People Make Time For What They Want

Have you ever wondered why someone is always too busy for you? The answer is that they are too busy for you. People make time for what they want. This is one of the most crucial life lessons to keep in mind.

We’ll look at why people make time for what they want, what that means for your life, and how to persuade others to do the same. These are difficult lessons to hear, but the consequences will be far-reaching in your life. That’s why we’re so eager to demonstrate them to you.

Why Do People Make Time For What They Want?

In general, people are only concerned with themselves and their interests. If you don’t give them what they want, they’ll find other ways to satisfy their desires. People make excuses not to interact with you because they prefer to concentrate on what they want. This, however, does not imply that they are uninterested in you.

It could also mean that their focus is elsewhere right now, that they are dealing with difficult life issues, or that they are taking time to regain their positivity and are not including you in their dark thoughts.

When Should You Forgive Others For Not Making Time For You?

Some people may appear overly busy, but this is simply because their priorities are not on you. Some of these issues must be addressed, or the quality of life will suffer significantly.

These are some examples:

Having a challenging job

This is especially true for those in positions of authority or who own a business. Working 80 hours a week is no laughing matter, and finding time for people is becoming increasingly difficult.

Having a family to look after

If you want to be considered a friend, you must first consider the significance of family in your friend’s life. Making time for family and friends should be your top priority. Children and significant others necessitate a substantial amount of time.

Being physically sick

A disease can be physically demanding and have a significant impact on one’s mood. The priority is always health. 

Being depressed, stressed, and anxious

When one’s mental health deteriorates, everything else seems trivial, including making time for others. That’s just human nature, and there’s not much you can do about it. Priority must be given to the abolition of all mental illnesses.

They are discovering themselves

People who make time for their desires should not be judged if they are truly lost in their lives and need to reevaluate their values and what makes them happy. Happiness and passion are essential elements of well-being.

When Does It Become Unacceptable For People to Make Time For Whom They Want?

Certain events can quickly reveal whether or not the other person is interested in you. When you realize that people make time for what they want and that not everyone is a friend, you realize you are not alone.

These are some examples:

Not having time to chat.

If the other person can’t devote even 5 minutes to you, it means he or she is preoccupied with something else. 5 minutes account for only 0.3 percent of total time in 24 hours. This is insufficient as an explanation.

They’re always complaining about how busy they are.

Some people enjoy playing the victim and telling everyone that they are too busy, especially if they are laying down on the coach. That’s quite ironic.

Observing them doing something insignificant.

Someone once told me a funny story about someone who admitted to cleaning his bathroom instead of meeting up with me. It is unacceptable if people would rather do such things than spend time with you.

Any other pathetic excuse?

For a variety of reasons, people may not make time for you. If you notice any of these signs, it indicates that your relationship is frail and requires a lot from both parties.

Seven Things To Remember When People Make Time For What They Want

People Make Time For What They Want

What you make time for is what you have time for

This old saying refers to what people value the most. If they are more focused on their careers and accumulating wealth, it indicates that they have the time for it. Others will go out of their way to spend as much time as possible with their friends and family if they value them more than anything materialistic.

The most important thing to remember is that no one is forced to do anything. They choose their initial life paths and then live the rest of their lives according to the values they have set for themselves. So, if others don’t have time for you, it just shows their priorities. In any case, never settle for less than you deserve. People make time for what they want, and you don’t appear to be that thing.

Make time for others who make time for you

Someone else’s concern and interest in you indicates that he values you. If they want to, someone will make time for them. There are some exceptions, but someone should make time for you in general. That is why you should give priority to those who give priority to you. If you do not, they will feel unappreciated and will have many questions about the situation.

Even the busiest people will make time to check in on you. That is a genuine expression of concern and care. You should also recognize that people enter your life for a reason. They want you to be happy, feel valued, and enjoy your life to the fullest.

You make time for what is important to you

It’s fine if people are your top priority in life. Make more time for them since they matter to you. People make time for those they care about, and others appreciate it. Your genuine concern for others will be appreciated. If they refuse, it indicates that they are uninterested in you.

It’s perfectly acceptable if your priorities are in areas other than social ones. There are no such things as “right and universal things.” Everyone experiences life in their unique way. In any case, anyone who expresses interest in you should be screened. These are the people who are most crucial in your life.

People require space

It is not uncommon for people to require alone time. They are simply overburdened and need to be separated from others. This is not to say they don’t care about you. It’s not about you in this case. It’s all up to them and what feels right at the time. In general, you make time for the things that are important to you. It doesn’t matter if it’s about people or other things.

People have different priorities, and sometimes all they need is some space to return to something important to them. Making new friends, on the other hand, can be difficult. These people tend to close down first and then gradually open up.

Disconnect people who do not care about you

People don’t care if they don’t contact you. Friendships can develop after only a few months of interaction, but this is extremely uncommon. Contacting people should not be done simply because it feels natural. If they don’t respond or put as much effort into the relationship as you do, don’t make them talk to you. 

Someone will make time to see you if they want to. You are not required to beg for their attention. Your self-esteem is more valuable than begging for others’ attention. Someone who prioritizes you is not the same as someone who does not. You can feel their happiness and how much they care about you. Don’t settle less than you feel entitled to.

Some people are not naturally social

Some of us suffer from social anxiety as a result of our lack of interaction with others. In this situation, we are not at ease. While they may not mind making time for others, their emotions during a conversation place them in an awkward position. 

The only way to overcome this is to keep practicing and interacting with others. Even if it is not their favorite activity, they can overcome social anxiety and make time for others.

People prefer non-social interaction to social interaction

While this person is excellent at holding conversations, being charismatic in their approach, and charming everyone around them, it is not something they enjoy doing. They’d rather spend their time doing activities they enjoy. You should not pass judgment on people who refuse to spend time with you unless they are family.

That is one of the characteristics of some people, and they will always return to their roots. They live for themselves, not for others.

What Do You Do When Someone Doesn’t Make Time For You

Find hobbies to do together

Could you find something in common if you don’t share any hobbies or interests? You may need to step outside of your comfort zones or simply try new things together to see if you enjoy them.

Couples have an abundance of potential hobbies, so there’s no reason for him to say no to everything. If you and he discover something you both enjoy, he will have more reasons to prioritize time with you over time with others or alone.

Communicate your concerns using ā€œIā€ statements

Remember that you are entitled to some of your boyfriend’s time and attention. You should be able to bring it up with him if you don’t think you’re getting enough of it. However, how you discuss it will have an impact on how he reacts and how effective it is in effecting change.

Always use “I” statements when discussing the issue. You avoid blaming him in this way, which will almost certainly make him defensive.

Emphasize him to make plans

Allow him to take responsibility for a change if you are currently the one who communicates with him and makes all of the decisions about when you will see each other. This is a litmus test for how important he thinks your relationship is to him. He may soon realize how little contact he initiates and attempts to improve his game. Or he could simply disappear and not contact you because it never occurred to him to do so. It is critical to maintaining consistency in subsequent communication.

When it comes to seeing each other, ask him what he wants to do. If he does not offer, politely request that he make the arrangements. So, if he suggests a weekend outing, enthusiastically agree, but then ask him specifically what he wants to do.

Find other ways to spend time together

Life may make seeing each other physically difficult at times, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spend time together in other ways.

When you can’t meet up but know he’s available, propose a video call or phone call in the evenings (though not necessarily every evening.

Simply having this conversation regularly will make you feel more loved, and he will be more willing to spend time with you.

Keep a busy life outside of the relationship

Even if you do manage to persuade your boyfriend to spend more time with you, the change is unlikely to be dramatic. Expect him to be by your side every evening and weekend if you only see him once a week. Change takes time, especially when it comes to habits. And he could only be able to bring about so much change; you may have to live with the fact that he spends a significant amount of time on matters unrelated to your relationship for the rest of your life. If you do the same, it is a good way to cope.

You won’t mind how much time you spend with your boyfriend if you can fill it with activities you enjoy, both inside and outside the home, and with or without others. It’s a good place to start if you can organize a regular get-together with friends or join a local club. It’s also important to have a fulfilling home life and routine.

All of this will help you become less emotionally reliant on your boyfriend to be happy.

Take Away 

Some people adore you as much as you adore them. Mutual concern strengthens the bonds of two people. Nonetheless, people make time for what they want. You would never look at certain people the same way again once you understand them fully. 


How do you make time with someone?

To make time with someone: 

  • Keep work and play time separately.
  • Make time for one another
  • Stay away from the Fragmentation Pitfall.
  • Prioritization, delegation, and automation
  • Make a list
  • Create routines
  • Make Leisure Objectives

How do you make time for people you care about?

You can do the following: 

  • Determine Your Most Important People
  • Make a Priority List
  • Quit multitasking.
  • Share Your Calendar
  • Make Time to Recharge Yourself
  • Organize a Regular Event
  • Take Part in Activities Together

What do you do when someone doesn’t make time for you?

There are 6 things you can do about it

  • Find activities that you can do together.
  • Express your reservations.
  • Make it his responsibility to make plans.
  • Find new ways to spend time together.
  • Maintain a busy lifestyle outside of the relationship.
  • Rethink your relationship goals.

Should you stay in a relationship with no spark?

It’s natural for your relationship to lose its luster, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept it. You’ll need to collaborate to re-establish your emotional connection and possibly your sex life.

When to call it quits in a relationship?

If you’re not willfully putting an effort into your relationship, it’s possible that one or both of you have chosen to end it. Going to interview divorce lawyers or real estate agents most likely indicates that you do not want your options open.

What does it mean to give someone time in a relationship?

When you’re deeply involved with someone, you can offer each other companionship and support as you face life’s challenges. You must, however, give them some breathing room. In a relationship, giving your loved one space to breathe can often help you stay connected together in the long run.

What is the meaning of making time?

When you make time for a specific activity or person, you plan ahead of time to do the activity or spend time with the person.

What does it mean when time flies when you’re with someone?

When time passes quickly, it means we are living in a moment, which is the most valuable thing in life. All of your best memories were created while you were present.

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