2 Types of Motivation Drive Success

Have you ever felt a lack of interest in doing something? Or were you ever encouraged to accomplish a task because of certain motivating factors? Whether or not you are interested in doing a task, there is always a motivating factor that prompts you to complete your action. Motivation plays a vital role in a person’s behavior or activity, and 2 types of motivation are crucial for your success in life.

What are those motivations, and how do they play their part? These are some essential concerns that this post will be going to highlight. Reading this article, you will be aware of why you take action and what causes you to do something. But before moving on, let’s discuss the true importance of motivation.

What is Motivation?

Grammatically, motivation is a noun, and we pronounce it “moh-tih-Veh-shun”. Motivation can be defined by your will to do something. Have you ever felt the need to accomplish a task? This is where motivation comes in. It helps you prepare for the given chore. In other words, it paves your way toward your goals and aids you in unlocking success. 

However, there can be many reasons why you want to achieve a goal. And human psychology says that there are 2 types of motivation. 

What Are The 2 Main Types Of Motivation?

According to human psychology, there are 2 types of motivation. Both are the prime reasons that prompt you to take a specific action.

Intrinsic Motivation 

Intrinsic Motivation has nothing to do with external rewards. This motivation forces people to act out of their curiosity or personal will. In other words, we can also say that people do have motivation internally when they want to test their creativity. Therefore, the perform without needing an external reward. However, it does satisfy them when they unlock success after completing that particular task.

Examples of Intrinsic Motivation in Daily Life

For instance, you might want to play a game because it makes you happy and involved. Secondly, you might want to buy a fresh bouquet because you feel rejuvenated around flowers. Or you might want to bake a cake because it satisfies your cravings.

Extrinsic Motivation

Extrinsic Motivation is aroused by our desires relating to external rewards. This motivation is stimulated by an external factor associated with any kind of worldly achievement or reward. In other words, a person is externally motivated to accomplish a task when rewarded for their achievement. 

The rewards can take any form—for instance, money, trophies, praise, or social recognition. If you wish to know more about the external stimuli, continue reading the following passage.

Examples of Extrinsic Motivation in Daily Life

Have you ever studied for your own will? I am sure none of us have ever happily gone to our schools. But why do people perform anything they are not necessarily interested in? A reward forces them to undergo such actions. So in the case of going to school and attending those boring lectures, students are often have motivation externally because they know this can help them achieve good grades. Therefore, getting good grades is the external stimulus that helps them continue an action or routine. 

On the other hand, if we talk about what motivates employees to go to work, their external stimuli are most attached to their income or other professional achievements. However, there are many other external stimuli as well. Have you ever observed a medical student? Why do they study day and night? Medical students encourage chiefly because they want to serve humanity with their abilities and medical help, which might be their internal motivation. But if we talk about their external stimuli, treating patients is their profession, and it helps them earn their living.

How Does Motivation Drive Success?

Motivation is the crucial element for your behavior and action. You can not force yourself to achieve something without true inspiration and encouragement. While intrinsic motivation helps you to attain inner relief and satisfaction, extrinsic motivation, on the other hand, can help you unlock real-world rewards. Regardless of the kind of motivation, both hold the power to drive success in their way.

For instance, you are stuck in a puzzle game and wish to solve it. If you lack motivation, you can never do that. With proper motivation, you can solve the most complicated puzzles. As a result, you will feel proud of your achievement and abilities. Similarly, when you work hard day and night to secure your dream trophy or your dream job, you are externally motivated to put your hardcore efforts toward achieving your success.

The Ending Note

We hope you are fully aware of the critical difference between the 2 types of motivation. While extrinsic motivation is based on your will to achieve worldly rewards, intrinsic motivation, on the other hand, is primarily based on your inner satisfaction and contentment. 

Regardless of the type of motivation, you can unlock any success if you are genuinely inspired to do it. So keep moving further in your life and achieving more remarkable achievements with the same zeal. 


What are the two types of workplace motivation?

When you enter your practical life and job-hunting stage, you are already aware of what has forced you to be where you are at the given time. Furthermore, you also know why you really want it. The 2 types of motivation for the workplace are income and experience. As you become more mature, you can understand how having professional expertise and earning your money is essential. 

Being a professional, you learn many other lessons and skills that might help you later in your life and professional role. On the other hand, having a handsome income can help you support your living. 

What are the 2 types of motivation in sports?

Being a sports person, you can realize why you are on the ground and what has possibly prompted you to be this far. Nevertheless, the two primary motivations for athletes are securing trophies and strengthening their physical potential. While trophies are connected with external rewards, physical capabilities are more associated with inner strengths and achievement. Therefore, you can see how both kinds of motivation are essential for success.

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