Signs He Likes You But Is Playing It Cool

Not sure whether he likes you or not? That is probably why you are looking for signs he likes you but is playing it cool!

Some guys take their time responding to their feelings for the women they like. Instead, they spend time getting to know or becoming friends with these women. Others must still determine whether the other person’s emotion is genuine or merely fleeting. He may even have a big crush on you but is unwilling to make a move out of embarrassment, shyness, or even pride.

If this is the case, here are signs he likes you but is playing it cool:

He pays attention to you.

Instead of merely saying hello and swiftly leaving to talk to someone else when you meet him, he might try to engage you in conversation. His focus will be entirely on you; he won’t be checking his phone or glancing around the room to see what other people are up to. He truly listens to you when you speak to him and retains what you say. Possibly down to the most minute details. He shows he is interested in you and your life by asking you questions with nonchalance.

He misses no opportunity to tease you.

When a guy likes you but wants to keep it cool, he teases you at every opportunity he gets. Actually, teasing someone is a very flirty move. There is a clear distinction between “teasing” and uttering hurtful things or simply being unpleasant. It should be lighthearted and contain just mild humor. You two might even have this dynamic where you exchange playful banter back and forth.

He plays hot and cold.

This is one of the most important signs that he likes you but is keeping a low profile. He might seem incredibly into you on some days, while on other days you might feel ignored. This sometimes occurs when a guy is apprehensive and doesn’t know how to act around you. During a party, you may feel like he is always glancing your way or looking for you, while other times you might think he simply doesn’t give a damn.

His friends act funny when you two are together.

Have you seen how the friends of this guy seem to be keeping something from each other? Do they find it exciting to see you conversing or walking together? You have undoubtedly seen them try to hold back their smiles as they look at each other slyly. Furthermore, they always give you space. It appears that they are shipping you two together even though they have never openly challenged you.

He’s curious to learn more about you.

Even though he is playing it cool, you’ll notice that he makes an effort to get to know you better when you’re with him. He is particularly interested in learning what personality traits you value in a potential long-term partner. Also, he wants to look as much like that guy as he can. He will be interested in your dating past, will have questions for you, and will make an effort to understand you. He will attempt to eavesdrop on your conversations in order to learn more about your outlook on life and your aspirations.

He’s not jealous when you are with other guys.

You’ve undoubtedly made an effort to predict his response if he saw you with someone else. However, this method is already known to most men. He makes an effort to be friendlier so as not to come across as insecure. To appear helpful, he might even introduce himself to your other male friends and strike up a conversation. How would you determine if this is merely a facade, then? When he continues to make fun of your particular ‘boyfriend’ even weeks later, that is one obvious sign.

He shows off in front of you.

It is he who would try to impress you with his intelligence and brag about how smart he is. He would tell you jokes and then check to see your reaction. Additionally, He would flaunt his masculinity and make an effort to be more manly around you by being extra playful; and being self-assured and proud of you.

Basically, he might be attracted to you but is trying to play cool about it if he seems to be going out of his way to prove something to you.

He remembers small details about you.

A guy who likes you will not only pay close attention while you speak, but he will also remember the minor details he learns about you. He might throw you a surprise party you’ve always wanted, give you a considerate present, or do anything else that makes you marvel how he remembered such a minor detail even if he doesn’t make overt displays of affection for you.

He doesn’t react to your posts.

Does he often view your social media posts without commenting on them? It can be an indication that he likes you but is keeping a low profile. He cannot afford to miss your daily updates, but he prefers not to make this clear. Also, he ultimately resorts to feigning disinterest in your posts.

He shares intimate details about his life with you.

It’s likely that he likes you if he tells you everything that’s happening in his life and you also know a lot about his past from him. He overshares because he unconsciously wants you to be a part of his life. To feel closer to you, he’ll share a sensitive story with you about the dynamics in his family or even what he’s having for dinner.

The Ending Note 

The most important sign to notice is how he makes you feel. Do you have a rock you can cling to?? Do you enjoy being in his presence? If you are happy with everything, your question has been resolved. But do not get impatient with this guy if you think he likes you but is not making any moves. Make sure he doesn’t think you’re falling hard for him. If he likes you but is keeping his distance right now, it implies he needs time to consider his feelings for you. So, don’t reveal your feelings just yet.

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