Types of Spiritual Teachers To Avoid

Spiritual teachers can make or break your spiritual journey to the core. In this article, we will reveal six types of spiritual teachers and gurus you should avoid while practicing spirituality.

Why Is It Important To Have A Good Spiritual Teacher?

The importance of exceptional teachers in learning cannot be overstated, not least because teachers have a huge influence on student achievement. Almost everyone can recall a teacher who was exceptionally engaging, encouraging, or inspiring in their classroom.

Education is the key to your success and riches. Education is essential in both our personal lives and our future employment. Wealth and success may only be aspirational goals in the absence of dedicated teachers. Many people’s success is influenced by their teachers.

6 Types of Spiritual Teachers To Avoid  

A Guru is believed to be an advanced spiritual teacher who can assist you find your spiritual path. When selecting a spiritual teacher, there are numerous factors to consider.

Here are just a few reasons to be cautious of harmful gurus and spiritual teachers. 

1. Manipulate or use their student’s energy  

Some spiritual teachers exploit or use their students’ energy, or they cord them in their crown chakra. They rob students of their free will, frequently without their knowledge.

Spiritual teachers should empower their students rather than control them. If you haven’t already guessed, I’m all about giving you ownership of who you are and empowering you. You may find your own spiritual path since you have a direct connection with your soul and God that you don’t need anyone to stop.

2. Many gurus have a “feel good” energy that they transmit which seems to hold their followers under their spell.

It can be similar to drug addiction in that it can be delicious and addictive, but it does little to strengthen the person. You feel their energy transfer and it feels wonderful, so you feel good when you’re with them, but when you’re not with them, you’re back where you started.

Several world-renowned spiritual teachers sensed the aura they give off. The energy can make you feel in love with someone in some situations; it is that powerful!

That is why many people continue to follow these instructors and gurus in order to get their “hit” of the guru’s energy. 

What often perplexes people is that there is a wealth of high spiritual information available through Guru, which can also be quite thrilling and tempting. Always put your trust in your Higher Self first. Look for your inner guru.

3. Gurus can sometimes use your energy 

Gurus can occasionally utilize your energy to persuade you to sign contracts that will span several lifetimes. It is observed that cords from the guru or company owner to followers’ and employees’ head chakras from previous lifetimes where the owner was their Guru. These are the control cords that bind followers to the Guru lifetime after lifetime.

Large wires from modern New Age gurus are sucking energy from people’s crown chakras like a vacuum. Cords from Eastern teachers currently living in the United States are cording into students’ top chakras. If a person has been taught by a guru in a previous life, they can be drawn in simply by seeing an advertisement or reading a book.

Sometimes merely looking at a photograph initiates a past-life contract and draws you in. When you see articles or advertisements from Teachers and Gurus, you should be firmly grounded and centered so that you own your own space, or you may unknowingly get drawn into something that is much more than you want.

4. Some gurus may seem innocent enough. 

They may appear to be serious and spiritual. They surely use all the appropriate spiritual language to entice you to follow them. Perhaps they will ask you if you want to practice a specific style of Yoga or receive an initiation, and you will be corded or enter into a commitment for lifetimes to be associated with the organization or Guru.

5. Some gurus even take a person’s free will 

There are some gurus who even take a person’s free will and exploit their followers’ lifeforce energy for their own goals. Some Guru followers attempt to bind you in your third chakra to obey their Guru. When they do this, it can make you nauseous, but it can also hook you.

Make an extra effort to own your area while you’re around Gurus. Some Gurus and spiritual teachers are quite clear and keep to themselves, while others lack integrity and may even have hidden objectives. Some people have a lot of power over your personal life.

6. Sometimes you will see the lineage of the Guru behind the Guru. 

So the Guru’s teacher is cording the Guru, who is cording the followers. So when these Gurus’ energy enters your space, their instructors’ energy enters as well. You begin to perceive things in accordance with their reality assumptions.

Some people respond negatively when they learn about certain Gurus’ lifestyles. When Jehovah’s Witnesses knock on their door, some people respond negatively. Some people have strong feelings, judgments, and responses against Hasidic Jews, fundamentalist Christians, Muslims, and other religious groups. Everyone’s spiritual path will eventually lead them home. 

“No matter whatever route I take, I’m heading home,” as the ancient phrase goes. Some routes are more time-consuming than others. Everyone will awaken in this life or a future life.

The Ending Note 

​​Consider human history realistically. Be discerning while freeing yourself of judgments. Learn to be aware of what Guru energy can do so that you can own your own space and your free will.  Let us know how you like this blog “how many types of spiritual teachers to avoid in life” in the comment section.

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