Types Of Spiritual Baggage

In this article, we will discuss about the types of spiritual baggage. Sometimes the biggest impediments to our spiritual growth and thriving are the things we are already carrying unnecessary spiritual baggage with us.

These responsibilities can drag us down, restrict us from accepting God’s gifts, and prevent us from perceiving others’ needs. Our baggage, at the very least, can distract us from the excellent things God wants to do in our lives.

What Is Excess Baggage For Life?

Excess baggage is unimportant until it crosses the limit of what is considered healthy. Allowing it to continue mounting up bodes trouble. Stress, worry, and a slew of other issues sneak in. It clipped your wings and reduced your speed, stopping you from flying and soaring to great heights.

When you come across any excess, let it go so that you can live a life of leisure. The less excess baggage you have, the free you are, and the more likely you are to perform well and enjoy more of your life. Baggage comes in various kinds and sizes. Ego, diversions, fear, and anxiety are among them. The list goes on and on.

Types Of Spiritual Baggage

Let us share some thoughts with you on the many types of spiritual baggage we’ve observed…

Baggage Of Past Relationships

People who have mistreated us in the past have left us with baggage that makes us cautious of others. Perhaps we are now single and perhaps divorced, or perhaps a friend has deceived us. Perhaps we are suffering from prior neglect or criticism, or from severe emotional abuse. In any case, our prior experiences have formed who we are, and it inhibits us from entering new relationships and meeting new individuals who God wants to bring into our lives.

Baggage Of Hurts And Disappointments  

There is baggage in all settings and social groups. We may be disappointed or harmed no matter where we go in life if we have expectations (whether justified or not) of people. Individuals do not always behave appropriately and hurting people frequently hurt others. We live in a damaged world, and we all require Jesus. Jesus is the cause of all emotional wounds and anguish, but we must turn to Him for that healing and peace for our souls.

Baggage Of Offenses 

Over the last decade, the phrase “snowflake” has become a disparaging epithet for those who believe they are exceptionally unique and wonderful. A snowflake feels that since they are this person, they are destined for tremendous success or deserves a particular job, with lots of acclaim and respect. When this does not occur, as life often does, they are very insulted and may take it out on others around them. Just as persons with excess hand luggage have an impact on the travel experience of others around them, the baggage we accumulate as a result of people not treating us as we anticipate has an impact on our interactions with others.

Baggage Of A Bitter Spirit

Some of us still have resentment toward those who harmed us in high school. Women, unusually, might hold a grudge towards males, or even specific men, because of past wounds. Churches, employers, lovers, children, and extended family can all harbor grudges. Unforgiven grudges contaminate each new connection that may form, the initial crime having developed “a bitter root.”

Baggage Of Secret Sin 

The sin that only you and God are aware of you won’t get rid of it, so it’ll end up like fruit in your bag. Even when it begins to disintegrate your life, you continue to preserve it, even though it stinks. Secret sin adds no value to our life path; it weighs us down, and it is preferable to do as Heb 12:1b-2 (NLT) instructs us…

“Let us cast off every burden that slows us down, especially sin, which so readily trips us up.” And let us run the course that God has set before us with perseverance. We do this by focusing our attention on Jesus, the champion who begins and perfects our faith.”

Baggage Of Rebellion

Have you ever accepted a bag from someone who assured you that you could manage it, only to discover that as you carry it, it becomes heavier and heavier? We believe we know better and insist on carrying our baggage. We reject their advice and instruction because we insist on having our own way. God provides us with clear direction in His Word on what is beneficial for us, yet we reject it. Often because we mistakenly feel it couldn’t be “that horrible” for us or “what harm can it do?”

Our reasoning does not support the revolt. You can continue your voyage, but it will be miserable. God will enable you to bear it, but it will grow increasingly heavy as it is not God’s intention for our existence. Even if we can “make it work,” it doesn’t imply God approves or that it’s appropriate for us; the defiance will cost you later.

The Ending Note

Sometimes we grow so accustomed to our spiritual baggage that it becomes a part of us, and we fail to notice that it is rotting and an unwanted burden. We’re also hesitant to let it go. But when we let go and cast them on the One who loves and is for us, we discover that we live free and unconstrained lives. We begin to live, move, and have our being in God.

We discussed the many types of spiritual baggage and excess baggage of life. If you have any of the types of spiritual baggage listed above, it is time to let them go and live your life more freely.


What is spiritual baggage?

Many people carry spiritual baggage with them. Maybe they were raised in a terrible environment and developed a legalistic worldview or became extremely judgemental. That’s what spiritual baggage is. Perhaps you have a negative attitude toward the church. For example, maybe you heard negative things about church growing up or had a poor experience, so you don’t like it and don’t go. Perhaps your issue is with God. Because life did not turn out the way you expected, you are furious with God. Maybe you’re hauling some luggage. It’s spiritual baggage.

What does God say about baggage?

We all have relationships, experiences, and problems in our lives that are painful and even harmful to us, and we find it difficult to move on because of the bad influence that these things have had on us. They drag us down or weigh us down while we seek God’s direction for our life. God’s ways are not our ways, yet God’s methods always deliver us when we act in line with His Word’s counsel:

  • “If we confess our sins, he is true and just to forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness,” says John 1:9 (MEV). Why not let go of sin and pick up freedom today?
  • “Be furious, but do not sin,” says Ephesians 4:26 (MEV). “Do not let the sun set on your rage.” “Fools give full vent to their fury,” Proverbs 29:11 (NIV) states, “but the wise bring calm in the end.” “Get rid of every bitterness, fury and anger, brawling and slander, as well as every kind of malice,” Ephesians 4:31 advises. Be kind and sympathetic to one another, forgiving one another as God has forgiven you in Christ.”
  • “You will preserve him in perfect tranquility, whose attention is fixed on you,” says Isaiah 26:3 (MEV).

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