Two Faced Behavior

Being two-faced refers to having a deceptive or hypocritical personality and being unreal. It’s frequently used to describe those who are skilled at acting in a false manner. In this article, we will discuss the two faced behavior and reveal the characteristics of this personality trait.

What Is Two Faced Personality?

The phrase “two-faced” is widely used to refer to someone who is dishonest or deceitful. It can also be used to describe a person who has two separate personalities or ways of living.

Someone who is dishonest and breaks their commitments might have two faces. They are also someone who thinks poorly of everyone. To obtain what they want, they will say or do anything, but it will always be at the expense of others.

Characteristics of a Two-Faced Person

two faced behavior

Here’s how you expose a two faced behavior. Some of the majorly observed personality characteristics of a two faced person are:

Gaining Position Through People-Pleasing

There are people that try to please others in order to achieve their goals. We all tried hard as kids to satisfy our parents in order to garner their adoration or have them purchase us a toy. 

This may still be evident in our acts today when we attempt to satisfy someone we like in order to gain their attention.

In this type of situation, a person’s true nature will emerge only when they achieve their aim. This is why we frequently hear stories about people who alter after they’ve “officially” gotten together.

They are not ready to reveal their true selves.

When they don’t want others to see their true selves, most people act two-faced. We keep our thoughts to ourselves when we join new communities in order to figure out the social dynamics. Nobody likes to reveal how strange they are right away.

This is a natural self-defense response that we all have. In this situation, time will allow the individual to reveal their true self.

They desire to be liked by others

We occasionally behave in a certain way to win over other people.

In order to fit in, an introvert who is also scared of being alone could pretend to be an extrovert. A person could feel “fake” in this situation since they are pretending to be someone they are not.

Previous Experiences with Social Difficulties

Some people are unable to be open about their feelings because of past trauma from traumatic social experiences. They may have previously confided in someone but feel let down, or perhaps their true selves have been rejected in the past.

Even though it can be challenging to trust others, nobody wants to constantly be on guard. If you make an effort to get to know these people, they might open up to you.

Taking Extreme Caution

It’s not always a good idea to divulge all of your knowledge. Extra information may sometimes be problematic. To reduce the chance of being overly involved and cautious, a person may be acting in ways that aren’t true to who they actually are.

It may be challenging to recognize their true personalities in this situation because of their guarded behavior, which makes them appear to be two-faced. They might naturally open up to you if they find you to be “trustworthy” or “a person that’s capable of objective perspectives.”

The Psychological Perspective of a Two Faced Person

Dissociative identity disorder (DID), or we can say this is a two faced personality disorder. It is a mental condition in which a person has two or more different personas.  

Each personality may act, think, and behave in very different ways. This illness is frequently brought on by trauma, especially at an early age of life i.e. your childhood.

How To Deal with two faced person

Never try to force conversation

It’s a good idea to try to get to know someone, but be sure to maintain a safe enough distance so that they may feel free to be themselves.

Build trust over time to encourage opening-up

A person may need to act deceitfully for a variety of reasons, and it won’t be simple to get them to open up. It’ll take some time. Keep a safe distance as you do so and approach them as you would a feral cat. You’ll eventually get to a point where you may face each other directly and interact more openly.

Declare your own flaws

Try exposing your own weaknesses if the other person acts as though they are trying to hide their own. We call it emotional empathy.

Examples of splitting behavior

we can observe a zillion of examples split personality disorders around us. People who are impersonating or fake DID as a result of factitious disorder frequently exhibit minimal sorrow over their apparent diagnosis and will frequently lie, exaggerate their symptoms (especially when witnessed), and blame undesirable (two faced) behavior on them.

Opportunities can have “no risk” or be a “total fraud,” as examples of splitting behavior. Either they are “good” and “perfect,” or they are “bad” and “crooked.” Either science, history, or the news are “total facts,” or “complete lies.”

The Ending Note:

Splitting personality disorder is a serious disease. Since it is simple to cure it in the early stages of life, one should find a way out as soon as possible. Otherwise, it could become a critical challenge. Not only will the people suffer, but the person that is a subject of harm will also have a great deal to deal with. Two faced behavior is a curable disease.


What is a two faced person?

Two-faced people are dishonest or act one way in some circumstances while acting differently in others. A person who poses as your buddy just to start berating you as soon as you leave the room is an illustration of someone who is two-faced.

Causes of a Two Faced Behavior

When they don’t want other people to know who they truly are, most people act deceitfully. We keep our opinions to ourselves when we join new communities as we try to understand the social dynamics. Nobody wants to come off as strange right away. We all naturally respond like this in self-defense.

How do you treat a two faced person?

You can treat a two faced person using the following ways:

  • Validate Your Suspicions. It’s crucial to check your sources before you go off the rails and face that individual while having smoke coming out of your ears.
  • Make Some Room.
  • Observe records.
  • Have a Difficult Discussion.
  • Avoid falling into the revenge trap.

Is being two faced a character trait?

Indeed, It is a character trait. As you are aware, the term “two-faced” refers to a person who may have a great personality but a terrible character.

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