What is Spiritual Captivity?

We’ll talk about what is spiritual captivity in this article, including its causes, types, symptoms, and how to heal it.

Even though many people experience this condition, the concept of a captive spirit is rarely discussed outside of those who take part in inner healing ministries. When early childhood trauma shatters the organic bonding and emotional development of childhood, a captive spirit manifests. Strongholds or ingrained, habitual ways of thinking take control when the captive spirit soul rises up to defend the hurt spirit.

What Is Spiritual Captivity?

Being held captive spiritually is the same as being in a satanic prison. It opposes the freedom of God. In a cage of the spirit, a slave is housed. You are completely lost and unable to carry on living. There is a strong urge to give up. In places of captivity, slavery does exist. Satan’s imprisonment is the cause of sluggishness. You realize that the state of your marriage, finances, or health has deteriorated.

Causes Of Spiritual Captivity

Sudden Loss of Capability

Unhealthy Marriage.


Long Period of Stagnancy

Sudden Loss of Capability

One of the glaring indications of spiritual captivity is a sudden loss of ability. You’ll notice that you’re unable to finish the tasks you used to be able to. Life can be challenging. You might come across as someone entirely different.

Unhealthy Marriage

The enemy uses marriage as a tool to keep you under his thumb.

The adversary will attempt to sow the seeds of marital discord. You begin yelling at your partner over unimportant matters that shouldn’t be a problem. The adversary wants to instigate conflict in your family.


Today, many people’s confinement comes from poor health. The possibility that a sick person won’t be able to fulfill their destiny is one that the devil is aware of. They, therefore, work to prevent you from having good health. You are bound if you have a wound in your spirit.

Long Period of Stagnancy

Any kind of stagnation in your life is upsetting, whether it be at work, in business, or in another area. Stasis is like a stronghold. Have you been unable to move for a while? In prayer, you must implore God to set you free.

Types Of Spiritual Captivity

Internal Captivity

External Captivity

Remote Control Captivity

Personal Captivity

Internal Captivity

Internal confinement is a form of local force confinement. Your oppression comes from a place close by. It’s possible that the enemy will overlook your accomplishments. They, therefore, try to thwart your attempts to achieve success.

External Captivity

Being held hostage by an outside force means that you are being held, hostage.  External servitude is the biggest barrier for many people. If you didn’t have a solid foundation in God, you would continue to be a prisoner on the outside.

Remote Control Captivity

Remote control captivity is the term that describes when a bad spirit takes control of a person’s life. The individual is under the control of an adverse force. When you act against your will, you become aware of it.

Personal Captivity

If you are unable to make peace with yourself, you are living in personal captivity. Your thoughts have imprisoned you. It seems as though something will go wrong or that something negative will occur to you.

Conflict with your spouse or those around you can also lead to personal captivity. You frequently overthink the situation and prepare your response when someone wrongs you. That is an instance of individual captivity.

Symptoms Of A Captive Spirit

A captive spirit often feels:


Do you ever have the feeling that something is missing but you can’t place it?


Even when surrounded by the people you love, if you occasionally feel lonely, you may be suffering from a captive spirit.


Do you believe you possess talents or abilities but are unable to put them to use? that you have a calling, despite your inability to explain it?


Inner rage fluctuates despite appearing to be unrelated to external events. The bars that separate the captive spirit from life frequently cause it to become extremely enraged.


Do you frequently experience aches and pains unrelated to your present situation? A painful situation is being incarcerated.


Do the happenings in your life seem to you to be happening in a fog or do you find it difficult to understand them? Fighting for comprehension enslaves the spirit. Your entire life seems to engulf in a mist.


Do you believe that something keeps you from fully experiencing life? Do you feel like you’re being held back by an invisible force that keeps coming back? You experience a barrier separating you from your own life.

Vacant and forgetful

The captive spirit frequently experiences a lack of focus. Because the mind and heart have been separated, emotions cannot be expressed or remembered. The mind has shut down because the pain is so severe.

How To Heal

This could take some time to heal. After all, while the absence of positive experiences in a person’s early life can make recovery an even greater challenge, the presence of negative experiences can be easily devastating. Many inner vows, particularly ones like you will not be, you will not feel, and you will not need, lead to a captive spirit. Obviously, these need to be destroyed in order to reestablish freedom. But a person with a captive spirit also has to face a number of other realities in order to live his or her life. These include:

A readiness to confront the suffering and vulnerability that come with fully living

Both happiness and suffering are a part of life. If one is willing to go through pain, joy can also be more easily attained.

An eagerness to take chances

There are many risks in life. God Himself gambled greatly when He granted us free will. He took another by going to the cross. There was no guarantee that we would accept His gift. Spirit prisoners need to practice taking risks.

Developing a psychological metric for pain

A person finds it difficult to handle upsetting emotions when regaining contact with their spirit. The good news is that eventually, happiness will replace the pain. They’ll start to perceive color more vividly, form lasting relationships, and gain a more positive outlook on life.

Accumulating positive experiences

Good memories are the best medicine for having no or bad memories. One must rediscover how to have fun in order to fully engage in and enjoy life.

The Ending Note 

The only one who can truly set the captives free and destroy the mental prisons in our minds is our God. We must, however, play a part by being willing to express our unsaid pain and suffering. 

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