Types Of Spiritual Arrows

We’ll talk about types of spiritual arrows today, how they hurt God’s kids, and how to pray to stop them. 

What are spiritual arrows? An arrow is a weapon that has the potential to be deadly and can harm or kill living things. The domain of evil shoots invisible spiritual arrows at predetermined or random targets. Targets that were hit by mistake or chance but that the enemy did not plan to hit are known as nonspecific targets. Specific targets are the people the adversary meant their arrows to murder.

They use spiritual darts as their weapons of mass destruction to hunt down and harm believers. It is one of the deadliest weapons in the arsenal of the domain of evil, with so many diverse methods to destroy its target. When it gets to the right place, it begins to show up as various disease signs. If it is not stopped in time, it results in severe discomfort and, very rarely, death. Only other spiritual things can fix weapons known as “bad spiritual arrows.” Spiritual arrows are not stoping by medical intervention; on the contrary, it makes them worse. Therefore, you must respond to the spiritual arrow in a spiritual manner if you wish to be free from it.

In this article, we’ll discuss the types of spiritual arrows in detail. 

Types Of Spiritual Arrows

The types of spiritual arrows are

  • Arrow of death.
  • Arrow of Affliction.
  • Arrow of confusion and division.
  • Arrow of devourer.
  • Arrow of generational stronghold and curses.
  • Arrow of destiny manipulation.

The Arrow of death

Some people enjoy doing bad things. Satan has specifically chosen some people to accomplish wicked things. Simply said, these folks have negative thoughts. They have skills at devising and carrying out evil. They possess demonic spiritual abilities that allow them to use spiritual evil to torture and punish others. Death arrows are one of the ways these dreadful creatures attack. Many talented people have lost their lives to the arrow of death. People have been plagued by spiritual arrows of death that caused strange, enduring ailments, and ultimately death. One of the demonic weapons used to force families to lose loved ones suddenly and prematurely is the spiritual arrow of death.

The very lethal demonic arrow of death is a weapon used by witches and other members of the dark world. Unless a powerful spiritual intervention is sought via prayer and the blood of Jesus, death is the result when someone is struck by the arrow of death. To survive the attack, victims of the arrow of death must pray fervently and receive the powerful anointing.

The Arrow of Affliction

Many Christians has been battling the spirit of suffering for a very long time. They continue to confront the same problem. A new issue arises every time. Many Christians grow sick of fasting and praying as a result. Some eventually ended up in the hands of strangers who simply exploited their weaknesses.

Affliction’s spirit is symbolized by challenges, struggles, poverty, etc. The moment you make the choice to be a good person, the suffering spirit will turn venomous. You will experience more issues the more enemies you have. With glory, demonic assaults become more severe. Some patients may experience a considerable rise in sickness intensity as they approach their breakthrough.

The Arrow of confusion and division

Christians find it difficult to carry out God’s plans and purposes for their lives, careers, businesses, and ministries since so many of them are under the devil’s control and the influence of the spirit of confusion. When you observe disarray, instability, a lack of direction, internal strife, or a lack of motivation to succeed, you can be assured that the spirit of confusion is at work.

When the spirit of confusion enters a person’s life, it intends to inflict disaster upon that person, destroy our connection to both God and other people, and cause continual misery in that person’s life. For this reason, you must proceed with the utmost caution when dealing with this spirit. When dealing with the spirit of confusion, Christians must proceed with the utmost prudence.

The Arrow of devourer

These arrows are aimed towards a person’s assets, such as money and property. It could be caused by a sudden accident that results in large losses or by a company failure that results in severe shortages.

Anytime someone is making money but is unable to maintain proper accountability for the money, or anytime someone has been saving money for something good and an unanticipated horrible incident occurs that will justify the diversion of his savings.

The Arrow of generational stronghold and curses

This particular type of arrow is infamous for starting a vicious cycle inside the family. It can be a particular kind of sickness or disease that is common within a family, or people dying young within a family, having a delay in marriage or childbearing, or difficulty in having breakthroughs within the family. It may be a result of a curse upon the family or the generation at a particular time. 

The Arrow of destiny manipulation

This particular type of arrow is to change the divine plan of things. If people don’t receive the power of the Holy Spirit after being born again in Christ, they can cause irreparable harm. Evil people occasionally have the ability to perceive incandescent splendor approaching, and they will do whatever to alter or stop the glory from materializing.

A person may occasionally experience terrible failures and setbacks in a variety of aspects of their lives as a result of this type of arrow. Obstacles, both material and immaterial, may also hamper a person’s achievements and breakthroughs.


What are arrow prayers?

A quick prayer that you can recite in any situation is a “arrow prayer” of one sentence. These prayers may be beneficial while you navigate a crisis, a challenge, or a routine task. When we are full with delight in front of God, they can also be prayers of adoration or thanksgiving.

What is the Golden Arrow Prayer?

Jesus gave the Golden Arrow to Sister Mary of St. Peter, a Carmelite nun living in France, in August 1843. Despite the fact that I was unworthy, Sister Mary said it was “an Act of Praise that our Lord Himself dictated to me for the atonement of Blasphemy [insulting or disrespectful thoughts or conduct] against His Holy Name.”

What does it mean to raise arrows?

There is no specific connection between “raising arrows” and large families or homeschooling. Children must be taught to enter the world with God’s mercy and kindness by living in a permanently modest, Christ-centered home.

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