What is your Motivation in Life?

What would you say if someone asked you ‘what is your motivation in life? Have you ever thought about this? I am sure you might have found yourself speechless answering this question. And then, have you thought about why you cannot answer it? Well, wait. Take a deep breath, and don’t confuse yourselves. I will be going to answer all of these questions here. 

Motivation is a force that helps us achieve our ambitions despite countless life problems. However, unfortunately, many people lack sufficient motivation. Some might even not know their true aspirations and what might motivate them to meet their goals. Reading this post, you will be able to discover what motivates you.  

What is Meant by Motivation? 

Motivation is defined by your will to take action. It forces you to behave in a particular way. Setting aside your fears and distractions, motivation pushes you to start something you have always dreamt of. However, motivation is not always associated with unique targets. People also need the motivation to accomplish their everyday tasks. 

Starting an action is just an initial stage of meeting your goals. Motivation, however, also helps direct you towards the result, and it also helps you sustain your ambitions. Therefore, it is a crucial component of our lives. Multiple reasons prompt us to have our desired motivation. I will cover this point later in this article. 

What is Your Motivation in Life?

You might have crossed your paths with people who may ask you, ‘what is your motivation in life?’ Were you successful in answering them? I know many of us are not truly aware of our motivating drives. However, you need to examine what motivates you to keep going in life because this might be the key to your uncertainties and complaints about life. 

Motivation in Life as a Student

Student life is one of the most productive parts because we learn different things. Our knowledge increases with every passing grade, and some students actually enjoy having new experiences. However, few students find studying hard, and they need some motivation to keep themselves involved. 

But how would they convince themselves to keep studying? The following tips are a few motivating drives that every student should possess:

  1. Better Grades

Getting good grades might be challenging and horrifying for some, but it helps you to keep yourself interested in your studies.

  1. Knowledge

I have seen only a few motivated students study because their knowledge increases

Motivation in Life at Work

Are you tired of your 9-to-5 life? Do you wish to give up? Hold on. Before giving up your dreams and future, consider the following reasons. These are some motivating drives that can help you battle your inner disturbance:

  1. Experience

Life teaches several lessons when you enter your practical life and start earning your own money. And this is the reason why many of us want to stay connected with our outdoor lives.

  1. Expenses

People who are the bread earners of their homes are responsible for providing them with their basic needs. Without having a job, you can not manage household expenses.

Life Motivation Quotes 

Following are some of the best quotes that might revive your lost motivation.

  1. The best view comes after the hardest climbs.

This quote explains that the journey to your goals might seem tough and challenging, but you will be surprised and feel amazed when you reach your final destination.

  1. Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that can not fly.

In this quote, life is associated with a bird, and dreams are associated with wings. According to this quote, your life is useless if you have no dreams, just like a bird with no wings to fly. 

  1. Believe you can, and you are halfway there.

This is one of my all-time favorite quotes because it motivates me every time I read this. In this quote, it is explained that if you believe in your inner strengths and capabilities, there is nothing that can stop you. If you motivate yourself, you can achieve anything in no time. 

Motivations in Life Examples 

Many things motivate people to give their best and achieve what they have dreamt. For instance, 

  1. Assets

A luxurious life is a dream of many and collecting assets is one step away from it. Many people work day and night, and some even work beyond their energies to secure that luxurious lifestyle. 

  1. Giving Back

I have seen many people who love to invest in others. They feel satisfied and happy when they share happiness with others.

Things to Motivate you in Life

Many things can be a source of inspiration for you to give your best. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Success

Unlocking success might inspire you to work hard on your dreams.

  1. Happiness

Finding inner peace or harmony may motivate you toward your goals. 

  1. Fitness

Losing weight or getting in shape might be why you lift those heavy weights or do strenuous exercises in the gym. 


How to find your motivation in life?

You can find your motivation hidden under your goals, needs, and dreams. These things drive your motivation and push you to achieve them. 

What to do if you have no motivation in life?

With zero motivation, you will lose a sense of purpose in life. As a result, you will not be able to achieve anything independently. Therefore, it is crucial to have motivation in life. 

What is your own motivation?

The inner will that prompts you to take any action is your motivation. It forces you to start and complete an activity until you find your desired result. 

What are good motivation examples?

A person needs motivation for several reasons. They might want to study hard to achieve good grades. An employee might be working overtime to secure a promotion. 

Ending Note

Now the next time someone asks you, ‘what is your motivation in life,’ I hope you will be able to answer it more confidently. While initiating any task or envisioning any goal, remember that any action is unachievable if you lack sufficient motivation. Because it not only helps you achieve your dreams but also helps you have a motive and a purpose in life. 

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