Types Of Spiritual Art

In this article, the main area of our discussion will be spiritual art and types of spiritual art. Spiritual life has many elements, angels, the aura, clairvoyance, chakras, the lower and higher selves, energy healing, meditation, and karma, making it difficult to know where to focus your attention first. Spirituality promotes the evolution of the soul. It’s intended to support you in developing your full spiritual potential.

What Is Spiritual Art?

Spiritual art is a form of art influenced by spiritualism. Spiritualism had an impact on artistic consciousness.

It can be an artwork in someone else’s presence. If you concentrate on a living person, perhaps the person who ordered the work, your spiritual or intuitive receptors may pick up images that serve as inspiration for the piece of art. When conducting a mediumship reading, it could be a carving, sculpture, or portrait of the person you see. It might be related to their prior lives. It involves spirit guides.

What Are The Types Of Spiritual Art?

These are the following types of spiritual art.

Automatic Drawing

Artwork that is physically medium but in which the medium serves as a conduit through which spirit communicates. Spirit directs the movements of the hands in such artwork.


This form of art uses intuition to gather information in the here and now, as well as psychic impressions to gather information about the past and the future. Psychic and intuitive abilities differ from one another. While intuitive or empathic perceptions give impressions of someone’s current state. Which involves connecting with emotions, psychic perceptions can perceive past and future events and states of being. This art form employs a variety of energy information, such as reading a person’s aura (their body’s energy pathway, which frequently represents the colors around the body) and using imagery and symbols found in intuitive and psychic processes that employ illustrative representations of a person’s life and spiritual path.

Spirit Portraits

The images you see when acting as a medium for a family member or possibly a spirit guide would convey a spirit portrait.

Intuitive Art

It enables the use of multiple paint layers for art that is free from judgment. While creating the piece, the artwork emerges without any prior planning.

The process of intuitive art is a spiritually based, interconnected one that lets the art take the lead as it develops through layers of paint and various other media. The process of making art using an inner awareness that is heart-centered and does not rely on analysis or questions with rational answers is known as intuitive art. It’s a method of making that involves tuning into your feelings and acting on what feels right. That mental picture of a young child instinctively choosing the red crayon over the blue one is intuition. There is no rhyme or reason behind the choice, only a place inside that tells you to make this one rather than that one.

Clair Art

It is making art using your clairs (clairaudience, clairvoyance, claircognizance, etc.). This type of art use evidence as a mean of expressing to your client or audience what you are seeing in your head.

Intuitive Energy Art

It is an art form that leads to a conclusion rather than having a conclusion and reproducing it on canvas. Intuitive energy art is a great way to connect with your intuition and gain the ability to allow the art to happen and allow inspiration to lead you through the process, which goes hand in hand with allowing in messaging in your spiritual practice. It is influenced by the impressions you receive from others and the creation of artwork from that. It is an evaluation of your current state, or of what has led to your current state – your well-being.

Inspired Spiritual Art

This artwork is inspired by your spiritual experiences, such as visions you have while meditating, and the feeling of your spiritual awakening interpreted as artwork or depictions of your dreams. It inspires your experience rather than by direct messaging or impressions. Drawing what you see in your mind’s eye while meditating, having a spiritual awakening, dreaming, or simply inspiring your feelings can all be subjects for your artwork.

Tips For Creating Spiritual Art

Maintain an open mind – don’t dismiss or let logic take over.

Observe – don’t pass judgment on what comes in, just accept it.

Keep a journal of your experiences and try to include details, either in your journal or in your artwork, or both.

The Ending Note 

To practice spiritual art, you must first establish your reference point and be able to discern what messages receive intuitively, psychically, or mediumistically. Use meditation to establish your frame of reference. It allows you to explore the psychic world and get to know yourself better. This is your journey, and this is how you will navigate it.

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