.

Surround Yourself with Positive People

During feelings of anxiety, try to avoid negativity. Instead, you should seek the company of positive people with positive mindsets because they can treat your sadness with their positive energies. 

Sleep Well

Depression can result in severe health conditions, and insomnia is no exception. If you are depressed, you must increase your amount of daily sleep. This tip will help your body to heal, and your mind will refresh. 

Avoid Negativity

When your motivation runs out, try to avoid things that can boost your anxieties. For instance, reading saddening news, watching disturbing visuals, or talking with negative people. This tip is essential for uplifting your moods rather than spoiling them. 

Have Some Fresh Air

When you feel depressed, your place might feel suffocated. I know this is common. And you can treat it by taking some fresh air. So whenever you feel trapped, leave your home and inhale some fresh breeze. 


Socializing is the best way to get out of your depressed zones. It helps distract you from your worries and lend you in a positive mood. This tip is undoubtedly helpful in boosting motivation when you are depressed.


Does depression make you lack motivation?

Yes. Depression is the opposite of motivation because how it kills our will to do anything. If you feel anxious, often you would know how difficult it is to find a way out of your worries. 

How do I get motivated when sad?

Whenever you feel sad, I suggest you watch some inspirational videos or movies. Or you may also read some inspiring quotes (or watch motivational football movies) to ignite your lost motivation.

How do I regain motivation to do anything?

You can have your lost motivation by preparing yourself for a change. Nothing can stop you if you are inspired to regain your motivation. So have faith in your abilities.

How can I improve my mood for depression?

The primary target of depression is our mood. You might notice a change in your mood while you are depressed. However, you can cure it if you are inspired back. 

What to Do When You Have No Motivation

The first thing you should do is identify the cause of your behavior. The next thing you should do is treat those causes. However, if you are still not motivated, seek expert help.

Were you aware that depression is curable? Yes. If you know how to increase motivation when depressed, you can effectively find a way out of it. Having your lost motivation is the only thing that helps you sustain your sanity. Therefore, following these tips can aid your lack of motivation when depressed.

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