Different Types Of Spiritual Visions

Spiritual visions do exist. We cannot deny their existence, but there is a requirement we can meet if we experience it. This article will discuss many types of spiritual visions. You’ll be amazed to learn that by engaging in a few simple techniques, we can have visions. So without further ado, let’s get right to the meat of the matter.

What Are Spiritual Visions?

In a dream, trance, or religious ecstasy, a vision is something that is seen. Especially a supernatural appearance that typically imparts a revelation.

Spiritual vision is the capacity to recognize reality wherever it appears and to recognize the concepts of the mind’s formation.

The Concept Of Spiritual Visions

The tempting or inevitable outcome of a fantastic concept can be glory or honor for the person who came up with it. But when God offers us a vision, it frequently involves something that would be inconceivable if left to our own human might alone.

Different Types Of Spiritual Visions You Can Consider 

There are five different kinds of visions


The primary term for “vision” in the Bible is “CHAZON,” which is derived from the verb “chazah” (to see, to perceive).

The word “Chazon,” which appears 34 times in the Bible, denotes a revelation of God’s purpose and plan to man. You may hear an audible voice, see images, or have dreams when you experience this kind of vision.


CHEZEV will be our second topic of discussion. The word’s root, Chazah, which means to see or perceive, is the same. There are only 12 instances of it in the Bible, all of which are in Daniel between Chapters 2 and 7.

This phrase is primarily used to describe visions that occur at night and take the form of dreams. And it is notably used in relation to dreams that convey God’s message through visuals, which may require interpretation. These refer to as head visions by Daniel.


The third word in the bible “vision” is CHIZZAYON. The word’s origin, Chazah, which means to perceive or see, is the same. The Bible makes use of it nine times. In each of these cases, the term describes a clear piece of knowledge or insight that you receive while having a dream.

Visions do not always take the form of images. In other dreams, a message of wisdom or understanding appears as a voice, or you think God is speaking to you in some other way.

Furthermore, This word appears for the first time in the book of Samuel.


Vision is the fourth word, Machazeh. In the Bible, this word is only mentioned four times. It was a term in the Bible to describe a communication that God hear when a person was in trance. When someone’s senses get numb to the outside world, they are in a trance. Almost like a dream, only it’s daytime and you might still have your eyes open.

Balaam and Abraham are the only two humans who are famous to have had this kind of vision.


The word MAR’AH is derived from the word RAAH, which essentially refers to seeing with our physical or spiritual eyes. The Arabic word for mirror or looking glass is mar’ah.

How Do We Get Spiritual Vision?

Vision, aptitude for administration, and people skills are gifts from God to leaders. But seeing with spiritual eyes is one of His greatest gifts. Here are five methods to improve this skill.

Pray with your eyes closed.

Although it is not necessary to close our eyes, there is something about doing so that allows us to tune out the worldly domain and enter God’s kingdom and see what He sees. Discuss your circumstance with God.

Seek guidance from God.

God is wise in many ways, and His ideas and ways are superior to ours. Ask while you set aside your viewpoints and reach out for His.

Look for guiding signs in the Bible.

God frequently uses specific verses and portions from the Bible to illuminate a route for us.

Maintain your spiritual vigilance.

There’s nothing eerie going on here; simply pay attention to how the Spirit might be guiding discussions and events throughout your season of discernment.

Talk about your feelings.

It’s better to participate in a discernment session with two or three other people and to get together occasionally for prayer and conversation. Each person frequently receives a piece of the puzzle from God, who then puts it all together.

The Ending Note

We have explored 5 different types of spiritual visions. And we sincerely hope that you enjoy this content. We would love to hear about your experience in the comments section below.


What is the difference between a dream and a vision spiritually?

Dreams are imaginal swells, like a few fictitious clouds in the sky. Visions are the attempts to bring about change. They happen both personally and inside organizations.

What does it mean when God gives you visions?

The tempting or inevitable outcome of a fantastic concept can be glory or honor for the person who came up with it. But when God offers us a vision, it frequently involves something that would be inconceivable if left to our own human might alone.

What is a soul vision?

We can redesign and refocus our lives with the aid of soul vision, bringing God’s perspective to bear on our daily obligations. It is better to learn how to reorient one’s life around God from individuals who embody this passion and mission as their sole vision.

What is your vision of God?

God has an eschatological vision. In other words, it is the substance of the last days; it triumphs over the world (John 16:33) and links everything to Christ (Col 1:15-20). The moment we see God, all striving disappears.

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