What should I do for a living?

Every one of us has occasionally felt unsatisfied at work. You can question whether you’re in the proper line of work, following the ideal career path, or even operating in the right economic area. 

You eventually have to ask yourself the critical question, “What should I do for a living?”

This is a persistent notion for some people. So, how do you come up with the solution to this matter?

If you identify with that, this article is for you, and you are undecided about your next career move.

11 Tips to Discover And Decide What To Do With Your Life

what should you do for a living

What do people do for a living? “Work” refers to the activity most individuals engage in to make a living. Why? Because a place to live, food to eat, and other necessities of life can usually be obtained in exchange for money earned through employment.

There are so many considerations that it could be overwhelming to know where to start. This article will explain all the factors you should take into account before making this critical decision of what to do with your life: 

Talk to People

How much you can learn from merely listening to others talk will surprise you. You can occasionally gain additional insight into the wants, objectives, and motivations of others if you pay attention. When you put it all together, you may learn how other individuals got to where they are now and determine if it is the path you want to follow.

Determine Your Intellectual Interests

What you enjoy and are good at should be one of the top considerations when choosing a career path. You shouldn’t pick a career that doesn’t fully utilize your abilities.

Finding your academic interests is essential before choosing the field that best suits you. After all, you won’t be excited to get up in the morning if your job somehow does not utilize your skills. Once you’ve thought about the subjects, you’re interested in, finding jobs that potentially match your interests should be much easier.

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

You may be unsure of what you want to achieve since you haven’t yet tried to do what you were designed to. And you won’t know if it’s true or not until you start removing alternatives.

Honestly, it’s easy to feel helpless and as if your current course of action is your only option. But if you stretch yourself, you might be surprised at how much you wind up liking something you never in a million years imagined you would.

Establishing A Journal

Make a list of the attributes you consider to be your strengths. For many people, choosing the career route, they wish to follow might be difficult. But it’s also crucial to remember that picking a path is impossible without knowing where to start. 

Additionally, the more information you have about various professions and working conditions, the easier it will be to decide. To begin, try detailing your writing prowess. Consider how these skills might be used in specific fields of employment after finishing this.

Start Now

Regardless of your overall goals, it never hurts to start creating.  There are many ways to progress in your profession, even if you’re unsure what you want to accomplish, portfolio. Acting will make it more clear which options you should select and which ones you shouldn’t. 

Discover What You Genuinely Enjoy Doing By Trying New Things

There’s no need to rush decision-making if you want to decide what to do with your life. Consider breaking the issue into more minor elements like skills and interests rather than treating it analytically and creating a list of what has to be done in that order. If you want to find something you adore, you should also attempt various things. Shift your environment, then see what happens.

Determine Which Of Your Bits Of Intelligence Is The Strongest

The combination of what a person enjoys doing and their skills and talents should broadly define what their ideal profession is. If you don’t think you have marketable skills, you’re wrong. There are numerous unique types of intelligence, and some occupations require specialized intelligence.

Find out which of your several bits of intelligence you are more potent at, and then look for a profession that uses that intellect. Most people gravitate toward their strengths, so the work that appeals to your intellectual prowess is likely your favorite.

Recognize And Accept Failure

More than anything else, being afraid of failure will make it challenging to figure out what you want to achieve with your life. Although you have probably heard this before, it is true. You won’t be able to identify precisely what makes you happy if you exclude everything because it appears challenging.

Setting The Correct Expectations

When it comes to career advancement, you should have reasonable expectations. Be careful not to assume that simply because something is easy will bring you immediate satisfaction or overnight. Although this is rarely the case, everything else will be much simpler to accomplish after these fair expectations have been determined and understood. Or at least that’s how it goes for most people who want to maintain a healthy work-life balance while advancing their professions.

Even though it might seem challenging, it’s not, especially after you realize how crucial it is to have realistic expectations.

Discover New Ideas From Others

Indeed, you want to be successful in all you do. Therefore, what better place to start than by discovering how others have accomplished their objectives? As you read, remember that neither of these individuals understood what they intended to do when they were born.

Do Skills Evaluation

A great way to determine what career would be best for you is to take a skills inventory test. You can evaluate your skill set and pinpoint your strengths using a range of examinations. The outcomes of these tests will also provide insight into how your personality may affect prospective future careers that you might pursue based on the traits you demonstrate in the inventory.

Ultimately, choosing which career or employment would be a good fit for you will be simpler if you can pinpoint your personality traits. This is accurate since certain personality traits work better with particular vocations than others.

Five Tips On “What Should I Do For A Living

what should you do for a living

Keep this practical advice in mind as you go toward professional reinvention.

Visit A Coach

Your path to job reinvention may involve a variety of detours and dead ends. You might change courses and go in unexpected directions along the road. It is a process of experimenting and learning that is constantly changing. It could be challenging to stay motivated and concentrated. Consequently, having a support system in your life is advantageous. A career coach can support your daily success planning, bring you the inspiration you need, and improve your time management.

A coach can also provide you with a dispassionate, unbiased point of view. Then, when you make decisions, you’ll have the support of kind, considerate people and fully possess your options.

Consider A Side Job

You must be willing to take some risks if you want to find a professional path that fulfills your passion and a sense of purpose. No need to give up your job and overwork yourself. You can always try side hustles or part-time jobs to find new ways to earn a living doing what you love. 

Recalibrate, Reevaluate, and Regroup Your Priorities

Do you want to advance and move up in the company? Or do you want to find something with a more flexible schedule? We might sometimes become so overwhelmed by life’s problems that we lose sight of what’s truly important. 

According to studies, taking regular breaks helps you stay mentally sharp and motivated when tackling challenging activities. It can occasionally be helpful to step back and relax when making a difficult decision. Step backward. Consider your areas for growth and develop fresh, practical approaches. You can always try again, hopefully with a more transparent brain.

Enjoy Life Besides Your Job

The passion and freedom obtained in one’s personal life may outweigh the urge to acquire independence and enthusiasm from a vocation. Some people can support themselves, and when they do, they live life to the fullest, taking advantage of their free time and taking periodic retreats. 

Use your imagination to come up with scenarios in which you could follow your passions while still managing to make ends meet. If you love to travel, you might be able to negotiate with your employer to take a month off every year. During this time, you are allowed to take a break from your job and travel.

Consider Your Options

Remember that just because something looks terrific on paper doesn’t necessarily imply that it will be the appropriate fit for your needs if you want to find something that offers a healthy work-life balance. Reassessing your opportunities may help you realize what is most important to you. Always keep in mind that improving your work-life balance is the main objective.

What Can I Do For A Living From Home

Numerous success stories of people operating a side business or working from home can be found online. Having a more flexible work schedule, spending more time with family and hobbies, avoiding the inconvenience of public transit, and saving money on gas and eating out are just a few of its benefits.

What can someone do for a living? You can earn a living in various ways from your modest home. You will likely rely on your current skills, resources, and capital in addition to a bit of cash. If you are considering starting a business, working from home, or maybe doing both, look through the list below to discover which options could be ideal.

Virtual Assistant

You might often question yourself, “what would I love to do for a living”? You can be a virtual assistant, and it might be the job you love. A virtual assistant can manage emails, social networking sites, reservations, and blog comments, among other administrative responsibilities. If you excel at multitasking and organization, consider working as a virtual assistant.

Affiliate Marketing

You’re sure to have some devoted readers if you’ve been producing top-notch content on your chosen subject for some time. This is because the knowledge you impart to them is beneficial and helps you win over your audience’s trust. You will be able to benefit from affiliate marketing in addition to ad placements if you have been producing and sustaining consistent traffic for some time.

In affiliate marketing, you sell products on behalf of another business in return for a cut of every conversion you help produce, such as a click or a sale. Your website has a lot of potential for partner brands as a logical platform to advertise applicable products. Mixing product advertisements with your content won’t be an aggressive sales tactic if you and your partners are in the same niche.

Producing Food

Consider growing and selling fruit if you have a sizable yard with lots of room and a green thumb. Equipment for gardening and necessary farming supplies like seeds and fertilizer will cost money. In addition to making some extra cash, you may use this to feed your family and yourself with the food you have grown yourself. For those trying to escape the 9-to-5 grind, earning a living at home seems like the ideal solution. You would need to invest in your networks, abilities, and use if you wanted to prosper in this new way of life. Finally, exercising your right to set your hours and pace is always worthwhile.

Live Chat Operator

If you recently completed your schooling and are wondering, “What can I do for a living without college,” here is your answer. 

It doesn’t mean you can’t make a living if you haven’t gone to college for whatever reason. You can be a live chat operator. 

The use of live chat is a developing trend in customer support. For e-commerce businesses, live chat operators are especially crucial since they may act as virtual salespeople, a function lacking in most online shops. These individuals are essential to increasing sales since they can allay customers’ fears by responding to their worries, mainly when dealing with high-involvement products. Try this if you have good typing speed, like multitasking, and like talking to others. People Per Hour is one place to look for independent live chat operator employment.

What should I do for a career

Most grownups have pondered this topic at some point. After all, making a choice is not simple.

Continue reading to learn how to choose a career.

Beginning With Passion

Passion is the first step in determining what vocation is best for you. However, it’s only a step.

To begin with, passion is necessary, but it doesn’t end there. 

Are you aware of your passions?

Sit down, grab a coffee, and make it enjoyable. Make a list of everything you like and want to do, then carry on.

To Avoid Making The Worst Mistake Of Your Life, Define Wealth

You don’t need to wish if you want something in life. The entire planet is a river of money as long as there are people who need goods. You only need to be aware of where to dip your bucket. Despite making millions, some people are dissatisfied. So, how do you pick a profession that makes you happy?

Wealth for people could be $100,000 a year,  20 hours a week of work, having a great place to call home, a job you love, or traveling. 

Consider what you mean by “wealth” while picking a career.

Make A List Of Jobs You Would Love To Do

Let’s say you are passionate about teaching. Go to Google and type in “list of jobs for teachers.” There are a lot of teaching-related careers that you might not be familiar with. Scroll through multiple lists in the same manner. List the ten professions you think you’d most enjoy doing. Repeat the procedure with your newfound interest after that. Use the same approach with each talent you have. Last, add a few dream jobs.

You’ll have a long list of 20–30 potential jobs shortly.

Top 10 In-demand Jobs

If you need inspiration for what you should do for a livelihood, it’s a good idea to look at the most well-liked professions. The top ten jobs are listed below:

  • Software engineer. 
  • Registered nurse. 
  • Administrative assistant.
  • Real estate agent.
  • Firefighter.
  • Dental assistant.
  • Project manager. 
  • Data analyst.
  • Accountant.
  • Police officer. 

How to find your dream job

how to find your dream job

Following our assurance that you can have your perfect job, here are a few suggestions to help make your life’s next steps.

Identify Core Values

If every element of your life, including your career, is in line with your core values, your quality of life will improve. How do you choose which principles to uphold? Think about your top priorities. Learn about the impressions that your loved ones have of you. What do they often connect you to? This might make things more obvious to you. You must look more profound than what you do and consider your motives. At that time, you can only truly comprehend who you are and what a happy existence might entail.

Focus On Finding Inspiration

If you’re uninspired or unfulfilled, it’s time to spice up your life. Try listening to motivational music or reading a book that will improve your life. Speak with someone you admire, a friend, or a mentor. Don’t let a single unhappy job affect your overall happiness. There are many distinct facets to your existence. Consider how you can at least make one person happy.

Research The Marketplace

Understanding the environment is essential before beginning a particular industry or profession. The moment has come to do some research. Once you’ve decided on a likely career route, start your Google search. Do some market research. Know what you’re getting into before you do it, or you might later regret it.


In the new field, you might volunteer or find a part-time job. You could also start a podcast, a blog, buy real estate, or do any other comparable things in the industry of your choice to see whether you want to shift paths. Until you give it a try, how will you know? Try it anyway! 

Ending Note

Try everything when you’re young because that’s the best way to figure out “what should I do for a living.” If you are willing to make changes in your life, there is no reason why you can’t take advantage of what life has to offer right now. The right amount of preparation and work must be done. Once these two requirements are met, nothing will be able to stop you from finally achieving your long-awaited ambitions.


1. How do I find out what I should do for a living?

Follow these eight tips to find the answer to “what I should do for a living.

  • Consider the anatomy of a job.
  • Connect with a career specialist.
  • Re-think your opportunities.
  • Try out a side gig.
  • Read, learn, and get inspired.
  • Find joy outside of work.
  • Meet with a coach.
  • Regroup. Recalibrate. Reevaluate your priorities. 

2. What is the best job for a living?

Top 10 best jobs for a luxury living:

  • Information security analyst.
  • Nurse practitioner. 
  • Software developer.
  • Data scientist.
  • Lawyer. 
  • Financial manager. 
  • Physician assistant. 
  • Statistician.
  • IT manager. 
  • Market research analyst.

3. What can I do to make a living?

Ten things you can do to make a living:

  • Become a virtual assistant. 
  • Enter data online. 
  • Create and sell printables. 
  • Rent out your clothes. 
  • Start a youtube channel.
  • Play online games. 
  • Start investing. 
  • Teach online. 
  • Start doing affiliate marketing. 
  • Start a blog. 

4. What’s the easiest job that makes the most money?

Top twelve Simple Jobs that Pay the Most:

  • Personal trainer. 
  • Flight attendant. 
  • Massage therapist. 
  • Private tutor. 
  • Travel guide. 
  • Pharmacy technician. 
  • Sales representative. 
  • Voice actor. 
  • Librarian. 
  • Dog walker. 
  • Optometrist. 
  • House sitter.

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