Mindful Activities on Zoom

The modern era we live in can not survive without the internet. We need the internet for nearly everything, be it entertainment, playing games, research, attending lectures, or meetings. You can also analyze the amount of time you spend on the internet. It makes it pretty clear that we are living for it. But did you know that you can also conduct zoom mindful activities using the internet?

Mindful activities are primarily associated with physical counseling.

But as we have become more involved with the online spaces, we can handle everything virtually, and mindfulness activities through zoom are no exception.

Let’s find out how. 

Quick Intro to Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the ability to live in the present moment. It helps us to stay mentally alert and active.

As a result, you are aware of what happens to yourself and around you. Being more mindful of your present moment, you can handle and process other information and situations more efficiently.

How can Zoom Mindful Activities Help you Sustain your Mindfulness?

There are many ways to conduct mindfulness exercises, and zoom mindful activities are no exception. You may not know, but mindful activities positively impact a person’s mental health, including their awareness and ability to perceive things. However, there are many other advantages if you practice them daily. Have a look below:

  • You can improve your focus and attention more effortlessly.
  • Mindful activities will help you manage your emotions and feelings better than before.
  • Your reaction to harmful stimuli will become better.
  • You will be able to respond positively to uncertain situations.
  • Stress and anxieties will become more manageable as you are more mindful of your current situation.
  • You will notice an improvement in your daily life activities and tasks.
  • It will help you learn some useful coping skills for avoiding worries.

Virtual Mindfulness Games

Have you heard of virtual mindfulness games? These games let you explore your mindfulness with a mix of some entertainment.

Consider the below-mentioned example to understand what they are and how they can help.

Guided Storytelling 

As the name implies, this activity has more to do with your imagination than your reality. In this activity, you will imagine scenarios and situations that are capable of offering pleasure and relief.

If you are stuck in a specific problem or want to have a solution, just close your eyes and imagine things as you want them to be. In other words, you will imagine a pleasurable situation where you can enjoy the benefits and results you want. 

Mindfulness Activities for Students

As a teacher, you will relate to how students struggle with online classes. Studying online might be convenient but maintaining the whole class’s concentration is much more difficult.

In that case, conducting mindfulness activities for zoom meetings are the best way to initiate the lectures. 

This strategy will allow you to create a sense of awareness and alertness among students. As a result, they will have more focus on the lessons. Following are some excellent activities that you must let your students try:


Belly breathing is a good exercise for students. In this activity, you can ask the students to inhale, pause, exhale, and rest. Ask them to take a deep breath so that they can see the movement of their bellies.

Continue this activity for a few minutes and then ask them t take some rest. This exercise is good for their mindfulness and will help them improve their ventilation. 


Pan from panning means ‘pay attention now’. When you notice that your students lack engagement and concentration, ask them to pay attention to their current environment and list things that distract them.

This activity lets you identify the underlined issues and resolve them immediately. 

Mindfulness Activity for Work Meeting

Work meetings on Zoom are boring because you lack a direct physical connection and interaction with your co-workers. As a result, some people lose their focus.

Many get motivated once they start the meeting, but some people need a dose of mindfulness exercises to start a meeting on zoom. For them, we have shortlisted some of the best mindfulness activities:


Listening exercises is one of the diversified kind of activities for people who want to have mindfulness. In other words, this activity can take many forms. Firstly, you can listen to your favorite song before having a zoom meeting.

Secondly, you can watch some inspirational videos that can encourage you. 

Thirdly, you can hear some depressing stories and analyze how blessed you are.

Lastly, you can also intervene in a conflict and listen to their arguments without judging them.

The main motive of this exercise is to teach people how they can listen to debates or stories without judging them. In this way, we can control our unnecessary judgments.


Meditation is undoubtedly one of the best exercises for improved mental awakeness or alertness.

By meditating before going live for the meeting, you can sense an apparent effect on your mental activity and concentration.

Fun Zoom Mindfulness Activities

There are many mindfulness activities to do on zoom, and below we have mentioned some fun activities for you:

Use Your Senses

This activity involves holding an object and sensing it using your five senses. It is a sensory exercise where you will analyze how the thing looks and how it tastes, smells, and feel in your hands.

Ask yourself, what does it look like, what does it sound like, or what taste does it have. This mindfulness activity will help you perceive things more purposefully and adequately. 


Tracing is an outdoor exercise you can perform through your devices. You can sit in your garden and pick a leaf.

What you will do now is to trace it properly and sync your breathing with it. Inhale when you trace the leaf upwards, and exhale when you trace the leaf downwards.

Or, if you wish to stay indoors, pick anything readily available around you. 


How do you practice mindfulness on Zoom?

There are many ways to practice mindfulness on Zoom.

You can try the different mindful activities mentioned in this post to have improved mindfulness. 

Key Takeaway 

People have practiced mindfulness for ages. Because of their unavoidable significance and real-world helpfulness, mindfulness exercises are followed by every person and institution.

And currently, zoom mindful activities have become a trend. For people who study or work through online mediums, mindful activities serve as the best solution for their disengagement.

So if you are distracted often and need a more grip on things, try these zoom activities. 

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