How to get motivated to clean when overwhelmed by mess

Are you feeling low today? Or it’s one of the days when you do not feel like doing anything? Relax! I understand that sometimes even minimal chores feel like a very challenging or backbreaking task. And I have heard many people worrying about how to get motivated to clean when overwhelmed by the mess. Luckily, we have you covered.

If you have too much on your plate with other chores and have no motivation to clean or do anything, looking after the chores might feel more daunting. Read this post to know how you can get motivated to get rid of the laziness holding you back. 

How to Get Motivated to Clean When Overwhelmed by Mess?

Are you ready for a quick fix? Or do you still need some motivation to get started? So if you have been wondering how to get motivated to clean when overwhelmed by mess, our list of helpful tips will help you throw your laziness away.

Take One Step at a Time

‘My house is so cluttered I don’t know where to start. I have heard many people talking about this. My secret recipe to this query is taking baby steps. I believe that if you manage one thing at a time and do not overburden yourself, you can eliminate the feelings of anger and frustration associated with most chores. 

Add Some Fun Elements to your Daily Routine

How to get motivated to clean when depressed? I often get this question, and I say one thing every time. Do something you love because it holds the power to bring out the positive energies that help you stay on the right track. 

Many embrace music, and there is no denying that it is therapeutic. If you play music along while doing your daily chores, you can boost your motivation and excitement since it helps in adding some fun elements to a dull task. 

Declutter When Feeling Overwhelmed

Have you filled your house with so much clutter? Keeping useless items in the house is another reason the house gets messed up easily and why you feel overwhelmed while looking at the mess. If you remove unnecessary things from your home, you will get lesser things to look after. Hence, cleaning feels much more effortless.

Take Short Breaks

If you have no motivation to clean or do anything, I can suggest that you take short and frequent breaks after each task. Taking breaks can help you relax and gather your energy to get back on your duty. While you perform your next task, you can feel more motivated and energized. 

Reward Yourself

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about how to get motivated to clean a messy house, rewarding oneself after completing a task can help a person regain their lost motivation, set their daily routines, and manage their chores accordingly. After accomplishing them, do something that makes you content–for instance, having meals or enjoying a ‘me-time’ in bed.

Ponder Over Your Key Motivators

If a task or chore irritates you and you do not feel motivated to perform them, you can think about how completing them can benefit you. You can also think about why you should perform your chores. Suppose your house is messed up and your guest shows up. Would you feel embarrassed? I can assure you that thinking about such circumstances can motivate you to clean your home right away. 

Think About Long-Term Aspects

If you ignore your house chores today, they will become a burden in the future. Therefore, sorting things right away should be preferred. 


How do you start cleaning when you are overwhelmed?

Whenever I feel demotivated, I tell myself that if I am not going to do this today, it will be a burden for me tomorrow. This quick realization can even help you complete things when you feel overwhelmed. 

How do I get motivated to clean a messy house?

If you have no motivation to clean or do anything, you have lost your energy and spirit. And to get them back, you can do things that make you glad and high-spirited–for instance, you can talk to your favorite person, watch your favorite movie, have your favorite food, or visit your favorite spot.

Doing things that can positively change your mood can aid you throughout your daily chores. So start your day by doing something rewarding. 

How do I stop being overwhelmed by a mess?

Emotions are a crucial aspect of human behavior and can be manipulated by positive thoughts.

Sometimes a positive change in your thought can be a better solution than bringing a positive change in your lifestyle. If you still find yourself helpless, talk to your friend and share everything haunting or disturbing you. 

How do you clean when you have no motivation?

Cleaning is a crucial part of a normal and healthy lifestyle. Therefore, we must pay special attention to cleanliness even when we feel less motivated. 

Why do I struggle to keep my house clean?

Maintaining the decorum of your house is essential since it contributes a lot to a healthier and upbeat lifestyle. You can feel more energized and vibrant when your house is clean and maintained. 

What is the fastest way to clean a big mess?

The fastest way to do it is by working on more complex tasks. When the complicated chores are completed, the other chores themselves feel less burdening. 

Why do I get angry when my house is messy?

It might be because cleaning a mess is a challenging and tiring task. A person can feel easily overwhelmed when they have to invest their energies in a tiresome task. 

Cleaning your home might feel daunting and overwhelming today, but if you make a habit of cleaning your home daily with the same spirit, I assure you that you can master what might haunt you today.

Hopefully, my tips on getting motivated to clean a messy house while overwhelmed have helped you find your lost energies.

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