Physical Activity Helps Trauma Healing

Can physical activity help trauma healing? Absolutely yes. Trauma is one of the most significant life-changing events in a person’s life. Its effects are more destructive than you can imagine. Trauma affects your mental health and can also attack your physical will and strength, making you lazier and lethargic. 

Therefore, you can feel a loss or reduction in your physical activities. So if you have been feeling low and lazy lately, you must read this post to learn how trauma is damaging and how you can cure it with some practical exercises. Let’s get started. 

Exercise and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

This section will teach you what post-traumatic stress disorder is and its connection with exercise. Reading this, you will become aware of how to cure PTSD with exercise. 

What is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?

PTSD is a mental disorder that people can have after they go through a traumatic incident. You can classify the events as terrorist attacks, natural calamities, violent personal assaults, severe accidents, or wars. Personal assaults mainly include rape.  

But how will you identify such patients? Psychologists have proposed some symptoms with which you can detect if someone has PTSD or not. Those symptoms include:

  • Mental distress, including chronic anxiety or depression,
  • Physical discomfort,
  • Irritability, 
  • Disturbing thoughts,
  • Drug and alcohol abuse,
  • Panic attacks,
  • Difficulty staying awake,
  • Insomnia, 
  • A rise in the flight or fight response,
  • Dreams related to the event,
  • Or some worrisome feelings.

These symptoms can begin as early as a few following weeks or as late as several passing years. However, once you feel they result from trauma or PTSD, you must immediately consult a therapist or increase your physical activity. 

What Events Can Trigger PTSD? 

The following events are capable of stimulating PTSD:

  • Fire,
  • Sexual abuse or assault,
  • Hypervigilance, 
  • Wartime trauma,
  • Life-threatening injury,
  • Child abuse,
  • Physical violence,
  • Detrimental illness,
  • Threats with a weapon,
  • The excessive startle reflex, 
  • Kidnapping,
  • Unexpected events like pandemics,
  • Loss of a loved one,
  • Anger, 
  • A traumatic accident such as a plane crash or car accident,
  • A terrorist attack,
  • Or a natural disaster.

Why do PTSD Patients Have Low Physical Activity?

Many people cannot treat their PTSD on time for many reasons. They might be unable to detect their issue, they can not find good therapists, or they might lack supporting friends or family members. These incidents can lead them to grow irritated and have inner disturbances. As a result, they start losing physical strength and mental energy to cope with their trauma. 

Enduring long-term emotional distress can often result in excessive alcohol addiction or abuse. In addition, it also results in a loss of motivation that stops a person from engaging in activities. So you might find some people staying distant and isolated during periods of stress. 

Moreover, people with PTSD avoid bodily arousal resulting from physical activities. For instance, shortness of breath or increased heart rates. They prevent these arousals because of their anxieties. Thus, they lack physical activity. 

All of these reasons together contribute to their inactivity. So you might now ask, ‘Is there any exercise for PTSD?’ Of course. Several healthy and practical exercises can cure your trauma the way pills do. But how is exercise helpful? And how can they treat mental disorders? To learn about this query, continue reading. 

Benefits of Exercise in Supporting PTSD

There is no denying that exercise is beneficial for numerous reasons. And PTSD is no exception. When you exercise, you can notice several differences within your body. It helps improve our blood circulation, which further affects the functioning of our body hormones to improve the functioning of our organs. 

When each organ works effectively, a person naturally feels physically and mentally active and cured. Moreover, you can witness a reduction in your depression and anxious thoughts or behavior. Not only this, it also affects our cardiovascular health, helps reduce weight, and gives mental relief. Therefore, you will have a natural urge to be more energetic, engaged, and productive. 

Can Physical Activity Help Trauma Healing?

Will physical activity help trauma healing or not? This is undoubtedly the most discussed topic today. So let’s learn more about it. 

If you indulge in daily physical activities or go for trauma movement therapy, you can help your trauma disappear completely. So if you have been wondering if there is any exercise for trauma? There are many movement exercises for trauma–for instance, trauma release exercises. In addition, the trauma-informed exercise is also helpful.

How Movement Therapy Can Heal Traumatic Stress?

The trauma-informed movement therapy is meant for those whose minds, bodies, and spirits need improvement and rejuvenation. You can help your mind and body reconnect and function effectively by performing a few exercises. However, there are other benefits that you must read about:

Releases Endorphin 

A traumatic event can produce adrenaline that disturbs a healthy mental balance. When you exercise, you can burn it off and produce endorphins to fight depression.

Supports a Healthy Blood Circulation

Exercise helps your blood vessels support the proper flow of blood, which in turn helps the body enhance its cognitive function. As a result, you can be more mindful and feel less stressed. 

Distracts You From Anxieties 

Exercise serves as a distraction and can help you forget your worries for a while. 

Boosts Neuroplasticity

You can opt for cardiovascular exercise to improve neuroplasticity which helps you recover from your traumatic state.  


Does physical activity help to heal?

Yes. Physical activity is a crucial element in a person’s life. If you restrict your body movements, you will notice several damaging effects on your mind and body. Physical activity is essential for leading a healthy and active life. And it does offer healing benefits too. 

How can I help my body heal from trauma?

Psychologists, health experts, and therapists have created several exercises to help people treat their trauma. Physical activity is much more effective than a pill because it has no side effects. Thus, you must increase your daily body movement to ensure a healthy state of mind.

Does physical activity help with PTSD?

Post-traumatic stress disorder can make you feel inactive, low, and disinterested. You can lose inspiration and energy, which is necessary for human survival. However, studies suggest that if you improve your physical movement and do a few exercises, you can experience recovery soon.  


Trauma is not only damaging to the mind, but it also affects our body. If you feel that your symptoms have worsened, you must consult a therapist or adopt a holistic approach to treat them immediately. 

I hope you have found the answer to the question, ‘can physical activity help trauma healing?’ If you see anyone with trauma symptoms, help them learn how they can cure their issues with physical activity. 

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