Advantages and Disadvantages of Perfectionism

We all live in a fast-paced world where every other person holds a perfect idea of living. People have created some standards that, if not met, are considered non-ideal or imperfect. In our mission to achieve perfection, we often forget that there are advantages and disadvantages of perfectionism that we must know. 

Little do you know that perfection can have its shared disadvantages regardless of how positive it is. While seeking a perfect way of living, we often overlook our mental health and strive unnecessarily to compete with others. Therefore, today I have gathered a few pros and cons of perfectionism to help you achieve balance and stability while trying to be perfect.

What is Meant by Perfectionism?

Perfectionism is a person’s ability to act, behave, think, and talk flawlessly. A person with traits of perfectionism is more focused on their goals, and if they are unable to achieve them, they feel anxious, low, and have self-defeating thoughts. This characteristic shows that perfectionists possess some problematic behavior too. 

We often see perfectionism as a positive trait. However, you might not know that perfectionists are most worried and insecure about their capabilities and achievements. In their pursuit of success, they avoid average results, constructive criticism, and failure. In other words, they lack self-esteem, acceptance, and patience in their goal to achieve nothing less than perfection. 

This might be one side of the story. However, many other characteristics can help you identify an actual perfectionist. 

What Causes Perfectionism?

But before proceeding to the advantages and disadvantages of perfectionism, let’s first discover why people exhibit a perfectionist attitude. Following are some key factors responsible for developing a perfectionist behavior in a person:

  1. Having perfect parents can sometimes is the cause why you behave perfectly. 
  2. Your insecurities and fear of rejection might force you to act ideally.
  3. You may fear criticism.
  4. Perfectionist children often receive hate or criticism from their parents when they cannot follow their standards. 
  5. Some abusive teachers or trainers might cause them to be perfect.
  6. Your past achievement or current image might force you to sustain your efforts to be perfect.

How we perceive the world today and differentiate success and failure tells much about how perfectionism developed. We have undoubtedly set the worst standards for perfection, which has given rise to problematic behaviors. However, we should also learn how to cope with loss because it can have adverse side effects for perfectionists. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Perfectionism

Are you one of those who do not accept any standard short of perfection? If you are a perfectionist, you should need to know the pros & cons of being a perfectionist. 

Advantages of Perfectionism

The pros of perfectionism can help you identify the perfectionist around you. So pay attention.


Perfectionists are naturally motivated people who are determined to achieve success by any means. Even if they fail, they do not stop. They keep continuing unless they meet victory. 

They are Ideal 

Perfectionists can not process anything short of their best. Therefore, they strive their best to yield the best outcomes that are worth the praise. 

Beat Obstacles 

People we call perfectionists know how to battle issues that obstruct their path to their goals. They can effortlessly and frequently handle obstacles to reach their destinies. 

They can Leave their Comfort Zones.

Perfect people do not worry about their choices or comfort zones. They can quickly go the extra mile to achieve what they have decided. Their options are secondary if you compare them with their goals. 

Problem Solvers 

Problem solvers can be another name for perfectionists. Such people can easily find gaps, offer solutions, and implement them to break through a challenging situation. 


Perfectionists like themselves to be recognized and praised. They want to show the world what they are capable of. Therefore, when someone recognizes their efforts, it makes them happy and satisfies their souls. 

Disadvantages of Perfectionism

The cons of perfectionism let you discover the shortcomings of being too much perfect. I have gathered these disadvantages to help you identify the issues with your behavior so that you can find solutions to change them. 

Victim of Depression 

People who idealize the perfect way of living are often found mentally disturbed because their ideologies are problematic. They do not believe in defeat. Thus, they don’t know how to manage them mindfully.  As a result, they remain anxious and disturbed. 

Lack of Endurance 

Perfectionists are so perfect that they can’t imagine failure or anything less than ideal. Failure does not exist in their world, making it challenging for them to suffer any loss. It means such people lack the endurance and patience to overcome self-defeat. 


Every perfectionist fears failure, shame, and criticism. Therefore, they can sometimes delay a task that is not difficult to achieve. It means they cannot handle criticism and lack the wisdom and patience to confront it. 

Excessive Competition

Perfectionists do not care about what they are competing for. Their prime goal is to fail the other person. Whether or not the results inspire them, they feel the urge to undertake any task that defines their mastery or success.

Suicidal Thoughts 

I have seen many perfectionists having suicidal thoughts when they cannot achieve their standards of perfection which is very destructive to human nature. Their inability to face failure can prompt them to attempt suicide. This trait is one of the worst representations of being a perfectionist. 

They Don’t Believe in Balance.

Perfectionists do not believe in anything less than perfect or ideal. In other words, they only accept success. They either win or lose. Even if they produce better results, they fail to acknowledge them. Thus, they lose balance and consider everything a loss if not perfect. 


Although perfectionism helps you knock out obstacles and failures, it can also destroy your mental health, ultimately leading to adverse outcomes. Therefore, before being a perfectionist, you should be familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of perfectionism to avoid losing your sane way of leading life. Reading this article, I hope you can differentiate between the right and wrong way of being ideal. 

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