Can A Narcissist Be Faithful?

Can a narcissist be faithful? People with narcissistic personality disorder are more likely to be unfaithful because they are unlikely to love anyone as much as they love themselves.

They lack empathy and have no sense of guilt. Additionally, they do not care about their partner’s feelings. They are not concerned about getting caught because they know they will lie their way out of it. Narcissists will be content in a relationship if they have a steady supply of attention. When they feel like they are not getting the attention they deserve, they become depressed and seek it elsewhere. When a narcissist meets someone on a night out who feeds their ego, they will have a fling with that person to fulfill their demands for attention.

If you are in a relationship with a narcissist, you are taking on too much and are bound to walk away with a broken heart. There are reasons why a narcissist cannot be faithful.

Why A Narcissist Cannot Be Faithful?

The following reasons should answer your question ‘can a narcissist be faithful?’

They are devoid of empathy.

The capacity for empathy allows one to understand and empathize with the feelings of others. It involves putting yourself in another person’s shoes and observing things from their point of view.

In addition to feeling the same sorrow as others, an empathic person tries to lessen their suffering. To care for one another, humans must all have empathy. Empathy comes in different degrees for different people, but narcissists don’t have it. They are therefore unconcerned with their partner’s feelings.

They care about fulfilling their narcissistic supply only.

Narcissists frequently cheat to fulfill their narcissistic supply. They will go above and beyond to obtain continual attention, whether it’s because they don’t get enough of it from you or they simply have terrible impulse control. When they are short on their narcissistic supply, they become depressed and no longer appreciate the things they used to. The narcissist starts to have tremendous mood swings and even acts violently. The narcissist seeks out an affair during this period. Usually not because they are intensely drawn to the person. They are seeing, but rather because they need more supply.

They’ll be faithful if you put them above everyone else.

People with narcissistic tendencies may rarely remain faithful to you, but you must put them first. These narcissists are less likely to engage in cheating behavior if you are entirely focused on their narcissistic partner and prioritize their wants over your own which is bad for your well-being.

They are entitled.

Narcissists require frequent affirmation to serve as a constant reminder that they are special because they believe they entitle to anything they desire. They take advantage of people for this reason without caring about their welfare. The world owes them the things they want, according to narcissists. Whatever they desire. Adulation, focus, achievement, or recognition, they anticipate receiving because they feel they are entitled to it.

They require constant affirmation.

Narcissists indeed demand allegiance. They require your constant affirmation. Otherwise, they can start acting in an unfaithful manner. They nearly never receive appreciation from their lover in return, and their romantic relationships are never one-sided.

They are not loyal.

Narcissists frequently question the commitment of the person they are dating because they are scared of betrayal, shame, and abandonment. They are unable to reciprocate the same loyalty from others that they want. When it comes down to it, the narcissist would sell his mother to acquire what he wanted, therefore remaining faithful by not betraying their partner is like trying to suck the blood out of a stone.

They don’t understand true love.

A narcissistic partner essentially has no concept of what true love is. Numerous narcissists struggle to find romantic relationships. Simply put, some of them don’t even want to fall in love. They desire independence and the freedom to live their lives as they see fit.

They don’t care about any rules.

Narcissists lack the concern for morals and willingness to do whatever it takes to succeed.

Wining is their top priority. They don’t give a damn about being fair in any way. Additionally, they defend their unethical actions by claiming that they are built differently.

They are manipulative.

Narcissists are dishonest and manipulative. It is well known that narcissistic individuals frequently lie to and cheat in their relationships. So don’t expect your narcissistic boyfriend to apologize if you catch them with another lady. They’re more inclined to try to manipulate you and lie to you to get out of that awkward situation.

They gaslight you.

Narcissists frequently trick their relationships with lies. By manipulating you, they can have complete power over you and force you to do whatever they want. Therefore, a narcissist will rarely, if ever, admit cheating if you accuse them of doing so. They’ll accuse you of cheating so easily and right away that you won’t know how to respond.

They have low self-esteem.

It’s important to recognize that low self-esteem and a negative self-image are at the root of narcissistic personality disorder. Narcissistic individuals are hollow on the inside, insecure, and fixated on how other people view them. Because of this, they’ll lie, cheat, and do whatever it takes to appear better than they are.

They’ll accuse you of being a cheater.

A narcissist will retaliate when they feel intimidated or attacked. As a result, if you accuse them of cheating, they would likely counter-accuse you and make a huge issue out of it. This is a sort of emotional abuse that can seriously harm your mental well-being.

The Bottom Line

‘Can a narcissist be faithful?’ is a question that often people ask when they notice narcissistic tendencies in their partner and suspect their fidelity. 

The truth is that majority of narcissists are unable to sincerely love their partners. They are incapable of loving another person because they are so selfish and emotionally immature. Narcissists rarely have happy, fulfilling relationships, yet they occasionally stay with their spouses for months or even years. They only care about fulfilling their narcissistic supply, earning their due attention, and meeting their own needs. A relationship with a narcissist is bound to end up in heartbreak.

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