Does true love exist?

A close friend of mine recently asked me, ‘does true love exist?’ For a while, I was speechless. I had never thought about it, but when they asked me, I realized that it is something we all should consider. Whether you are single or have mingled, you should ponder the meaning of true love. 

Love has different meanings and values for everyone. Its importance and definition can vary from person to person. People have different experiences with love and beloved. So you can not say that you can have good experiences only. However, you can differentiate between true love and ‘not-so-true love. 

But how will you know what is true love and what is not? If you are ready to mingle and have not found your true love yet, reading how you can identify it will help you. So let’s get started. 

Does True Love Exist?

does true love exist

Does true love exist nowadays? Although true love is rare, it is not difficult to find. Sometimes you have to find a companion who matches all of your criteria for being a good partner. And sometimes, you can turn an unhealthy relationship into a healthy bond by taking baby steps and remaining patient. 

If you are unsure what true love is, let’s discover the meaning of true love.

What is Actual True Love?

True love makes you go ga-ga about a person despite their numerous weaknesses. It is a state of mind where everything seems fun and comfortable. People in true love with their partners often ignore their mistakes and shortcomings. They give their companions time, value, and support.

However, there are several other signs of true love you can unfold. So continue reading. 

What are the Signs of True Love?

Does true love exist? Yes, it does. To help you find true love, I have compiled a few signs that your companion should have. Have a look below:

Understanding Each Other 

Communication might be the key to a healthy relationship. However, you might still fail if you cannot understand what others are thinking or what your partner is trying to communicate. Hence, understanding is a vital element that true love demands. 

Step out of your perspectives to look into things from another’s point of view. Doing this lets, you understand your partner from a clear point of view. 

Respecting Their Choices and Opinions 

Love has no boundaries. But how can you implement this ideology into your relationship? If you control your partner’s thoughts, choices, and actions, you create a boundary preventing them from overpassing it. However, what actual love demands is that you allow them complete control and freedom regarding their choices, decisions, and stances. This way, they will feel joyful around you and not feel caged.


If you love your partner truly, be open to their criticism or feedback. Respect their opinions and try ignoring their mistakes. Moreover, to maintain a healthy bond, you should listen to their feedback and support it without being defensive about your reasons. By doing this, they will feel that you value them.

Support Their Goals 

You need to support each other’s goals and ambitions to grow and flourish together. 


Avoid abusive behaviors such as yelling, hitting, complaining, or blaming others. These behaviors can damage your affection and will create distance and conflict. 

Being their Best Version Around You

Companions who are more transparent and honest with their behavior and feelings can be faithful lovers. If your partner seems like their best version in front of you, it means they genuinely love you. 

Say Yes to New Experiences 

Anything can lose its charm with time. And relationships and marriages are no exception. However, if we welcome new experiences and activities, we can make life more enjoyable and have fresh perspectives. And this is the secret to breathing new life into your relationship. So if you dislike anything your partner enjoys, try adopting new activities and routines by taking it as an adventure. 

Physical Affection 

Physical affection is another form of expressing your love to your partner. Be more expressive and responsive to keep the sparks alive between each other.

Avoid Deception 

Being honest and loyal with your companion will make your relationship more robust, letting them trust you more. Hence, they will feel the safest around you. 

Get Out of Fantasy

True love is not identical to living in fantasy. Fantasy is much different from reality, and we must set some rules to live a healthy and balanced life. Partners who know how to be practical can show signs of true love because it shows how responsible they are.


Make your relationship non-controlling and non-manipulative by allowing your partner their freedom. The bonds can weaken if one tries to be more controlling and the other tries to be more submissive. 

Reading these signs, you can now answer why does true love not exist? If a relationship or partner lacks these qualities, you can’t consider it true love. 


Does true love exist nowadays?

True love is difficult to find these days. People have become self-centered and opinionated, and this is because we live in a success-driven world where we have to strive for our ambitions constantly. And in that case, we forget to give our partners a valued time and experience. As a result, we lose the healthy balance needed to sustain our bonds. 

What are the signs of true love?

If your partner loves you unconditionally by valuing your comfort and opinions, they might show signs of true love. Watch out for their behavior and how they care for you because action speaks louder than words. It is true love if you feel comfortable around them physically and emotionally. 

What is actual true love?

True love is finding peace and harmony with your partner. It is about growing and experiencing life together, accepting others’ mistakes and letting go of any issues, helping and supporting each other during difficult times, and awaiting new experiences. It is about living life at its best together.  

Why does true love not exist?

A difference in opinion, a difference in personality, or a difference in lifestyle can be why true love does not exist. Partners who can not live in harmony together can not find true love. 

The Recap 

Does true love exist? True love is not easy to find nowadays. True love demands honesty, care, time, and value. We are so frustrated with our lives and so occupied with our goals that we cannot give importance to our partners, their opinions, and their time. And this is where your partner may lack if they cannot meet such needs. 

Sustaining a healthy relationship demands equal efforts from both partners. If you cannot give them value and time, you can soon lose your charm, making your partner uncomfortable around you. So if you wish to keep your bonds alive, go to any length and show them that you actually care. 

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