How to Use Your Pain as Motivation?

Remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel. No matter how painful and miserable your life is, a few things prompt you to bring that change. And pain is no exception. Let’s learn how to use your pain as motivation.

Some people even that pain is a positive force behind every new challenge, a new beginning, and life-changing event.

Today you might feel low and unhappy, but tomorrow your pain can become your strength and reason to bring positive changes in your life.

Pain as a Motivator

One of the most important lessons life can teach you is how to use your pain as a motivator. Surprisingly, pain that can deprive a person of energy and excitement can also be the force to achieve them.

It means we can use our emotional pain as a motivator if we wish to bring a change in our lives. It is very different than avoidance motivation.

The following points will help you teach how pain can be a gain.

Learn how to overcome your pain

You Learn to Move on 

There are numerous ways to stay motivated in life. If you lack the reason and power to remain motivated, focus on your pain and suffering. They might motivate and help you end your suffering and work on things that can lead you to success and achievements. 

You Become Mentally Strong

Pain can be used as a fuel for recovery if your mind does not fall victim to it. When you overlook the negative and start focusing on the positive, you train yourself to become mentally strong. Hence, you can combat the force that can stop you from moving further.

It Teaches you Important Lessons.

Have you ever considered pain and pleasures as motivators? We might have seen pleasure as the force of pain, but pain works differently for everyone. People who wish to bring a positive change in their lives take lessons from their miseries and loss and use their pain as motivators. Ultimately, they turn their weakness into their strength. 

How to Use Your Pain as Motivation?

About time you convert your wishes into doings.

If you genuinely want to put yourself at ease, then you must want to know how to use your pain as motivation. We have compiled some tips for your help. Have a look below:

Setting A Goal is Important

What do you think of emotional pain as a motivator? If we use our pain as a source of motivation or change, we can achieve success soon. However, the action starts with setting some goals. And goals can help us remain on track. This works very well for athletes looking for motivation.

Comprehend Your Situation

Do not let your pain hold you back. Instead, use it as a motivation to move forward in life. After setting a goal, you need to pen down the things that need improvement. And it can only be possible if you comprehend your situation and shortlist the areas of improvement.

Prepare Yourself for a Change 

Not all people welcome change easily. Some people take time to make themselves prepare for something new. Hence, making a change requires a person to prepare themselves for that. 

Make A Plan

Having a plan in mind can help you achieve your goals quickly. If you are not aware of your steps, you can lose track quickly. Therefore, making a plan is necessary. 

Maintain Consistency

Consistency is the key to success. No matter your goals, if you can not stick to your goals, you can be distracted easily.

Remind Yourself 

Once a person realizes that they can use pain and pleasures as motivators, nothing can stop them. But if you lack consistency, you can not achieve your desired result. Therefore, it is necessary to stick to your goals by reminding yourself.

How is Motivation Important in Our Lives?

You may start a project today, but you can not achieve your desired goal if you lack sufficient motivation to keep yourself on track. Motivation forces a person to remain dedicated to their goals and objectives. It is a pathway that leads us to our final destination. Motivation not only creates a sense of purpose but also improves our performance.  

Whether the change you wish is small or large, your continuous effort paired with consistent motivation can turn impossible into possible. Therefore, if you aspire to achieve something, take a step now, invest your time and energy, and witness the results. In a nutshell, planning on something is not enough. Your efforts and motivation are equally important. So what are you waiting for? Take your first step today and jump on the aforementioned techniques on how to use your pain as motivation.


1. Why is pain and gain a powerful motivator?

As the name suggests, pain and gain are the motivating force that enables a person to use pain as their pathway to life-changing events.

2. Are you motivated by pain or pleasure?

Yes. When I feel pleasure, I use it as my motivation to achieve more happy moments. On the other hand, when I feel sad, I make it my strength rather than allowing it to harm me. 

3. How do I make myself have the motivation?

To feel motivated, a person must fight their inner demon, which stops them from moving on in their lives. You have to prepare yourself and change your mindset to achieve good things in life. 

4. How do you associate pain and pleasure?

Pain makes a person feel sad, whereas pleasure makes a person happy and satisfied. Although both the emotions are opposite, they can be associated if you use one to achieve the other. You can use pain as your strength to overcome the negative emotions that stop you from moving forward in your life and achieving better things.

5. Are pain and pleasure the same?

No. Pain and pleasure are the opposite of each other. The former is a negative emotion, and the latter is a positive one. 

6. Is pain a good motivator

Pain has proven to be a good motivator since it has the strength to empower people toward bringing positive changes and outcomes.

7. What are some of the disadvantages of emotional pain

People who cannot cope with emotional pain can become victims to further miseries and life-threatening health conditions. For instance, they can feel more ambitionless, less energetic, and more stressed.

8. Why is emotional pain necessary in life?

Emotional pain can sometimes teach us better life lessons. However, the strength of using your pain as your inspiration depends on your will. If you use your pain as a motivator, you can witness positive outcomes.

Pain is one of the disturbing emotions that can have a strong and negative impact on our lives. If a person continues to mourn for a more extended period, they can suffer from disastrous mental health disorders. As a result, they can feel more lethargic, disinterested, and ambitionless. On the other hand, those who use their pain as a motivator can combat every negative effect that might harm them. We hope this article has helped you learn different ways to stay motivated in life.

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