Types Of Spiritual Weakness

Spiritual weakness refers to a lack of spiritual power in God, which might manifest as a lack of spiritual progress, instability, or immaturity. A spiritually weak person is unsteady in many respects and lacks enthusiasm for God. As Christians, we must remain spiritually awake in order to withstand the wiles of the wicked. If you find yourself being vanquished by the enemy over time, or whether you find yourself slipping into various types of temptation or returning to your vomit after you have rejected the workings of the past at conversion, you should examine your life and ask yourself if you are indeed spiritually weak.

So, let us learn more about what spiritual weakness is, the many types of spiritual weakness, and how to overcome it.

What Is Spiritual Weakness?

Spiritual weakness is the inability to satisfy the LORD as a result of insufficient spiritual strength and spiritual immaturity. It’s a severe reason for concern since Christians suffering from spiritual weakness are not active sinners, and they want to get out of their predicament because they know the implications.

Types of Spiritual Weakness

This article discusses the several types of spiritual weakness that signal you are spiritually weak so that you can work on them if they appear in your life in order to reach the spiritual heights God desires for you.

The Weakness of Sexual Immorality

This world will tell you that having sex before marriage isn’t a big deal. Society encourages you to believe that cohabiting before marriage is OK. You rationalize your sexual misbehavior by saying, “I felt lonely.” I was depressed. You blame the devil rather than your own hasty urges.

“The upright’s righteousness delivers them, while the deceitful are captured by their desire,” 11:6 Proverbs

The Weakness of Faith

Read about God’s intervention in His children’s issues and tribulations, as well as His wonders and miracles. And if you requested God for something, your confidence should not be shaken if His response to your request was delayed. But have faith that God will act and that He will come to save you even in the dead of night. When Peter the Apostle was walking on the sea with the Lord, his faith waned because he looked to the terrible waves rather than the Lord, so he grew scared and cried out. The Lord both saved and chastised him, saying:

“Why did you question, you of little faith?” (Mt 14:31). And if your faith wanes, join that individual in praying to the Lord:

“I believe, Lord; help my unbelief!” (Mk 9:24)

Weakness Of Backbiting / Revilers

When you are discovered in the company of gossipers. You are quick to propagate the flaws or difficulties of others. You are angry and cruel, and no one’s secrets are safe with you. If a loved one or acquaintance offends you, you have no trouble cutting them off. You make fun of people to make yourself feel better. You’re filled with anxiety and envy. You are spiritually weak and in desperate need of spiritual resurrection and God’s pardon.

Peter 3:9 “Not returning ill for evil or railing for railing, but a blessing; knowing that you have all been called, that you should all receive a blessing.”

The Weakness of Idolatry

You dedicate yourself to earthly riches that will fade away: beautiful clothes, jewels, and even décor. You are more attached to your worldly job than to the spiritual gifts that God intends to bestow upon you. The Sunday game has captured your attention, and the missing church has become your new normal. You’ve elevated others and followed in their footsteps. Humans are prone to build heroes out of ordinary people. If we can break free from the illusion of idolatry, we will be able to truly comprehend God’s straightforward command:

“You must have no other gods before Me; you shall not make an idol or any likeness of what is in heaven above, on the earth beneath, or in the sea under the ground,” Exodus 20:3-6.

The Weakness of Covetousness

You are a slave to make things such as vehicles, jewels, and luxury. You get your fix by buying seemingly innocuous items such as technology, apparel, or literature. Greed tugs on your heartstrings, and impulsiveness triumphs. You’re in debt, your credit cards are maxed up, and you’re arguing with your spouse before you realize it. What is the focus of your heart? Temporary interests? What is it that you are obsessed with? The immaculately adorned home? There is no worldly, man-made thing that can provide you with the calm and delight of everlasting truths. You can have wonderful things, just make sure they don’t include YOU.

“Where your treasure is, there your heart will be too,” Matthew 6:21 says.

The Weakness of a Swindler

You use your attractiveness or charm for your own selfish advantage. And you take money from people with no intention of repaying them. You believe you have a right to expect people to do anything for you. You’ve been dishonest while purchasing goods—you have no difficulty milking the system. You are vulnerable to the devil’s schemes—the ultimate con artist! A heart that is afflicted by the spirit of mammon and fights with this vice.

Matthew 7:12: So, whatever you want people to do to you, do the same to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.

Ways for Overcoming Spiritual Weakness

  • Don’t come to the conclusion that some sins are unavoidable!
  • You must enhance your praying time. 
  • Avoid societal culture and church notions that are not present in Jesus Christ’s teachings.
  • Share the Good News of Jesus Christ always, both online and offline, and your spiritual power will be renewed.
  • You can overcome spiritual weakness by abandoning all literature save the Holy Bible, which is the sole guidebook for a good spiritual journey.

The Ending Note

The dangers of being in spiritual weakness for too long are enormous. It results in spiritual stunting, lukewarmness, and backsliding. If you believe you have any of the following types of spiritual weakness, you can determine if you have it or not.

You cannot be spiritually powerful based on your intellect or religious teachings. The secret to your triumph is to be diligent and constant in your personal connection with the LORD.

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