A List Of Good Things

What is a list of good things? You can also call it a list of things you are grateful for. Contrary to the modern concept of good things that include financial luxury, designer products, and social prestige – as shown on social media – Furthermore, a list of things tends to comprise things that money cannot buy. These tend to be priceless assets.

A list of good things defines the quality of your life.

So, what exactly is a list of good things? It looks different for everyone in the world.

But, here are some of the things people have reported to bring ultimate happiness in their life

  • Having a loving and supportive family.
  • Friends who always have your back.
  • Meeting the love of your life.
  • Someone who believes in your goals.
  • Someone who never gives up on you.
  • Possessing a positive outlook.
  • Laughter and humor.
  • Someone to encourage you.
  • A healthy relationship with both of your parents.
  • When you tell your partner, you love them for the first time.
  • When your partner tells you, they love you back.
  • Reminiscing fun high school memories
  • A relaxing Sunday.
  • Feeling like you belong.
  • A nap that leaves you well rested.
  • Getting a warm, fuzzy feeling upon gazing at someone you care about.
  • Learning a valuable lesson from a difficult time in life.
  • Spending time with your loved ones.
  • Having people who appreciate you.
  • Having someone pay close attention to you.
  • Respecting others and being respected.
  • A heartfelt apology (stay away from fauxpology).
  • Letting go of grudges for peace of mind.
  • Preparing a meal with your spouse.
  • Hugs and kisses.
  • Holding hands with your significant other.
  • Your pet expresses its love and devotion for you.
  • Being able to wake up every morning.
  • Being and feeling healthy.
  • The comforting warmth of a smile.
  • The fragrance of freshly mowed grass.
  • Witnessing a sunrise or sunset.
  • Listening to the smashing of waves on a beach.
  • Listening to the sound of falling rain.
  • Reuniting with an old friend.
  • Jumping in a pool of cool water on a hot day.
  • The sight of flowers in bloom.
  • The thrill of your loved one’s birthday, wedding, graduation day, etc.
  • Receiving an unexpected compliment.
  • Gaining new knowledge.
  • Take a bubble bath.
  • Passing a test you worked tirelessly for.

thus, the list goes on and on.

List of Good Things in Life

list of good things in life

Have you ever wondered about the good things that happen in life for all of us? Can you make a list of good things to be grateful for? Collectively?


Everyone defines success differently. But one thing is sure, regardless of who you are, your aim, or how you define success: a healthy body and mind are essential if you want to live a truly fulfilled life. It is vital to not take good health for granted and to provide your body with the nutrition it requires through a well-balanced diet and regular physical activity. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle benefits your overall health.


Since your family is the one to whom you can turn in times of joy and sadness. Your family will always guide and support you and assist you in learning and growing as a person. Family members’ love is unconditional, and you should not take it for granted. Additionally, you can communicate with them, cry in front of them, and burst out laughing.


You share the best and worst bits of your life with your friends. When you need to chat about personal difficulties, your friends are there to listen. They help you deal with difficult situations and encourage you to make healthier lifestyle choices. True friends may be challenging to find, but most people will have a few trusted friends on whom they can rely.


The person experiences love in various ways. He holds to love and affection within you for your family, friends, and your spouse. A person may love his career, and that drives him to grow professionally.

Furthermore, you may love indulging in your interest, hobbies, and extracurricular activities that enhance the quality of your life. You may travel to a new city or country and fall in love with the local culture, cuisine, attire, and way of life.


Having a strong sense of purpose drives you to accomplish everything from short-term goals to long-term milestones. Not having a purpose can significantly decrease the quality of your life and make you prone to anxiety and boredom. Your purpose challenges you to work hard in life and helps you get out of your comfort zone.


Does thinking about your purpose in life not make you excited about accomplishing it? It is because, along with passion, your aspirations, dreams, and hopes in life. When you are passionate about something, you will work hard to obtain it. Passion looks different for everyone; some people are enthusiastic about giving back to society, while others are passionate about making money. Just be sure that your passion is for a worthy cause and that it offers delight to others and yourself.

Hard work

It is difficult to accomplish anything in life without putting in consistent hard work. The more determined you are to achieve a goal and the more effort you chip in to make it come true, the more opportunities you open up for yourself. Hard work enables you to find various new approaches to tackling a problem. It helps you to take charge and overcome uncertainties in life.


It refers to your thirst for new knowledge and your desire to educate yourself. Increased knowledge and improved education come not only from sitting in the classroom in some expensive universities. You can read a book, watch a documentary, listen to a podcast, and hang out with people you deem more knowledgeable than you.

Difficult Times

Being in a difficult situation is not very appealing, but it helps you learn a lot in life. Often a tough time in your life enables you to decipher your purpose and goal and motivates you to work hard to accomplish your goal. Be grateful for a challenging time in your life because it taught you lessons you couldn’t learn otherwise.


Time is valuable and invaluable. Building healthy habits and structuring your everyday activities is essential when you are better aware of time. You can accomplish activities that will help you improve while also making time for family, friends, and hobbies.

List of Good Things about a Person

list of good things about a person

Have you ever compiled a list of good things about yourself? Here are some of the positive traits you must have noticed in yourself.


Empathy allows you to understand other people’s motives better, wants, and feelings. When you are empathetic, it lets you focus on someone else’s needs, struggles, and emotions, whether for your colleagues, family, or friends. It requires you to open your heart to them and prioritize their needs over your own.


Being open to the unfathomable workings of your mind means seeing what is or might be plainly in your mind’s eye. If you are intuitive, you can make connections between seemingly disconnected data without putting in conscious effort to do so. It helps you in your decision-making skills.


Being creative allows your intuition to open up possibilities to you. It helps you attain a flow in which your mind is more focused than at any other time. When you create, you integrate all of the ideas you’ve gathered from various sources, and those inputs miraculously fall into place, becoming a unified wholeness.


You are a passionate person, and your passion helps you stay focused on your goals, enables you to complete tasks and take risks when necessary, and allows you to fulfill your dream.


It is good to enjoy learning and growing. You learn by reading and asking questions, but actual experiences teach you the most. You frequently learn from your mistakes, and life-long learning necessitates the courage to continue taking chances.


Anyone who has effective listening skills pays attention to what people say and how they say it. You focus not just on their words but also their ideas. It keeps you from getting into misunderstandings and miscommunication.


You meet your obligations. When you promise to do something, you ensure to fulfill it. But you also know when to say no because you don’t want to overcommit yourself. You may be in circumstances that keep you from keeping your promise.


You are honest and transparent with others. You have an excellent moral compass and are brave enough to do the right thing regardless of the repercussions.


You persevere through challenges while being true to your convictions. You are not scared to speak out and share your thoughts, especially when you’re the lone voice representing user experience.


You are aware of your strengths and flaws. You recognize what you still need to learn because you deeply reflect on your ideas, feelings, motives in relationships with others, and what is going on in your life.

List of Good Things in the World

Can you make a list of good things that occur in your community or the world? So, Here are some good things that have happened in the world.

Increase in Electricity Coverage

Since electricity coverage increased from 75% to 85% between 1994 and 2014. Renewable energy usage has increased by 209% in the recent decade.

Scientific Research

The number of scientific articles published increased from 119 to 2,550,000 between 1665 and 2016. Today’s global scientific output doubles every nine years on average.

Disease Immunization

Since 1980, the proportion of 1-year-olds who receive at least one immunization per year has increased from 22% to 88%, expediting the process of polio eradication.

Elimination of Malaria in China

Since China reported 30 million malaria cases per year in the 1940s. WHO declared China malaria-free in 2021 after China said four consecutive years of zero malaria cases in 2020.

New Software Aids Fighting Sexual Abuse

The team at the Internet Watch Foundation rebuilt their software so that the data that helps law enforcement to track down sexual abusers is relevant to their localities. Now they can quickly more severe images and bring abusers to justice.

Global Literacy Rate

The world’s literacy rate has increased to 85% from 10% in the 1800s.

Female Literacy Rate

Female students enrolled in elementary school in the United States went from 65% in 1970 to 90% in 2015.

Bee Populations Remained the Same

According to Netherlands’ national bee consensus in 2021, the urban bee population remained stable over the past few years due to reasons ranging from hollowed-out plants that acted as bee hotels to a ban on toxic pesticides.

Plastic Pollution Tracking Drones

Ellipsis Earth is a UK-based startup that tracks and locates the exact origin of plastic pollution.

Rodents’ Demonstration of Environmental Activism

Population capybaras, the world’s largest rodents, reclaimed their territory in Buenos Aires.

Take Away

Consequently, Everyone has a unique list of good things in life. People are grateful for various things in their lives. But the one thing common on everyone’s list is that it is priceless. Hence, one cannot trade it for money.


What are good things about life?

So, these are some of them:


To live a genuinely fulfilled life, you must have a healthy body and mind. It is critical not to take your health for granted and to take care of your body.


Your family will always be there to guide and encourage you as you learn and grow as a person. Additionally, you can talk to them, cry in front of them, and laugh with them.


You tell your friends about the good and bad times in your life. They support you through life’s challenging events and inspire you to live a better lifestyle.


Love can be felt in a variety of ways. You have feelings of love and affection for your family, friends, and spouse. Subsequently, you may enjoy your job, your interests, and your hobbies.


When you have a strong desire for something, you work hard to get it. Everyone defines passion differently; some individuals are enthusiastic about giving back to society, while others are eager to make money.

Hard work

The more committed you are to achieving a goal and the more effort you put forth to make it a reality, the more possibilities become available to you.


You can gain knowledge by doing more than just sitting in a classroom at an expensive university. Furthermore, you can read a book, see a documentary, listen to a podcast, and socialize with people you consider more intelligent than you.

Difficult Times

A difficult period in your life allows you to discern your purpose and goals and pushes you to work hard to achieve them.


When you value time, you may accomplish tasks that help you progress while also creating time for family, friends, and hobbies.

Are the best things in life free?

Consequently, spending time with your family, and friends, receiving a hug from a loved one, recommending your favorite book or song to your best friend, loving the work you get to do for a living, and cooking for your spouse all make it to the list of best things in the world. These are all free. So, yes, all the best things in life are free.

What are the 5 things you value most in life?

Health, family, community, time, and love are usually the top five things people value the most in life. These all factors are equally important.

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