Is Burning Bridges Worth It? -Burning all the bridges to motivate yourself

Being motivated is important and useful however motivation can fleet and lead to frustration. Many people opt to burn bridges to gain success, this means dropping something or everything from life and just taking the leap to achieve their dreams. In this article, we will discuss about burning all the bridges to motivate yourself.

What Does It Mean To Burn Bridges?

The idea of burning bridges can relate to several aspects of life and manifest itself in different ways. For example, cutting someone toxic in life can be burning bridges. However, regarding motivation, it is the notion that plan A is the only plan and every completed task will lead to the completion of this plan. 

Failure is part of this but is not seen how many people see failure. Failure is seen as a step. When burning bridges and failure strikes, a second attempt starts-trying every time failure is apparent.

Burning bridges isn’t easy, it takes away the comfort of a 9-5 job, and it leaves success as the only option. Many people are too scared to try due to this factor, they don’t want to fail or be stuck without money and therefore don’t even try.

Is It Good To Burn Bridges?

When trying to get motivated, burning bridges can be a good option. It can push people into finding their dream job, starting a business, or moving to their dream city. Burning bridges may not work for some people, especially those who get scared by uncertainty or give up easily. It can also leave those who can’t follow through, with anything, so should be considered carefully before doing,

How To Know if Burning Bridges Is the Right Option

When burning bridges, it is looking at the motivation behind doing so. If someone is starting a business or wants a new job, why do they want to do it? 

Think about these questions before burning bridges:

What is the end goal?

Is it to get a higher-paid job, start a business or move to a new country, etc.? Take this end goal into consideration and think, is it worth burning bridges for?

For those starting a new business it may be a good idea, it provides the leap to get started. Many people have ideas but do not implement them. However, if just looking for a new job, it may not be as effective as this can be done while keeping the current job.

How long will it take?

For projects that may take longer, burning bridges may not be the best idea. For example when starting a business that will take 12-24 months to make any income. Burning bridges without high levels of saving may be a bad idea as it could leave someone without any money to pay rent or buy food.

However, if simply needed the motivation to quit a job. While another job is lined up this can be a great idea as it can help leave a bad situation.

How much motivation is there to achieve the end goal?

For someone who wants nothing more than to achieve the said goal. Burning bridges can be great. It gives them that push to go and reach their dreams. However, if the motivation for this goal is low and it’s not really what someone wants. Burning all the bridges just leads to be unproductive and finding nothing.

Therefore, there are a lot of factors to consider before burning bridges and knowing if it is the correct option for reaching goals and dreams. People who don’t feel fully comfortable or aligned with these ideas probably won’t succeed in this way and should take a less drastic approach.

How To Stay Motivated After Burning Bridges

Even after taking the leap and burning bridges, some people may need help to retain motivation. Burning bridges doesn’t lead to instant success and discipline. It must be taken to achieve goals. 

Set Goals 

Setting goals is imperative to success. Setting goals can not only help to determine what tasks are important to complete but can also help to reinforce a sense of pride and motivation. Start with small manageable goals that can achieve long-term goals.

Give Incentives 

Incentives are a great way to motivate. When burning bridges many people have large goals and dreams in mind and the long-term nature of these goals can lead to a lack of motivation. Therefore, setting incentives for reaching even short-term goals can reinforce that work is going well and in the correct direction. This will also reinforce a sense of pride and help to continue with confidence and motivation.

Be Sociable 

Starting new things in life can be lonely, especially starting new businesses. Many people will also be working from home to start their businesses. Therefore, make sure to be sociable, and spend time with family and friends. Another way to be sociable and keep motivated Is to speak to successful people who bring. Forth motivation and pushing others to achieve goals. These people can help to give an extra boost of motivation.

Find Inspiration 

Another way to gain motivation is to simply find it. Watch motivational videos, and documentaries or read books. These won’t help you find the initial motivation needed to burn bridges but can give a boost every time motivation dips.

Therefore, there are a lot of options to increase motivation in daily life, try different techniques, and be patient and persistent to ensure success.

So, Is Burning Bridges Worth It When Trying To Gain Motivation?

Burning bridges means taking the step and going for the dreams someone has always desired, it means there is no plan B and failure is not an end goal. Burning bridges can be a great way to get motivation. It can help to take the leap from thinking about dreams to achieving them. However, some people may be too afraid of uncertainty and will find burning bridges too hard, therefore they aren’t always the best option. In addition, even after burning bridges, motivation may dip, try different techniques such as setting goals, and incentives to bring the motivation back.

The Ending Note

We hope you liked today’s article and got the idea of burning all the bridges to motivate yourself. Let us know more ways to entertain this issue in the comment section below.

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