How to Overcome Motivational Barriers for Success

It is important to understand that no one in the world has the motivation all the time in life. Especially if you are the type who wonders how to overcome motivational barriers all the time? Motivation is something everyone lacks multiple times due to multiple reasons. Maintaining motivation is not easy because life comes with many ups and downs.

So, if anyone lacks motivation in their personal or professional life, that’s completely natural and happens with everyone. It’s all about how you fight with it, overcome it, and come back stronger.

What Are The Barriers To Motivation?

Let’s look at some of the barriers and how to overcome motivational barriers.

Limited Time

Procrastination will never let you respect your time. People who complain about having less time are bad at managing their time. Time is not their topmost priority, and time never stops for anyone. If you compromise on time and waste it, you will lag.

Communication Skills

People find it difficult to talk to others about their goals, visions, and life perspectives. Not talking to others minimizes your ability to think and see various ways of one thing.  Communicating with others helps you a lot. When you talk about your visions and opinions about others, it motivates you too and reminds you about your goals and whatever you are missing out or compromising on. Similarly, paying attention and listening to others about their views and perspective on different issues of life gives you learning.

Limited Resources

People find excuses for not doing things. There might be a lack of resources in someone’s life, but trying harder and giving your best shot is all that matters. Because “Where there is a will, here is a way.”

Uncertainty About Goals

Not being particular about your goals gets your time wasted. One should be very specific about their goals to have a clear direction to keep working hard on.

Don’t give yourself the ground of wasting time and aim to complete your tasks on time.

Lack Of Purpose

Everything seems pointless when you are unaware of the purpose of doing anything.
If I am doing a degree and unclear about the purpose, I can never enjoy it and give my best in that field.
If a student is studying and can’t perceive the benefit of studying, it will be pointless for them.

4 Useful Tips To Overcome Motivational Barriers

  1. Plan your life.
  2. Get inspiration from others. 
  3. Explore your reasons. 
  4. Work out your barriers. 

Barriers To Work Motivation

Not every employee may be motivated in the same way. Managers have control over the atmosphere of the company. They should give their best to make sure that every employee is motivated because motivated employees can do things they never imagined possible.

To reduce the negative influence of each, you must first be aware of internal and external motivation barriers.

Internal motivational barriers include:

  • Change
  • Discipline phobia
  • Expectations that aren’t conveyed clearly
  • Failure phobia
  • Boredom/laziness
  • Unattainable objectives

External motivational barriers include:

  • Recognition.
  • Communication.
  • Training.
  • Trust. 
  • Sufficient resources.
  • Team members’ cooperation.
  • A sense of importance.
  • Possibilities for advancement.
  • Personal growth.
  • Feedback on performance
  • Clear goals/objectives. 
  • Fair compensation

Motivational Barriers To Learning

Before learning how to overcome motivational barriers, let’s learn the underlying reasons.

Lack Of Goals

how to overcome motivational barriers

Setting specific training goals is usually a good idea to keep your learners motivated and help them understand why learning is essential. It is a terrific approach to inspire learners, whether by setting an overarching objective or small, incremental goals attained by finishing each module within a course.

If you’re having trouble deciding on training goals, consider answering these basic questions to get started:

What should your trainees take away after finishing this course?

Is it a skill that they can immediately put to use?

How would this assist them in performing their duties more effectively?

Respond to these questions for each of the courses you provide and share the results with your students. Learners will be more invested in completing their assigned training if they can clearly understand its benefits and practical application.

Emotional Barriers

how to overcome motivational barriers

These are the roadblocks that make students uncomfortable and sabotage their learning. People who are afraid or doubtful may believe they are “weak” or “not good enough” to try. They may rationally acknowledge the need for training for their personal development or career advancement. However, they want to complete the process as quickly as possible or never begin it. Resistance to change, fear of failure and a lack of focus are emotional hurdles.

Cultural And Social Barriers

how to overcome motivational barriers

The ability of a youngster to interact with classmates has a significant impact on their academic success. Learning in a classroom necessitates engaging with other students/friends to discuss issues and discover solutions.

Discussing lessons with other students is essential because it allows students to recognize their strengths and limitations and fill knowledge gaps by learning directly from their peers.

Fear Of Change

Every new venture brings about change and forces us to leave our comfort zones. People may believe they are unprepared. Employees who sabotage online learning come to mind. Change resistance might manifest itself in one of two ways:

Reluctance to use technology. People may believe they are not tech-savvy and cannot adapt to the digitization and keep up with new trends.

“I already know everything.” People may believe that nothing has changed in their field sufficiently to warrant another round of training or a new online course. However, this might not be the case.

Resistance to change is an ingrained notion that can hinder a company’s training and development efforts.

Lack Of Concentration

how to overcome motivational barriers

Okay, we’ve overcome our fear of failure and resistance to change. Students are prepared to study, right? But wait, there’s another stumbling block to learning. According to the report, employees have only 24 minutes each week for training and development. Even during these 24 minutes every week, they may find it difficult to concentrate because workplaces can be noisy and distracting.

Motivation To Change And Barriers

  • Lack of feedback.
  • Lack of instant consequences.
  • Social evidence. 
  • Lack of ownership.  

Key Takeaway

In pursuit of how to overcome motivational barriers, we found that being truthful with yourself can go a long way toward achieving your primary goal of living independently with vision loss. Read the article and think about where you lack to work in those areas. Motivational barriers stop us from progressing, discovering new opportunities, and continuing to improve. No barriers will come in the way if learners keep focused on their goals, face their fears of failure or change, and acknowledge the things that demotivate them the most.

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