Love Bombing Signs And Examples

Sometimes dysfunctional relationships grow to feel like the most passionate connection of your entire existence, which is one of the cruelest realities of life. Your lover may occasionally love bomb you, which is a sequence of cunning, generally disregarded behaviors. Even though some behaviors like lavishly showering someone with love and attention might initially appear admirable and even a little bit magical, they are commonly used as a means of control and, in some instances, can be an early sign of emotional abuse. In this article, we will discuss love bombing signs and examples.

You get elated, feel alive, and feel ecstatic when you connect with someone, something you may have already experienced. Even if it means postponing responsibilities like work or school, you want to spend as much time with them as you can. They pay close attention to what you say. They would like to meet your family and friends, despite the fact that it could appear premature. You want to think that you deserve anything this amazing after so many failed dates. The fact that you are so into someone can sometimes make you feel overwhelmed and even a little afraid. You don’t seem to be able to slow down, though.

Depending on who you ask, the aforementioned scenario could either be used to describe falling in love or love bombing. Experts agree that it is not always simple to tell the two apart. After falling for someone’s best qualities only to have them turn on you, it may be difficult to recognize a toxic relationship and give up. It may be much more difficult to accept that you were wrong after boasting about how amazing they were to anyone who would listen.

You Do Not Have To Be Sorry

Being the victim of emotional abuse or manipulation cannot always be avoided, and neither the victim nor the survivor is ever at fault. However, being aware of the telltale signs of a love bombing attack and knowing what to do when something feels off in a new relationship can help you spot potentially dangerous behavior before you get overly attached.

What Is Love Bombing?

What does love bombing mean? Love bombing is the act of bombarding your significant other with flattery, adulation, and devotion. There are many ways to show attention, including gifts, lengthy texts, social media connections, and passionate declarations of love. Even love bombing isn’t completely selfless. People who want to feel praised and adored practice love bombing. They will therefore treat their spouses royally in the hopes that they would return the favor.

Stages Of Being Love-Bombed

Let’s look at the stages of love bombing.


You are knocked off your feet by love bombers. It’s astonishing how dopamine, the brain chemical that makes you feel happy, can take over. When a new possible love interest begins sexting you or persistently texts, calls, and sends flowers, it feels wonderful. But their tendency to take no chances is a telling symptom of their behavior. Idealization occurs in the initial stage. They appear to believe you are superior to them. Despite what it may look like, they idealize you too early. In fact, everything seems to be moving too quickly.


The second stage, which is frequently referred to as the devaluation stage, is one of the most evident signs of a love bomb. Your friend is either a good person or a nasty person. They understand that showing affection in front of others is a method to gain respect. But eventually, particularly when left alone, they start to quarrel. They have an amazing ability to spot the weak. Their target market may include persons with low self-esteem, those who have recently gone through a divorce, and those who have recently ended a romantic relationship.

Why Is Love Bombing So Dangerous?

A form of emotional abuse known as love bombing can have a negative impact on your mental health. According to Jackson, the reciprocity rule suggests that if someone gives you something, you feel obligated to give them something equally wonderful in return. You may therefore feel under pressure to reciprocate with the same behavior, commitment, or “loyalty” if your partner is demonstrating excessive amounts of love and care for you despite the fact that your intuition is telling you differently.

Additionally, abuse could develop into a pattern. The love bomber gains control over their partner’s mind and heart once they become dependent on them, while also boosting their own ego. Because they are no longer interested in their partner, people now begin the process of ending their relationship.

Once the love bomber notices their spouse starting to withdraw, they may proceed to emotionally abuse them. They could ridicule or gaslight their spouse, making them feel unappreciated and unimportant. Because they believe they have control over their victim, the abuser may eventually end the relationship. They are aware that by coming back at any time, they may keep the vicious cycle going.

What Are The Signs Of Love Bombing?

Being caught off guard when you first meet someone can be enjoyable and thrilling. Being lavished with love and adoration at the beginning of a new relationship is thrilling. There is, however, a distinct story—one of love bombing. It occurs when someone tries to manipulate you by acting in an overly friendly manner through their words, actions, and body language.

Here are some examples of old love bombing signs. If someone is luring you and it seems too good to be true, trust your instincts, but if you can identify with any of these, your partner may not necessarily be toxic.

Dumping Their Personal Details Too Quickly

On their second date, they vented all of their childhood hurt. You know every individual who has ever hurt them, and you know every detail of their physical and mental past. Although it would appear noble, such honesty could be a phony display of unity. Soon, love bombers may divulge personal information in an effort to build connection and intimacy. They want you to think you’re special and educated about their underground society. They want you two to appear more bonded than you actually are.

You’re Overwhelmed by Their Intensity

When you are present, they seem to consistently and endearingly be at their best. It surprises you every time you see them because you feel obligated to. True love, on the other hand, is polite and controlled.

You Feel Unbalanced

Being love-bombed can initially be exciting, but you could experience anxiety as you wait for the other shoe to drop. Be on the lookout for these unsettling emotions. It’s crucial to maintain your intuitive awareness in order to make informed judgments and avoid falling victim to love bombing frauds.

They Want Constant Validation

You seem to be giving them comfort all the time. No matter how many praises you offer, you may always feel that they fall short. You start to grow a little weary of the relationship and perhaps even resentful since they keep coming back. Love bombers frequently seek the constant affirmation of their value and superiority. They lack security and are utterly defenseless.

You Must Give Them the Affection They Desire

They expect to be able to touch, see, and be close to you all the time. If you don’t reply to a text message or let them know that you’re too exhausted to hang out one particular night, they’ll lash out in the ugliest way possible. In an effort to convey that you don’t respect the relationship, they might make threats to end the relationship or, in more severe situations, harm you, your loved ones, or even yourself.

They Mold Themselves To Be Who They Think You Want

If they constantly share your aims or ideals, a love bomber might occasionally try to pass for your perfect partner. Keep in mind that a person’s behavior may not always accurately reflect who they are on the inside or even the person you first met. You could notice changes if you contrast what they said and did when you first met them with what they say and do now.

They Expect a Lot of Attention

Love bombers want to make other people envious of them and get attention and adoration for themselves. They demonstrate their eagerness by bestowing presents, praises, and irrational approval on the partnership because they feel the need to be recognized, praised, or adored. Gifts, attention, and praise will eventually be replaced by gaslighting and criticism.

Their Gifts Are Extra

You might be able to win over a crush with romantic gestures like thoughtful gifts, candlelit dinners, or tender emails. Excessive presents, however, can be a sign of abuse, especially at the beginning of a relationship—possibly even after your first date—and might include expensive getaways, pricy jewelry, a dozen roses delivered to your place of work, or even financial aid. Uncomfortably expensive gifts to you with the intention of instilling a sense of obligation or controlling you by quickly evoking feelings of connection and trust so that you will let down your guard.

She points out that if a relationship is new, these financial ploys may be the first sign that the other person is attempting to rely on you financially. Many victims of domestic violence experience economic abuse. This is a group of tactics to undermine a partner’s financial independence.

Future Faking

Another method that manipulators employ to hasten the victim’s emotional growth is love bombing. Future faking is the term for it. The act of speculating on potential future events affecting a relationship is known as future faking. chatting about the exotic vacation spots, romantic city excursions, and expensive locations they’ll take their victim to.

Topics of conversation could also include the neighborhood, the outdoor hot tub, the gorgeous views of the countryside, his and hers sinks, the walk-in closet, and other aspects of the property they will share. Additionally, the con artist can give you a list of all the friends and family members they wish to introduce you to.

The main objective of future faking is to convince the victim of the abuser’s love for them. Everything is completed in an effort to convince the sufferer that this must be fate through performance and action. As a result, they can picture how wonderful their shared future will be.

They Call and Text Frequently 

In a new collaboration, consistent communication is anticipated. However, being carried away by it is not. If you don’t like how frequently your spouse calls, texts, or uses social media to contact you, it’s crucial to discuss your comfort zones and boundaries with them. If they contact you more frequently than you are comfortable with them or if their timing or tone is sudden, this is a red flag.

They Immediately Want To Know Everything About You

The person finds you to be fascinating. They seem to find your life to be fascinating. But it could be frightening to share that much about oneself so rapidly. You could be wondering why they are acting in such an odd way right now. They are linked in an offensive and revolting way. But as a result, they frequently misuse and profit from other people’s private information. Another way to put it is that people might misinterpret what you say and believe that you are in charge, that you are being attacked, or that someone is attempting to harm your reputation.

Difference Between Love Bombing And Honeymoon Phase

Despite the fact that there are some substantial variations between the two, love bombing and the honeymoon phase of a relationship are occasionally confused with one another. During the honeymoon period, the desire to concentrate on what the other finds fascinating or enjoyable is a sign of love. Most of the time, gestures are made for a serious reason rather than to impress. On the other hand, a love bomber would smother their partner in attention and hope for approval from them as well as from others.

What To Do If A New Relationship Is Making You Feel Miserable

We don’t advise being pessimistic or anticipating the worst, but if something feels strange, you should listen to your instinct. These inclinations to exert control over others can be quite subtle. You don’t always need to leave the relationship if you believe you were the target of a love bomb. The specialists we spoke to, however, advised that you take your time and reevaluate your circumstance. Here are a few techniques to accomplish that:

Create Space

You must give yourself space to reflect on who you are and what you stand for while you are not in the relationship. This can be accomplished by paying a long-distance friend a visit, traveling over the weekend to see family, or carving out leisure time. When your partner responds in a dramatic way that re-centers them, such as ignoring you, sulking, or blowing up your phone, it’s a sign that they don’t respect your needs and are trying to control you.

Take a Personal Inventory

Compare and contrast your life now with what it was like before your partnership in writing. What about the way you spend your time changed? Do you still have any contacts? After going through each change in detail, decide if it is a modification based on your preferences or an adjustment based on your partner’s preferences. Your partner may be attempting to isolate you if you discover that you’ve lost touch with people you cared about before the relationship.

Talk to an Objective Outsider

If you’re afraid to talk about your connection or don’t want to cause suspicion, think about connecting with someone who isn’t a close friend or relative. It might be baffling and unsettling when others love to bomb you. Have a confidential discussion with a knowledgeable advocate to determine whether you are enduring abuse or another problematic relationship.

They will enquire about your self-care routines, your safety, and your situation in order to help you decide on the best course of action. This may entail seeking the advice of a therapist or counselor who has received trauma-specific training, learning how to set boundaries and resolve conflicts, or, if necessary, creating a healthy separation plan.

Get a Free Relationship Check-up

If you’re hesitant to admit that your relationship is abusive, this can be quite beneficial. Think of it as a test you give yourself to see if your worries and suspicions are true. Ultimately, how equal or one-sided your relationship is will determine whether it is true love or love bombing. The abusive partner is only supported by love bombing. Contrarily, healthy love is balanced, reciprocal, and based on mutual respect and trust.

What Is An Example Of a Love Bombing?

You should be aware of some common expressions that may be a sign that someone is love-bombing you, such as:

  • Overly complimentary
  • Having too much too quickly with one another
  • Ongoing gifts
  • Numerous daily calls, emails, and texts
  • Choosing to spend time with them over your buddies
  • Reflecting every interest of yours
  • Excessive curiosity about your history, life, and interests
  • Wanting to go quickly to the following stage
  • You’re my true love.
  • You’re the ideal person.
  • Our souls are one.
  • You make me whole.
  • You are unlike anyone I’ve ever met.
  • I won’t ever encounter somebody like you.

The Ending Note 

The act of publicly proclaiming your love to a new partner at the beginning of a relationship is known as love bombing. It’s a deceitful tactic employed in relationships to further ensnare a partner, and it frequently leads to a relationship that will ultimately deteriorate. Set boundaries and watch their response if you believe your partner is trying to move the relationship along too quickly or is love-bombing you.


Am I Love Bombing?

There are various indicators you can look for to determine if you love bombing. Giving extravagant presents, making frequent phone and text calls, showering a spouse with compliments and affection, and expressing strong feelings right away are some of the traditional warning signs of love bombing.

Is love bombing always bad? 

Love bombing, according to relationship experts, is unhealthy. Since it can be challenging to maintain personal boundaries and it can make one person feel as though they are financially dependent on the other or owe them money, many people view this as a warning sign.

How Do I Know if It’s Love Bombing or Genuine?

Not all overly affectionate displays constitute “love bombing.” Love bombing is passionate and disturbing and isn’t a sign of a healthy relationship, but when there is a real connection, you’ll probably feel happier and more tolerant of the expensive displays.

How Long Does Love Bombing Usually Last?

The “bomber” can only continue to love bombing for six to twelve weeks since it is so demanding and intensive. After that initial phase, the gifts, compliments, and excursions will quickly cease.

Can Love Bombing Be Innocent?

Contrary to popular assumption, there isn’t always a malicious or harmful intent behind all love-bombing incidents. The behavior might be relatively innocent but naive or it can be emotionally harmful or even life-threatening, as is the case with cult leaders.

Why Do Men Love Bombs and Then Pull Away?

There is a term in medicine for the behavior known as love bombing, which is used by someone with narcissistic personality disorder or narcissistic personality characteristics.

How To Stop Love Bombing?

To stop love bombing, you can take the following actions:

  • Recognize your own weaknesses.
  • Early on in the relationship, be aware of any undue attention or presents.
  • Keep a fair dose of reality in mind.
  • Learn how to spot narcissists so you can avoid them.
  • Make a list of the characteristics of a good relationship.

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