How To Get Someone To Stop Texting You?

It gets really irritating when you try to avoid someone but they never stop messaging you. He or she keeps sending you nagging texts, and your only option is to reply to them. In this article, we will figure out how To Get Someone to stop texting you.

Texting is now preferred over calling someone because it is more convenient. For many people, texting and chit-chatting have made life easier. Along with all the benefits, there are those users who frequently abuse this tool. 

What should you do if you think you’re messaging him/her too much? 

Knowing when you are too excited to chat with someone might be difficult. You have no idea why, but it irritates the other person to the point that they begin to dislike you. 

This misunderstanding makes the person very irritated. We have a list of signs to determine if you are lying under that list or not because we cannot place responsibility for this situation. It might help you quit messaging the person excessively.

His or her replies are quite short

One of the most telling signs that someone is being courteous and doesn’t want to completely ignore you is how briefly he responds.

She might still answer your texts, but she might start responding with just one word. If you write a line or two about what you’ve been up to, for instance, and she only responds with “great!”

Or you text her a funny story, and all you get in response is “haha.” These virtually act as full stops in the conversation.

He/she doesn’t question you

Asking questions keeps a conversation moving and shows that you are genuinely interested in the other person.

Of course, there are occasions when we don’t necessarily need to ask questions to keep the conversation going; it sometimes happens more naturally.

However, communications should always be two-way; you give and receive, and you both contribute to the discussion.

One of the tools we all use to maintain that conversation is questions. Therefore, it shows that he/she is not trying to keep you talking if he/she doesn’t ask you any questions.

You feel distant

You know in your heart that you are starting most (if not all) of the conversation with him, which is why he gives off such a distant vibe.

All of our interactions with one another are driven by energy exchange.

We frequently notice when something is off since so much of our communication depends on much more than just what we say.

Although the person may not have explicitly stated it, the person’s withdrawn energy lets you know that you are irritating him.

Before he/she even has a chance to respond to the previous message, you send a new one

While certain social conventions may appear archaic or even ridiculous, the majority are there to serve as a guide for us.

They establish expectations so that we are aware of what to expect from one another.

Don’t send him another text before he has had a chance to respond to the one you just sent. This is one of the most basic social conventions for texting.

Of course, you can send several texts in a row if you’ve been dating for a while.  But you shouldn’t constantly send him missed texts. It could seem overbearing or needy and demanding.

He/she claims to be really busy

the person can be telling you he’s incredibly busy right now as a verbal indication to calm down.

We can often kindly request additional time or space by letting someone know that we are busy.

Therefore, if he says he’s busy at work or with friends right now, let him alone and stop sending him messages for the time being.

He or she is no longer replying

Sad to say, in our technologically advanced dating world, ghosting has evolved into a method of communicating our want to stop communicating with someone.

In a perfect world, we would just be open and truthful about our emotions. However, some guys will still choose to ignore you because it seems simpler.

Although it’s unneeded and cruel, in these situations, “actions speak louder than words” applies.

If you’ve sent him/her a few messages and haven’t heard from him/her in a few days, consider this a hint that he/she may be attempting to avoid the conversation.

You only hear from him/her on rare occasions

You may have noticed that he or she occasionally responds to your text messages right quickly, whereas other times, the response is delayed or missing.

His or her disorganized texting behavior frequently mirrors their confused aims for you as a whole. This attitude makes the person ambiguous.

The person may be hiding when he feels that you are speaking to him too frequently, yet reaching out when he realizes he/she isn’t getting your attention.

Simple Ways To Get Someone To Stop Texting You?

Simple ways How To Get Someone To Stop Texting You?

Are you stuck on how to get someone to stop texting you? here are some easy hacks for you.

Make it clear at first

It all starts with this. Send a message that cannot be misinterpreted.

“Please avoid texting me frequently”. 

You can also give a justification for why you no longer want to hear from them. You submit it again if they try to convince you otherwise or if you decide to change your mind.

Communicate with them and make it clear why you don’t want to hear from them.

Even if it is uncomfortable, you should definitely think about taking this powerful move.

If you speak to them, they will get the message clearly and hopefully take it more seriously. Text messages leave possibilities for your point to be misunderstood. They will be able to tell that you are deadly serious if you speak to them or show it to them.

The most effective form of communication is face-to-face, yet this isn’t always feasible or safe. So a phone call is also an option.

This is among the list’s most helpful and practical suggestions, despite the fact that it may not seem like it. You’re making the effort to explain why it won’t work.

They might feel upset or puzzled if you just block them without saying why. To seek closure and clear up their confusion, they might then reach out once more.

There is a proper way to approach these types of discussions: calmly, kindly, yet firmly. Setting boundaries is possible without being rude.

Make an excuse

Hopefully, they will get the message if you continue to ignore them. By staying silent, you’re conveying your own message. They are probably waiting for a response in the hopes that you will respond to their repeated communications.

Their realization that sending you a thousand texts a day will result in nothing will be helped by your silence.

If you’re concerned that ignoring their texts would make you sound rude, think of an excuse. More frequently than we’d care to admit, we’ve all lost our phones. Say you couldn’t react to their texts because you lost your phone on the days they were sent to you.

You can learn when to disregard a text message by using a specific ringtone. Also, you can set a unique ringtone to be played whenever the person texts you in the phone’s settings or in their contact list. You can choose whether you respond to the Messages after hearing the ringtone.

When they text you, leave it on read and act like you weren’t available.

Leave the message on reading is the new cool in today’s modern world. The good news is that the person who texted you won’t have any further realizations while doing so. You shouldn’t bother yourself with that.

Update the number on your phone 

The process of changing your number can be a burden. However, this is a practical choice to stop getting texts from this obnoxious person.

Simply tell all of your friends your new number instead of this frequent texter.

The digital detox defense

A digital detox is defined as a temporary break from using electronics or a particular form of social media, which can last anywhere from a few days and many months. However, the specifics vary from person to person.

The best defense against someone who constantly texts you would be to go on a digital detox.

Tell them your phone was lost

The aim is to respond as if you were someone else who found (or stole) your phone.

Hopefully, this person realizes they’ve been tricked and stops messaging you nonstop since they don’t think their messages are getting through.

Tell them you’re occupied

If you reply with a text outlining your schedule, they might stop texting you. It’s possible that you’re running behind at work or moving. You might simply be too busy, in any case, to respond to their texts. 

Set boundaries for yourself, and if someone starts clogging up your phone, respond with something like, “Hey, I really can’t text right now since I’m super busy and can’t be distracted, but I’ll hit you up a bit later!”

I really need to concentrate, so I’m going to silence my phone for a moment. I’ll contact you later.

Make a call to the authorities

In most places of the world, it is unlawful for someone to continue contacting you after you have made it very obvious that you do not want to hear from them. It is abuse.

Therefore, it is quite legal for you to report this obnoxious texter to the police.

It’s a good idea to let this individual know you’re about to do this before you actually do it if they keep contacting you. This can scare them into breaking off communication.

To be honest, these cases take the police a very long time to resolve. However, they will eventually provide this person with a formal warning.

They may issue a restraining order and possibly jail this person if the harassment persists.

Block them

When all other options have failed, choose this one. You have the option to restrict calls and texts from particular mobile phone numbers with all major network providers.

This is a feature of all popular chat apps. These programs have the drawback that anyone with basic computer skills may easily start a new account and continue to text you.

If this does occur, it may be worthwhile to contact the relevant customer care department to see if anything can be done to block their IP address or a particular device.

The Ending Note

We truly hope that this useful guide will help you in getting someone to stop texting you. Hopefully, this person will realize that their contact is unwanted at some point.

Please post your question in the comment sections below if you have any more concerns on how to block someone from texting you.


How do you politely ask someone to stop texting you?

Say something like: “I appreciate the attention, but please avoid texting me” in a message to them. Please give me some alone time.

How do you tell someone to text less?

Here’s the text sample:

Hey, I’m very sorry, but I need some alone time since I’m feeling so stressed out by everything that’s going on. I’ll chat with you later; I have to go do that. I’ve had a pretty hard day and I’ll watch all these videos later, but for the time being, I just want to drift off for the remainder of the evening.

What is the psychology behind ignoring someone?

According to research, feeling ignored can influence how people perceive their surroundings in terms of sound, for example. Being neglected might make you feel unworthy of attention, unsure of yourself, and helpless.

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