What to say to someone that has been laid off?

Has your friend got laid off? Are you facing difficulties while consoling them? Do not worry. If you are unsure what to say to someone that has been laid off, this article will help you discover ways and tips you can use while telling a friend they have been fired. 

I understand how stressful it can be for those who have lost their jobs. Everyone wishes to lead a quality life and strive their best to make their living. However, you can not predict the future and can not be sure of anything. There can come times when you can find others losing their jobs. And in such a situation, you should always lend them a helping hand. If you see someone losing hope, you must know how to support someone who has been laid off. 

What to Say to Someone That Has Been Laid Off?

what to say to someone that has been laid off

Finding out what to say to someone that has been laid off is the most challenging part of consoling someone. When you are not sure what you can say and how you can react, you can make them feel more despair. 

How to React When a Co-worker Gets Laid Off?

Adopt the following methods to control yourself from reacting weird:

Don’t Panic

The news of someone’s firing comes as a shock to everyone. Regardless of your sensitivity, you can panic when your friend tells you about their termination. It is natural to feel this way, but you must control your emotions to soothe them. 

Act With Responsibility 

As a friend, you must take this news with sensitivity and sensibility. Try to avoid acting weirdly when they break this news to you. Instead, you should act and speak with a sensibility to prevent them from losing hope. 

Avoid Disturbing Emotions

While consoling someone who has lost their job, you must avoid disturbing emotions attached to sorrow. Speak with confidence and choose positive words.

How to Tell Someone They’re Being Laid Off?

You must know what to say to someone who lost their job because your actions or words can calm them. 

Make Them Comfortable 

Losing a job might sound easy, but its impact on a person’s life is inevitable and damaging. However, if you try to make them comfortable before telling them about their loss, you can minimize the reaction and its effect. 

Show Them the Good Side to Life 

There is always room for hope and new beginnings if you stay hopeful. While telling someone about their termination, try to make them optimistic and driven. 

Choose Positive Words 

A word can either make or break someone’s day. While telling your friend about their loss, ensure that you use positive comments.

What to do For a Friend who Got Laid Off?

You can do the following things once you find out your friend has lost their job. 

Show Your Support

Try to offer your full assistance to someone going through a difficult time. Tell your friend you are ready to help and leave everything to comfort them. 

Say Kind Words

While soothing your friends, choose positive and kind words. Try avoiding comments that can harm their emotions. 

Help Them Relax

Try comforting the broken-hearted because they need encouragement and support more than anything else. 

Find Them a New Job

You can also help your friend by finding them a new job. 

Motivate Them Through Stories. 

You can inspire your friend by telling them some success stories

Emphasize Hard Work 

People who lose hope can feel demotivated. As a result, they lack encouragement and interest in initiating an effort. Try emphasizing the importance of hard work to get them started. 

Avoid Being Judgmental

Try to avoid being judgmental in front of broken people. Your behavior can impact a person who is already mourning. 

Encourage Them

A desperate person needs more encouragement than anything else. Go to any length to encourage them. 

Empathy Statement for Someone who Lost their Job

It is complicated to figure out what to say to someone who got fired. These words of encouragement for someone who lost their job can help you fix their shattered self. 

  1. Do you need any help?
  2. How are you feeling now?
  3. You are strong. I believe in your capabilities.
  4. I understand how you must be feeling.
  5. How can I help you?
  6. This, too, shall pass.
  7. I am all ears.
  8. I know how much time and effort you put in there.
  9. Would you like to talk about it?
  10. I know this must be difficult, but you will get through this.
  11. Do you want to meet me?
  12. I’m always here for you. 
  13. You can call me anytime.

These notes to friends who have lost their jobs can help them feel better. But do you know what not to say to someone who’s been laid off?

Avoid using such statements in front of people who have been laid off:

  1. You’re joking, right?
  2. What? 
  3. No Way!


What not to say to someone who got fired?

When your friend informs you about their firing, you must avoid sentences like:

  1. What? 
  2. Don’t tell me!
  3. I can’t believe this!
  4. How can they fire you? 
  5. No Way!
  6. I am sure you are joking. 

You might utter these words out of shock, but they can further destroy a person trying to comfort themselves. 

How to motivate someone who got laid off?

If your friend has recently lost their job, they must be very hopeless and disheartened. What you should do is encourage them in the best way possible. Once they gain motivation, they will soon recover from their stress and will make efforts to find a new one. 

Final Thoughts 

Consoling someone who is going through difficult times is very tough. And it often becomes more challenging to figure out what to say to someone that has been laid off. However, if we choose sympathetic and positive words to encourage them, we can help them gain confidence.

Losing a job can be the scariest moment in a person’s life, and informing them is even more horrifying. A person strives to make their living, and if they lose their source of income, the prospect of losing basic life essentials can haunt them to the point of losing every hope. Therefore we should know how we can encourage them to help them survive their difficult time. 

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