Signs He Is Slowly Falling For You

While some men can be painfully obvious in love, others tend to be super secretive. Are you wondering about your childhood friend, long-time co-worker, or classmate falling for you? Is he not revealing anything while your intuition is desperately looking for signs he is slowly falling for you?

Though a woman’s intuitive powers are usually powerful enough to find that out, it does not hurt to have a list of signs that validate your intuition.

This article lists down signs he is slowly falling for you:

He’s a nervous wreck around you.

When you first met him, he was as cool as a cucumber, but now he stumbles and stutters. Being an empath, you don’t want to get too close to him since you don’t want to bring him any more suffering. He would definitely fall off his chair or start to sweat like he was in the midst of a desert if you got too close.

He’s a little too attentive to you lately.

He looks for you and attempts to have one-on-one talks with you, even if you are in a crowd of people. He casually asked you the other day if you wanted to have coffee later. What draws your attention more than his attentiveness is the extra consideration he shows you. Do you feel safe and secure? Is the food hot? Do you want to place another order? Can I drop you off at home? You will undoubtedly notice it if you are not used to this level of attention.

He notices everything about you.

He is always the first to notice a new outfit or hairstyle. If you’re feeling down or up, he’ll always have the right response. He notices how your face lights up when you’re happy, and how tense you are on other occasions. Not even your best friend knows as much about you. In fact, you are unaware of some of the details. You never realized it, whereas he seems to know everything about you.

He texts too much.

He begins the day with a sweet good morning. Definitely not your average type. It appears that he has put some thought into writing the perfect message. And he keeps sending you thoughtful messages throughout the day. Some will ask how your day is going, while others will tell you what he is doing. Nothing too inquisitive or monotonous. These messages are, to be honest, quite intriguing. You appear to be looking forward to his next message. These are all signs he is slowly falling for you.

He is already making compromises for you.

The fact that he is already changing his lifestyle to accommodate you is a sure sign that he is in love with you and sees you as a long-term partner. It is unusual to find a man who will willingly make sacrifices for you. Typically, even after demanding, men are hesitant to give in. So, hang on to him and don’t let him go.

He steps out of his comfort zone for you.

He doesn’t like going to parties, but if you invite him, he’ll gladly accompany you. And he doesn’t have a sense of humor, but he tries to crack jokes after you said you like guys with a sense of humor. People simply do not act out of character for any random person. If he does things differently for you than usual, it means you are special to him. And If he amuses you once a month, he might consider you his best friend. If he’s willing to put up with it every day, he clearly cares about you.

He shares about his past or other personal matters.

If a guy opens up like this, it means he feels at ease around you and can’t imagine not being in your life. That is why it is important to make him feel this way. If you really like a guy, try to open up to him as well. Let him in and see how it goes. Show him your vulnerable side and see how he reacts. He will most likely make a move at this point. If you are eager to begin a relationship, try to send him clear signals that show him how much you like him.

He takes care of you.

He does not wait for you to approach him with your problems or request for help. He’s always ready to help. He has taken on the task of keeping you happy. When you’re in a tight spot, he’ll appear out of nowhere like a knight in shining armor, ready to defend you and fight the bad guys. His behavior would naturally take you by surprise at first. Then you learn to accept it and even begin to enjoy the attention and protection. He may offer advice if he discovers you hanging out with the wrong crowd. His only purpose is to keep you safe and happy.

He respects you.

Respect is a necessary ingredient for love to last forever. Any relationship that lacks mutual respect will crumble like a house of cards. Even if he isn’t displaying any obvious signs of affection, as long as he respects you, there’s always the chance that love will enter the picture at some point. The majority of people associate love with affection, caring, and romance. You must understand that all of these things are fleeting and may vanish at any time. Respect is one thing that can keep love alive in a relationship. Look no further if the guy respects you as a person and your choices. This is the man you’re looking for.

The Bottom Line 

You should know at this point why he acts the way he does. You can still benefit from the perks he offers even if he hasn’t expressed his affection for you. He may be hiding his feelings for you out of fear that you may leave if it becomes too evident that he likes you. Encourage him to approach you if you share his feelings. And if you’re feeling particularly courageous or if you’re growing frustrated, go ahead and speak out first.

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