Is It Ok For My Girlfriend To Hit Me?

“Is it ok for my girlfriend to hit me?” Even though relationships might be challenging, it is never okay for your girlfriend to hit you. Consider your options carefully as it is a major warning sign.

In this article, we’ll talk about why she does it and how to react. Continue reading to learn more.

Consider the conditions of her abuse on you. Is the environment friendly or hostile? If your partner is playing with or teasing you, she might hit you. Some people choose to hurt someone in order to show their love for them. There is no premeditated evil. They don’t appear to be experiencing any unfavorable feelings. But that does not oblige you to support it.

It’s not okay if they hit you, even if they didn’t mean to, and you feel awkward or injured. They ought to be able to tell when you’re uneasy and quit right away.

When your girlfriend strikes you with the obvious intent to hurt you, it is violent. Whatever you did to upset her, employing physical force in this circumstance is never appropriate. 

Reasons Why Women Hit Men 

Let’s look at some of the possible reasons for her hitting you.

As an expression of negative emotions

As a way to express unpleasant feelings like hate, anger, or disappointment, many women hit their lovers. Your partner, who has a fiery temper, can attack you if her emotions get the better of her. She might not even be aware that she is feeling dreadful things if she has a history of abuse. In the event that your partner has PTSD and/or anxiety, she can struggle to maintain emotional control.

Anxiety and PTSD frequently present with anger as a symptom. It’s essential to keep in mind that domestic violence doesn’t just refer to physical assault. Abuse on both a verbal and an emotional level is harmful. Talk to your partner about getting professional help if she exhibits any abusive personality traits.

She is naturally aggressive

According to studies, people who are born with certain hormone excesses or deficits may struggle with mental health issues that make it difficult for them to control their urges. Encourage your girlfriend to go to the doctor.  The solution might be as straightforward as controlling the body’s pH levels through dietary changes, nutritional supplements, or a mix of the two.

Some women hit men out of jealousy

Some women hurt their lovers out of jealousy and possessiveness. They feel they must correct their partners because they don’t want them to show interest in other women. After all, jealousy is a powerful feeling that may quickly consume a person. If your girlfriend hit you out of jealousy, she probably struggles with anxiety, low self-esteem, and a sense of being unworthy. She shouldn’t be envious, hitting you is bad, and you should tell her to see a professional for treatment.

She doesn’t respect you

When someone hurts you, you feel vulnerable and less worthwhile. Your partner doesn’t respect your ideas, downplays your achievements, and could care less how it makes you feel. She was incapable of valuing you as a person or respecting your boundaries. Everyone, including you and your relationship, should learn to set up appropriate emotional boundaries. Hitting, scratching, and pinching involve more than just blatant disrespect for another person’s personal space. Comparable circumstances demonstrate that the woman disrespects you.

She has been abused

One of the most common reasons why women abuse men are past trauma. If a woman has experienced abuse at the hands of a former spouse, she might not have the coping mechanisms to deal with anger and conflict without using force. As a reenactment of an abusive relationship they have previously experienced, some women may act out against their present boyfriend. If your girlfriend has a history of abusing you, you should let her know that hitting you won’t make things better. Encourage her to seek out therapy so that she can discover efficient methods for managing her anger.

She uses abuse to control you

She might have picked up this behavior pattern in the past, as was already discussed, or she might have seen it somewhere and adopted it. In any event, attempting to contain your fury is a pretty bad idea. She must maintain her position of power over you no matter what. The control, which might have been subtle at first, is now unpleasant and obvious. She might hit you because she worries about losing control and believes that hitting you would help.

What Should I Do If My Girlfriend Hits Me?

Let’s examine your options and what you should do:

Talk to her

When you’ve given yourself some space and given things some serious thought, it’s time to speak with her. Approach the discussion with maturity and compassion for her. If she starts to attack, don’t question and yell at her further to provoke her. When she attacks you, tell her to make you feel weak, unpleasant, and uneasy. It would be better if you expressed your true emotions to her.

There might be a silver lining if she acknowledges her mistake, demonstrates empathy and extends a real apology. A sincere apology shows that the offender is prepared to stand by their words and accept responsibility for their actions.

Understand why your girlfriend is angry

Despite the fact that it can seem clear, you need to know what enraged your partner. Numerous factors, including a recent distressing experience, a rough upbringing, or feeling out of control in her life, might affect one’s level of anger. You won’t be able to support your girlfriend if you don’t know what enraged her. Try to understand why she is angry so you can be there for her.

Reevaluate your relationship

You don’t have to tolerate your girlfriend’s terrible behavior just because you love her. Analyze her behavior and the justifications she provided for hitting you. Do you believe this was a one-time occurrence or will it continue? Consider your entire relationship as you travel back in time.

Consider your shared experiences as well as the importance of your relationship to you. It’s crucial to consider how you want your relationship to develop over time. It’s crucial to sometimes listen to our hearts and the voice within us that leads us. Accept your gut feelings. Use your intuition to help you reach the best decision.

Seek professional help if needed

It’s critical to keep in mind that not all rage is negative. In actuality, it is necessary for your survival. Having said that, it’s time to get professional assistance if your girlfriend’s anger is having a bad impact on both of your lives.  If anger is not controlled, it can be dangerous. It might make your girlfriend hostile, push people away, and create chaos. The best way for her to control and manage her anger is to seek counseling.

The Bottom Line 

It is always appropriate to talk about the issues in a failing relationship in an effort to fix them. Relationship issues cannot be resolved by punching or kicking. 

Talk to your girlfriend about this if you want to keep dating her. If you have a mental illness, get therapy; if not, talk to a relationship therapist about the problem.

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