Shifting Levels Of Consciousness

This article discusses the various shifting levels of consciousness below:

Human consciousness has been constantly evolving. Every individual experiences shifting levels of consciousness, whether they realize it or not, to meet their needs at a particular stage in life. 

Many people spend their entire lives resisting change in order to maintain their perception of safety and certainty, while others learn to accept shifting levels of consciousness.

When you go through shifting levels of consciousness, you undergo both mental and physical changes. Such changes accompany you on your journey to a higher level of consciousness.

Levels Of Consciousness

Level 1: Consciousness of Survival

It is solely concerned with survival. Clean air, water, nutritious food, and financial security are required to keep your body healthy and fit. The conditioning you received as a baby influences how you deal with survival situations as an adult. Individuals who do not trust other people to meet their needs develop into overly cautious adults – it is a result of their parent’s failure to fulfill their basic necessities as a child. Anything they deem a challenge to their survival triggers their fear-based limiting beliefs from childhood resulting in anxiety and emotional stress.

On the other hand, individuals whose basic needs were met as a child will be able to manage survival situations without much stress. Such individuals feel assured that they can keep things under control no matter what happens.

Level 2: Consciousness of Relationships

This level focuses on feeling safe. One must feel cherished and guarded to feel safe. Your childhood conditioning affects how you handle relationship situations as an adult. You will be wary of other people as an adult if you had trouble getting your safety needs met during the conforming stage of development. You might also come off as needy or trying to fit in if you weren’t made to feel loved. 

Your fear-based limiting beliefs from childhood will be triggered whenever you feel unwelcome or unloved and cared for as an adult, which could make you feel anxious or upset. On the other hand, if you experienced unwavering love and protection as a child, you will be able to care for your needs and relationships in the future.

Level 3: Consciousness of Self-worth

It involves feeling secure in your community. When your peers respect and acknowledge you, it makes you feel secure. Your teenage conditioning determines your response to self-esteem issues as an adult. 

You will lack confidence as an adult if you had trouble getting your security needs met during the differentiating stage of development. When you go through something that threatens your self-esteem, such as not feeling good enough – it triggers your fear-based limiting beliefs from your teenage years making you feel anxious and upset emotionally. 

If you were accepted and recognized for who you were as a teenager, you will be able to manage your security needs confidently.

Level 4: Consciousness of Transformation

This level of consciousness revolves around finding freedom and autonomy. Beyond the parental and cultural conditioning you experienced as a child, an individual wants to learn more about who they are. You will frequently ask yourself who you are and what matters to you. You won’t find your true self until you have the answers to these questions. 

Making decisions that are more in line with who you are is possible when you are able to fully express who you are without worrying about what other people—particularly your parents, peers, spouse, and the authority figures in your life—might think or say. Independence and the capacity to act with integrity are the benefits of pursuing this self-awareness and knowledge. When you identify and express who you are, you can live your life on your own terms rather than someone else’s.

Level 5: Consciousness of Internal Cohesion

It is all about discovering the purpose of your life—what your soul was created to do. At this level of consciousness, you long for a sense of purpose. If you’re unsure of your purpose, just concentrate on what you enjoy doing and pay attention to what’s in front of you right now. Do it to the best of your ability, whatever it may be. Follow your heart, hone your natural abilities, and work on your passions.

Many people don’t find their life’s purpose until much later in life. But upon reflection, they see that all the detours were necessary to prepare you for the gift. You were meant to give—to fully express your true nature. Your purpose may appear to be small or large when you finally realize what it is.

If you heed the guidance of your soul, your life will have a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Your life will start to unfold in front of you in a synchronistic journey. When you devote your efforts to fulfilling your soul’s purpose, various unexpected things will happen to help you.

Level 6: Consciousness of Making a Difference

This level of human consciousness is about making a difference in the world. In your family, your place of employment, your community or country, or in the global society.

A leader understands their capacity to connect with others and facilitate the work of those who support them. It strongly influences their capacity to realize their purpose. Leaders are aware that their influence on the world comes from others—their followers.

It will be simpler for you to achieve your destiny if you can empathize and connect with people easily. Making a difference always requires interacting with others in relationships of unconditional love, whether you are a leader or not.

Level 7: Consciousness of Service

This level is about giving selflessly to the cause or job that enables you to use your skills and abilities. The job you were meant to do. When making a difference becomes a way of life. When you give yourself over to your soul—you reach this level of consciousness. Now that you have fully embraced your soul’s mission, you are acting in accordance with your soul-infused personality. You don’t mind uncertainty, and you seize any opportunities that come your way. You have the impression that your soul is directing you.

When you are functioning at this level of consciousness, you won’t want to retire because doing so would limit your ability to express yourself and remove the purpose from your life. What you once considered your work is now your play. When consciousness is at this level, one allows the doing to pass through the being.

The Ending Note

Your entire life changes as you shift to a higher level of consciousness. Instead of resisting, accept the changes because they will increase your level of life satisfaction and make you capable of helping others. Understand that experiencing shifts in consciousness levels is beneficial for you. You are simply evolving into an improved and more adaptable version of yourself.

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