How to increase motivation of your team?

Being a team manager is challenging. As a team leader, you will realize how tough it is to motivate your employees and keep them engaged with their work. And since employees’ productivity and efficiency is essential for the desired results the company is seeking, you must keep them involved and motivated. So if you wish to know how to increase motivation of your team, this post will guide you about the different ways you can do it. 

Motivating a team is not as easy as it may sound. It requires a constant effort and a few strategies to help the employees be more driven, motivated, and engaged. However, before we explore the different techniques, let’s take a quick look at the kinds of motivation and their importance.

Motivation and its Types

Your team members’ performance and productivity are crucial to your business’s growth. If your employees lack the required will and inspiration to do better, they might not be able to produce the needed outcomes. And if you are not aware of why it is important in understanding the types of motivation when it comes to team performance, let us tell you that each kind of motivation is essential in improving their performance.

The following are two main kinds of motivation that can together bring out the desired productiveness in your employees:

Intrinsic Motivation for a Team

Intrinsic motivation is associated with your will and motives attached to personal gratification and satisfaction. In other words, people are not pushed by any worldly outcome or reward while doing something. For instance, your employees are internally motivated to undergo an activity if their work brings them relief and happiness. 

Extrinsic Motivation for a Team

On the other hand, extrinsic motivation is more related to external or real-life rewards. If you are externally motivated to do something, it means that particular activity might reward you with some worldly benefits. In the case of team members, if you reward them for their monthly targets through bonuses or employee appreciation awards, they might have more encouragement to bring out their best.

What Strategies Would You Use to Motivate Your Team?

You can follow many approaches to help your employees sustain their energies and will. While launching a company, you should plan the strategies beforehand to take the grip of your employees from the beginning. If you wish to have a dedicated and inspired team, follow the given strategies in your day-to-day operations:

Reward Creativity and Efficiency

One great tactic to boost creativity and efficiency is by rewarding them instantly. A reward is not always about a worldly benefit. You can even plan a monthly employee recognition or appreciation session where you can highlight their efforts and help them have more motivation

Pay your Workers Fairly

Team members who get market-competitive salaries are more driven and encouraged because they know their efforts are recognized and paid fairly. 

Give Them a Break

Breaks can help any person to gather their energies. Make sure your organization offers a quick collective break.

How to Increase Motivation of Your Team?

Following are some practical ways to motivate your team:

Work on a Healthy Working Environment

A positive, comfortable, and healthy environment can boost the interest and performance of your team members. 

Offer a Helping Hand

Sometimes a little help and counseling can help your employee accomplish a seemingly difficult task. Always offer your full support to keep them on track.

Avoid Criticism and Punishments

If your employees make mistakes, avoid punishing or criticizing them because this can kill their motivation. Instead, you can encourage them to do better. 

How to Motivate your Team as a Leader?

If you wish to know how to increase the motivation of your team as a leader, the following tactics will help you:

Keep them Aware and Connected

By keeping your team aware of the critical goals and plans of the company, you can help them keep connected and encouraged. 

Boost Career Aspirations

Employees with a defined set of goals and aspirations are more likely to achieve success in a short time. Plan meetings and discuss with them their aspirations.

Plan Outdoor Activities

Offsite activities like celebrations, dinners, lunches, training events, picnics, or seminars can help employees gain peace of mind. Consequently, they will feel refreshed and more energized. 

How to Motivate Your Team Remotely?

You can do it in the following ways:

Offer Training

A skilled and trained employee is better than an untrained employee. Therefore, you should offer them training and learning opportunities for improved performance.

Boost Happiness

Happy employees equal happy customers. Therefore, you should keep them pleased. If you notice a change in your employees’ behavior or mood, discuss their cause of disturbance with them privately. This approach will help you to identify what needs to be improved. 

The Importance of Employee Engagement

Motivating your team can do wonders for you as a team leader. Motivation is key to employee productivity and the company’s growth, whether it’s about completing the daily targets, sustaining your customers/clients, or producing the best outcomes. And with all these benefits, you will feel successful as a leader. Therefore, to see your business grow, work on your team member’s performance and motivation. 


How do you successfully motivate your team?

To successfully motivate your team, you should know what can inspire them. Jot down your list of strategies that you will use to encourage them and work on it. 

What is the best way to motivate your team?

The best way to motivate your team is to encourage them with positive words. Even if employees lack sufficient skill or energy, try to counsel them with caring and positive comments. 

How do I motivate team members?

There are many ways to motivate your employees; the most effective is to reward them for their hard work. The reward might be in the form of verbal praise or recognition. In addition, you may also give them other benefits such as a bonus or some performance award.

What to say to motivate your team?

While motivating your team, you should highlight the points that define their career growth and professional achievements. Bring out the energies in them through your inspiring words and help them achieve their career success. 


Motivation is crucial in producing the will to perform and achieve better. And in the case of employee performance and engagement, you must know how to motivate them. I am sure that the next time someone asks you how to increase motivation of your team, you will have a different set of strategies to share with them. 

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