What is Free Spirit Really?

A free spirit is a personality type. Without any doubt, it is a unique personality trait. See the important aspects of a free spirit and learn how you might be the one. For more information about being a free spirit, read this article till the end.

The Concept of Free Spirit

The term “free spirit” cannot be defined in a single sentence. It combines a number of the person’s personality traits.

The phrase “free spirit” implies without a doubt that the person’s soul is unbound. Or an unconstrained spirit. In this instance, the bondages will be related to the limitations and norms set by society. A person with a free spirit doesn’t care what other people think is right or bad.

A free-spirited individual is more likely to be impulsive, unconventional, non-conforming, and content to follow their heart. They are composed, adaptable, and laid back. Also, they can occasionally even exhibit paradoxical qualities, such as being harsh yet delicate or firm yet sensitive. They possess both strength and tenderness at once.

Not because they wish to rebel or cause trouble, free spirits are just that. To them, embracing independence and being spontaneous are essential components of a free-spirited lifestyle. They don’t want to be restrained or confined. Simply put, they would rather follow their inner guidance than conform to societal norms.

Signs That You Are A Free Spirit Person

Signs that you are a free spirit

Some free spirits are so clear that it’s simple to recognize them by their independent spirit. Others, though, may find it more challenging to identify. To spot a free spirit, watch out for these characteristics.

1. Calm and carefree.

What other people think of them, their behavior or their comments doesn’t disturb them. They follow their moral convictions. The free spirit people are carefree and unconcerned. They don’t feel pressured to take the path that society has established. Their top priorities are happiness and mental tranquility.

2. Following their instincts.

Instead of sticking to social norms, they pay greater heed to what their intuition is telling them. They make moral judgments, which could not coincide with the standards others uphold. And, they will stick with their instincts even when they are perceived as an anomaly. They can frequently avoid tragedies and make swift decisions as a result.

3. Being Free 

Even though they get along well with others, they prefer being by themselves. They have the capacity to independently decide based on their convictions and values. Sometimes, they usually want occasional alone time to collect their thoughts and feel at peace with themselves. They frequently choose the lonely path—not because they want to, but because it is so uncommon to find companions.

4. Defying societal pressures.

How a person should act, interact with others, and conduct their life has been established by society. A person will experience intense pressure to adhere to this invisible set of norms every time they deviate from the usual. A free spirit, on the other hand, is least troubled by social conventions and won’t succumb to peer pressure.

5. Being flexible

They are more receptive to fresh perspectives because they do not have to follow any norms and can follow their hearts. Before accepting or dismissing something, they are always open to considering its advantages. Their network, expertise, and skill set are always growing as a result of this mentality.

6. Courageous and daring

A free spirit and fear are incompatible; they don’t mix nicely. They could run into opposition and mockery because they disregard the social norms and do what seems right. They might face hostility from others. Free spirits have the bravery and audacity to withstand all the adversity that society heaps upon them.

7. Honest and fearless

A free spirit’s fundamental quality is the ability to do or speak whatever they believe to be correct. For the purpose of doing what is proper in the eyes of society, they won’t hold anything back. They are always at their most open and honest while sharing their opinions.

8. Contradictory and paradoxical

Free-spirited people don’t follow any rules, thus most of their decisions are impulsive and based on the situation. They could appear to contradict themselves if you observe their actions over time. Others might not understand this, but for a free spirit, not having to live by the same set of rules is the core of being a free spirit.

9. Unbiased and without bias

They have no desire to appease others or conform to social norms. As a result, they are the most unbiased of all of them. They don’t have any personal motivation to portray themselves in a certain way. They don’t tend to criticize others for their opinions since they believe that everyone should be as free-thinking as they are.

10. Enjoy exploring new places

The best travelers are adventurous people. They are interested in learning how other societies operate. What degree of freedom do they have there? How forgiving are social systems? They have a natural desire to learn the solutions to these kinds of inquiries. They are constantly on the move in order to satisfy this side of their insatiable curiosity.

11. Constant growth and evolution

Free-spirited people’s lives advance and evolve because they are not rigidly confined to one path and are willing to attempt new ones. Every day of their lives, they are looking for ways to improve who they are. Some people in society might not agree with this. However, they believe that during the course of their lives, they have improved as a person.

12. Never measure yourself against others

Their vocabulary does not contain the term “compare.” They don’t feel the need to compare others or that doing so might be helpful. They are aware that comparison can only cause pain and injury to someone with an independent spirit like themselves. Their philosophy is based on the concepts of “Live and let live” or “Each to his/her own.”

13. Passionate and furious

They discover new hobbies and passions in their lives, unlike others, because they are open-minded and accept new ideas without hesitation. They find so much thrill in the mundane. Without much harm, their passion can carry them through the most trying times in life. While others are burdened by life’s troubles, they seem to view those worries as challenges that they easily overcome.

14. Express unwavering affection

People who are interested in using others for their own gain or in modifying others to suit their needs give conditional love. Both don’t appeal to the free-spirited. This is when their guiding principle of “Live and let live” comes into play. They also don’t anticipate or want others to act in the same way as they do in order to appease the whims of society or any individual person. 

They always give unconditional love.

15. Grow old gracefully 

They are less concerned with wrinkles and gray hair than other people are. They recognize and accept aging as an unavoidable aspect of life. They’ll probably see this shift favorably, more often than not. They develop more knowledge and experience as they age. They make use of all of these and live each day to the fullest.

16. You can make friends with anybody you meet.

Wherever you travel, you’re constantly making new pals. And even though you could frequently find yourself relocating, you’re committed to staying in touch with the people that matter to you no matter where you are. You still communicate daily with buddies you made in kindergarten, in fact.

17. There are way too many hobbies you enjoy.

You stay sane thanks to your hobbies. You’ve found yourself studying the art of French cooking, learning how to play the didgeridoo, and deep-sea diving as part of your quest to understand everything there is to know about the world. You frequently find yourself in a master-of-none area since you know that focusing too much time on one activity will eventually drive you crazy.

18. You are naturally a leader.

Following other people’s suggestions and viewpoints is like attempting to squeeze a square through a round hole. Being a natural teacher, you enjoy imparting knowledge to others even if you believe that their happiness is just as vital as their mastery of any given subject.

19. You find love quite readily.

You can find other kinds of relationships just as easy as friendships. More often than you’d want to admit, you can get caught up in a brief relationship. And you are aware that happiness is not always dependent on a primary partner. Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley discovered that polyamorous relationships tend to generate more personal growth and communication than monogamous ones, therefore science actually supports your relationship type.

18. You are naturally a leader.

You can’t fit a square through a round hole, therefore don’t follow other people’s advice or ideas. Despite the fact that you believe that people’s happiness is equally vital to their knowledge of any subject, you are a natural leader who enjoys being able to instruct others.

19. You are a quick romantic.

It’s not just with friends that you may readily form relationships with. More frequently than you might like to admit, you can get caught up in a brief relationship. You also realize that happiness isn’t necessarily dependent on having a primary relationship. Actually, research from the University of California, Berkeley has shown that polyamorous couples tend to generate more communication and personal growth than monogamous ones, supporting your relationship pattern.

20. You lack competition.

It has never been your intention to become the best in your profession. Instead, as a free spirit, you take pleasure in your work and try your best, but you also feel delighted for those that succeed in it.

21. You avoid thinking about the past.

All you have previously experienced, learned, and observed are the result of your present. You are who you are because of where you’ve been, and even while prior experiences may have been scary or painful at the time, you rarely reflect on them negatively now.

22. You choose to live.

The fact that you’re a free spirit doesn’t exclude you from leading a purposeful life. Even though you often give the impression that you live life on the spur of the moment, living consciously is actually a top concern for you. Additionally, you adopt a “Bob Ross mentality” and rejoice in “happy accidents” when things don’t go as planned.

23. You’re grounded.

Not in the sense of a child, for example. It’s not always necessary to follow the wind wherever it may lead you to be a free spirit. Although you can clearly see where you want to go, there are various methods to get there. You have specific objectives, even if your strategies for achieving them seem a little out of the ordinary to others, even though that may not always be clear.

24. Your relationships are what matters to you the most.

Nothing inspires you more than giving and receiving love, and you live for inspiration. You may find that talking to your parents on the phone renews you, playing games with friends can revitalize you, and you may even find inspiration in a drunken encounter with a stranger in a bar. No matter who you connect with in life, your relationships are always your main concern.

Pros & Cons of Becoming A Free Spirit?

Free spirits have both benefits and drawbacks. Have you encountered any of the following?


  • You don’t feel obligated to live up to others’ expectations;
  • You are at liberty to be who you are and to follow your own path;
  • You are resilient, teachable, and constantly curious.


  • There are repercussions for breaking established regulations.
  • Many people dislike you because you don’t fit in; discovering the truth might be risky (or at least alienating).

How To Be A Free Spirit

Is a free spirit a desirable trait? It can be a freeing way of life if you can handle the inescapable pushback from some of the people around you. To become the free-spirited person you’ve always wanted to be, do the following.

Find out why you want to be a free spirit.

Make sure the justification adheres to your basic principles and makes you feel completely authentic. Make sure you’re doing this for yourself and not to change who you are to suit someone else.

Be genuine to yourself.

Stop convincing yourself that in order to thrive or be happy, you need someone else’s love or attention. Be open and willing to let go of harmful connections that are impeding your development.

Engage your inner wisdom.

You will learn to rely on your intuition more and more as you become more in tune with it and trust it more, which will reduce the need to win over other people in order to feel validated.

Get over your fear.

Recognize your fear and resist the urge to run. Permit yourself to understand the cause of it. Then inform your fear that it will now have to take a backseat. Your free spirit is in control of the situation.

Daily mindfulness practice is advisable.

Make practicing mindfulness every day a priority. Give yourself permission to enjoy the small details that you may have previously missed. Recognize that being more conscious of the present moment makes you happier.

What’s The Concept Of Spirit Stubbornness

One of the spirits that the enemy tries to lead people wrong is the spirit of stubbornness. Do you generally like to do things your way, yet it constantly backfires? Even when you clearly see that changing and adapting would be good, do you find it difficult? Do people frequently describe you as being stubborn?

Signs Of A Stubborn Spirit

signs that you are stubborn spirit

Arrogance is a result of stubbornness. Watch out for these five indications that you are a stubborn person if you want to be a critical thinker and stop alienating the ones you love.

1. You dread novel circumstances.

People who are stubborn are wary of change. Whether they are aware of it or not, they view novel circumstances as dangers that must be averted at all costs. Anyone who tries to force change upon them can unconsciously be seen as an oppressor.

This is advantageous in several respects. When I plan my days to be as predictable as possible, I work at my best. Having defined hours to read, write, study, exercise, have lunch, and do other activities are good. You must learn to accept the truth that life is not always predictable, though.

A person who fears change could find themselves living in denial if they are faced with a very stressful situation. They may get fired or even divorced, yet they still act as if nothing ever happened because they are unable to face reality.

2. You Argue On Every Subject.

People that are stubborn have a hard time accepting their mistakes. They would sooner dispute than have their egos hurt. This is particularly common during arguments between loving partners.

3. Information That Goes Against Your Beliefs Is Avoided.

People with strong opinions tend to only read news articles from reliable sources. They don’t want to take the chance of being exposed to contradictory information because that can result in an identity crisis.

Bohemian’s Free Spirit Quotes

“My dream is to become a farmer. Just a Bohemian guy pulling up his own sweet potatoes for dinner.”

‒ Lenny Kravitz.

“My business is to enjoy and have fun. And why not, if in the end, everything will end, right?”

‒ Janis Joplin.

“When you ain’t got nothing, you got nothing to lose.”

‒ Bob Dylan, ‘Like A Rolling Stone.

“Live life for the moment because everything else is uncertain!”

‒ Louis Tomlinson.

The Ending Note

Maybe you already possess some of the attributes, but you’d like to develop the other traits as well. You’re prepared to implement the above-mentioned action because you wish to be more of a free spirit.

At your core, you are a free spirit. You simply need to get rid of some of the baggage that has restricted you. And you can and will if you want it badly enough.

Just keep in mind to express your free spirit self while respecting your unique path and basic principles. Nobody else has the right to tell you how to live your life as a free spirit. You are the one who is closest to your soul. Believe in yourself.


What does free spirit mean in psychology?

First and foremost, free spirits are intentional while simultaneously being carefree. They follow their own agenda and don’t give a damn what people think of them. They are driven by an inner desire to live a meaningful, joyful, and fulfilled life rather than by outward societal rules.

Can an introvert be a free spirit?

Forget the stereotype, a free spirit could be an adventurer or a people person, a family person or a loner, an outgoing extrovert, or a thoughtful introvert. Being a free spirit is a QUALITY, not a title or label.

What is a free spirit personality test?

It’s a test designed to test whether you have a free spirit element in your personality or not. 

How do you raise a free-spirited child?

  • Let your child “be themselves.” Keep their identity and hobbies intact.
  • Tell them to use her talent. Having a free spirit may be both a benefit and a curse, as well as a great responsibility.
  • Pray God to help them reach their full potential.

Is Free spirit a compliment?

A free spirit is often used as a sarcastic compliment. Or as a means of expressing, “I don’t understand you, but I realize that you’re doing what you want to do.”

What is the opposite of a free spirit?

The opposite of a free spirit person is an “orthodox”.

Are free spirits rare?

Being a free spirit is rare and thrilling, and it is advised that everyone in life should try out this way of life.

What is the root cause of stubbornness?

All stubbornness comes from a fear of letting up on one’s own beliefs, opinions, ideals, and occasionally, identity.

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