Understanding the difference between driven and motivated

Are motivation and drive the same things? When people hear the two terms, they frequently mistake them for one another. This would, however, be incorrect. There’s a huge difference between being motivated and being driven to do something.

A need, at its most fundamental level, is anything that living beings require in order to have a healthy life. You need to differentiate wants since a lack of needs might result in undesirable consequences such as malfunction or death. Needs might be objective and physical, like water and food, or subjective and psychological, like the desire for comfort or importance. The force that pushes the organism to meet our demands is drive.

Motivation, on the other hand, is the willingness to do something or the reason for willingness to do something. Motivation might also stem from a personal desire. Other times, you may choose to do it for the benefit of another person. In any case, it’s the beginning of a desire to achieve a goal. So, which comes first: motivation or drive? Let’s take a closer look at this.

Motivation and Drive 

It’s important to understand the difference between driven and motivated and the difference between drive and motivation psychology. As per the dictionary, “The willingness to accomplish something, or something that inspires willingness,” is the definition of motivation. On the other hand, “A purposeful attempt to attain something,” is defined as “drive.” Even though the phrases are both goal-oriented, their meanings are significantly different. The first is thought, and the second is action.

Examples of driven and motivated people: 

Examples of being driven are ambitious, persistent, and driven personality types who want to succeed.

The examples of being motivated are: Motivated people don’t waste their time, and they’re humble and authentic. They are goal-oriented and don’t play the blame game.

What is motivation driven by? Drives and motives are widely used to define motivations. Thirst, hunger, tiredness, and the need to reproduce are all biological drives that push us to seek out and participate in certain activities. 

Drives are thought to originate from within a person and may not be triggered by external stimuli. Work, family, and relationships, on the other hand, are mainly driven by social and psychological forces. They include things like approval and praise.

You can embrace the motivational factors that will assist you in progressing toward your final goal by understanding your drivers. Still, you can also recognize and change the components of your drivers that will slow you down.

How to become more motivated and driven?

difference between driven and motivated

These are the effective tips and the answer on how to become more motivated and driven.

Simplify to concentrate your efforts

When it comes to self-motivation, living a simple life will keep distractions away and keep you from feeling overwhelmed, especially during times of change. Instead of attempting to achieve multiple goals at once, focus on one. This will not only make your life easier, but it will also allow you to focus all of your talents on your most essential aim. Rather than working half-heartedly in several areas at once, aim to become a badass in one.

Surround yourself with encouraging individuals

We need people in our life who can encourage us in staying focused on our objectives. People who have an extensive support system, or even just one supporting person, do better than those who tackle it alone.

Break down big goals into smaller chunks

Consider the more significant aim and the minor measures necessary to achieve it. Break everything down into small, manageable targets to enjoy your victories.

Keep your expectations in check

Frustration is the first step towards giving up when you don’t see progress as quickly as you expect or face a roadblock in your plans. Your nerves may deteriorate, and you should expect a fall in momentum or a shaky trajectory.

It’s your job to stay motivated by figuring out how to deal with the stress and mental disorder that comes with the inevitable setbacks and keep going. You must have faith in yourself and your ability.

Request and provide help

When it comes to staying motivated in your mission, proper support might mean the difference between success and failure.

Professional coaches may help you connect your goals to your beliefs and dreams. They increase self-motivation and openness to new ideas by providing context.

Become grateful

When chasing a huge goal, it’s easy to focus on your flaws and overlook your accomplishments along the road. Negativity is a known killer of self-motivation. So remember to be grateful for the benefits in your life and the accomplishments you have made so far.

Get sufficient sleep

We must allow ourselves time to rest and reset to maintain strong motivation, especially during times of stress. Taking care of oneself by taking time to relax and rest will help you stay motivated. 

Celebrate accomplishments

Look back and use the distance traveled as a way to put jet fuel into the tank for future maneuvers. You have every right to celebrate and give yourself credit when your hard work pays off.


Keep in mind that making positive changes in your life takes time. When you start to achieve a great goal, expect to take small steps toward it.

To prevent falling and giving up too quickly when you lose your motivation, keep track of all the physical activities you can perform. Moreover, you should consider seeking support from your friends, seeking advice from competent people in your circle, taking care of yourself, and staying positive.

Because it’s not simple to chase a big dream, but you’re worth it and enjoy your achievements.


Being driven and motivated: Are they the same thing?

Motivated means eager, especially when pursuing a goal, but the drive is obsessed with achieving goals.

How do drives and motives differ?

Drives originate from within a person and external stimuli aren’t often the triggers for them. On the other side, social and psychological forces dominate work, family, and relationships.

How do you become driven and motivated?

  • Set your goals.
  • Remember your WHY.
  • Reward Yourself. 
  • Don’t give up.
  • Motivate others.

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