How To Deal With A Jealous Partner?

You can find jealousy in every relationship and you must also know how to deal with a jealous partner because jealousy can drastically harm the love you and your partner have for one another. The fact that your jealousy is arousing emotion at first might appear charming, but after some time, you’ll probably be able to identify its downsides. Fortunately, there are strategies for understanding how to handle jealousy in relationships. All you need to know is where to start.

It’s necessary to deal with jealousy if you experience it before it becomes out of control. You and your partner can both discover healthy ways to deal with jealousy. Continue reading to find out how to deal with a jealous partner. 

What Is Jealousy? 

Anxiety, desire, and fear are some of the emotions that are mixed to form jealousy. When you’re concerned about losing something important to you, you could have a powerful, often overwhelming feeling.

Furthermore, Jealousy in romantic relationships is normal and you should know how to deal with a jealous partner. Jealousy is motivated by the worry that your spouse might leave. And not just human behavior is affected by this feeling. But don’t let the idea that jealousy is endearing or romantic fool you. Even while it’s an entirely normal reaction, if you or your spouse allow jealousy to spiral out of control, it may swiftly damage your relationship and mental health.

Normal Vs. Unhealthy Jealousy

Since jealousy serves as a gentle reminder for couples not to take one other for granted in marriages where jealousy is a moderate and infrequent emotion. Couples can be inspired by jealousy to show appreciation for one another and make an effort to ensure their partner feels cherished.

The narrative changes significantly when jealousy is extreme or illogical. Jealousy in a relationship is most often an indication of an abusive relationship that may be indicated by irrational or excessive jealousy. The primary reasons for unhealthy jealousy are anxiety over being abandoned and stress over not being adequately loved.

Signs Of Unhealthy Jealousy

  • Excessively speculating about a partner’s actions and intentions.
  • Limiting a partner’s freedom or preventing them from visiting family or friends.
  • Being overly suspicious of how or what a partner is feeling.
  • Exhibiting unusual anxiety and fear.

Causes Of Jealousy

Why is my partner so jealous and controlling? 

Since there are multiple reasons that make a partner jealous:

  • Fear of being left behind or betrayed.
  • Fear of misplacing someone or something significant.
  • Being uneasy or having a negative view of oneself.
  • Having robust control or possessive feelings.
  • Keeping up irrational expectations for a partner.
  • Reliving a painful memory of being abandoned in the past.

Ways How To Deal With A Jealous Partner? 

How to deal with a controlling and jealous partner? It’s not necessarily time to end your relationship if you’re experiencing jealousy. Mild jealousy is a normal human emotion that, when handled carefully, can be beneficial. When one party feels threatened or fears losing the other, the feelings of love and affection can change into fear, insecurity, and jealousy.

So, what to do if my partner is jealous? Here are a few practical tips you should follow if your partner is jealous of you: 

Talk about your partner’s jealousy

How to help my partner with jealousy? Discussing your partner’s sentiments of jealousy is the first thing you should do as a caring partner. To alleviate their worries, try to comprehend them. Be careful if you bring up their jealous behavior; your partner may become defensive and even deny it.

Show Kindness Towards Jealous Partner 

So the question is how to live with a jealous partner? Being kind to your envious partner may seem contradictory, mainly if they abuse you. No matter how your partner responds, you must continue to be patient and polite to them. Be prepared for them to look at you suspiciously, but you might be on the path to a greater connection after they see your intentions are legitimate. 

Create Boundaries

When your partner is jealous of you, setting adequate boundaries is an intelligent relationship investment. However, if your partner’s mild jealousy turns excessive, it’s essential to talk about the behaviors you’re ready to put up with and those you won’t.

Develop a Healthy Attachment

How to handle a jealous partner? A relationship entails expressing affection, spending time together, and creating a bond with the other person. Any dangers to your bond need to worry you. Jealousy is justified when it signifies the relationship is in trouble.

If you feel like, “My husband/wife is very jealous and controlling,” you should try to be extra loving to your partner during this delicate phase.

Message to a Jealous Partner

Things a jealous partner should accept and work upon: 

  • Determining to alter your behavior.
  • Recognizing that while you cannot control others, you can manage your response.
  • Examining the causes of your jealousy.
  • Recognize how your relationship is being harmed by jealousy.
  • Deciding not to snoop on your partner.

Bottom Line

Consequently, When jealousy turns toxic, it can ruin relationships and lead to unhappy partnerships. Working with a qualified therapist can help you navigate and conquer the obstacles in a helpful and nonjudgmental way if you’re in a relationship with a jealous partner and feel stuck.

Remember that you are so much more valuable than the negative energy you have been exposed to. Take action immediately! 


Can a relationship survive jealousy?

Since jealousy is an unpleasant and potent emotion that has the potential to destroy almost any relationship. If not treated, jealousy can permanently ruin your connection with your spouse and negatively impact any potential future partnerships.

Why is my partner so jealous?

A partner can feel jealous for multiple reasons. 

  • A partner is insecure.
  • Someone cheated on them in the past.
  • They are trying to protect themselves. 
  • They are afraid.

Can a jealous person change?

A jealous person cannot change. While most marital problems may be resolved, seething jealousy is a difficult habit to quit. Usually, it’s because a jealous person refuses to either confess or change.

How do you deal with someone who is always jealous?

Ways you can deal with someone who is constantly jealous: 

  • Stay positive. 
  • Encourage empathy.
  • Be Direct.
  • Be kind to them.

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