Movies About Narcissists

Movies about narcissists are highly intriguing. Investigating narcissism through art is fascinating, to say the least. Characters who are prone to narcissistic behavior are in movies about narcissists. It can be fascinating or extremely unsettling to watch narcissistic characters on TV. Since everyone comes across narcissists in real life, too.

Several different approaches to portraying narcissism have been utilized in various movies. Movies about narcissists explain the subject in ways that are accessible, enlightening, and thought-provoking, even if they are not perfect representations of reality.

Here is a list of movies about narcissists that promote awareness, encourage conversation, show complexity, entertain, and humanize experiences.

The Invisible Man (2020)

Movies About Narcissists

In this movie, the protagonist Cecilia is being pursued by her abusive, narcissistic ex, who no one can see. Though he was supposed to have died by suicide. Cecilia’s ex instead managed to turn invisible and torment her out of sight. It’s amazing to see Cecilia try to find the person who is trying to ruin her life.

Rebecca (2020)

Movies About Narcissists

In this romantic thriller, the main heroine, who is left purposefully unidentified, strives to discover who she is. After having a brief romance with the enigmatic Maxim de Winter while residing in his ex-wife Rebecca’s shadow. Even if Rebecca is clearly portrayed as the unstable, narcissistic wife ready to burn everything down around her, the movie is nonetheless a powerful cautionary story about being careful while marrying a stranger.

Gone Girl (2014)

Movies About Narcissists

It initially appears to be a mystery about a missing wife. However, as it progresses, it becomes clear that the story is actually about revenge, deceit, and an unhealthy amount of Cluster B personality disorders like NPD, sociopathy, and psychopathy. As the main character Amy Dunne, who fakes her own death, does while on the run, she exhibits all the traits of a classic narcissist who enjoys being the center of attention. With extortion, murder, and lying thrown in, Gone Girl is a suspenseful thriller. It makes you wonder what is genuine and what isn’t and shows how easily a narcissist can control someone with a few mind games.

Black Swan (2010)

Black swan

The protagonist, Nina, battles for the lead position in a staging of Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky. In this psychological thriller, Nina’s narcissistic mother Erica is a major factor in her daughter’s spiral into mental illness. It’s a common characteristic of narcissistic mothers to wish to infantilize their kids. This is evident in the way Erica frequently refers to Nina as “my sweet girl”. And in this way, her mother micromanages every facet of her adult life. Additionally, Erica thoroughly invades Nina’s space and well-being by painting self-obsessive portraits of herself all the time.

The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

Movies About Narcissists

Meryl Streep’s Miranda Priestly is a fictional fashion magazine editor rumored to be based on real-life Vogue editor Anna Wintour. Priestly’s demands and scathing comments are equal parts detached and ruthless, leaving little room for disagreement or failure. Many people have had a narcissistic boss at some point in their lives, contributing to the movie’s legacy.

Mean Girls (2004)

Movies About Narcissists

Regina George is the epitome of narcissism. Regina, the head of the high school gang, The Plastics, is ruthless, cunning, and extremely narcissistic. Mean Girls has become a cultural phenomenon recognized for its hilarity and memorable one-liners, but those who have experienced narcissism in their lives will probably be able to relate to Regina’s fall from grace.

Matilda (1996)

Movies About Narcissists

It is the story of a bright young child who has psychokinetic abilities. Matilda uses her supernatural abilities to deal with both her abusive school administrator and her narcissistic parents. Matilda’s strength as a movie about narcissists resides in Matilda’s parents, who refuse to send her to school, keep her home alone as a child, and continuously downplay her accomplishments.

Mommy Dearest (1981)

Movies About Narcissists

Joan Crawford is an actress and controlling, a narcissistic mother who rules her family with an iron fist in this commentary on dysfunctional families. The movie follows the actress as she terrorizes her adopted kids for the rest of their lives, mentally and physically abusing them as her world implodes. The legendary Joan Crawford is no exception to the fact that narcissists are masters of abuse and manipulation.

Arthur (1981)

Movies About Narcissists

The story of Arthur centers on a young, privileged, narcissistic guy whose parents are pressuring him to wed a wealthy heiress to maintain his riches, hoping that the union will help Arthur get his act together. Arthur is more of a comedy than a thriller. Instead, as Arthur’s parents continue to put pressure on him to marry well, he falls in love with a young woman named Linda, and the two start a tumultuous relationship. However, it appears that Linda has a positive impact on Arthur, as Arthur starts to mature and take things more seriously.

Gaslight (1944)

Movies About Narcissists

In this movie, a controlling, narcissistic husband convinces his wife that she is gradually going insane by turning the gaslights on and off while she is unaware and then attributing it to her imagination, giving rise to the term gaslighting, which refers to the deliberate manipulation of someone into questioning their sanity. The term has gained widespread usage due to this psychological thriller, which is still a wonderful movie to grasp how simple it is to alter someone’s sanity.

Citizen Kane (1941)

Movies About Narcissists

Charles Foster Kane is a narcissistic newspaper magnate. Kane exhibits every sign of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) as a consequence of trauma inflicted during early childhood. Kane has a self-absorbed, persistent will to succeed, exploiting others along the way with little remorse. He has an intense need to leave his mark on the world. Despite his extraordinary intellect and lofty aspirations, Kane is ultimately doomed because of his lack of empathy, which prevents him from understanding what it means to be authentic and leads to his merciless pursuit of achievement.

The Ending Note 

Dealing with a narcissist can greatly affect self-esteem and interpersonal connections. Treatment is available but many people are unaware of it. To understand narcissism and narcissistic characters better, you should watch the movies mentioned in the list.

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