What To Do If My Girlfriend Hates Me?

Relationships can be challenging to navigate. As plain as the sensations of love is to see, unrequited love can be just as obvious. It is also an unpleasant experience. It can be frustrating and confusing if you’ve noticed a shift in your girlfriend’s behavior around you. Whether it’s in how she talks, interacts, or otherwise, especially when you’re uncertain of the causes behind her changed behavior. Do you ever wonder ‘what to do if my girlfriend hates me?’

This article lists signs that help you figure out how your girlfriend’s feelings for you may be shifting and what you can do to strengthen the bond with your girlfriend to help you fix your relationship.

Signs Your Girlfriend Hates You

Restricted communication.

You might talk to your girlfriend a lot throughout the day, exchanging banalities about the weather, what you had for lunch, and your plans for the evening. Regardless of how frequently they occur, these dialogues may begin to seem like a responsibility shared by two historical parties. Or the communication can start to dry up. You might, for instance, worry every day about whether or not your girlfriend will call you back or respond to your text.

You’re constantly at odds.

Your girlfriend always finds a reason to be angry with you over something you did or didn’t do. You probably fight all the time, or you can never manage to do anything right in her eyes. No matter how hard you try to patch things up, if your relationship is constantly tense, it may be a sign that your girlfriend hates you.

Lack of interest.

Her disinterest may not necessarily be obvious in her words or tone, instead, it may be evident in her body language. She might try to pull away when you offer her a hug or cuddle at night, exhibiting how she truly feels about you.

These feelings can also appear more subtly, such as when she rolls her eyes during chats. Withdraws when you try to hold hands in public or otherwise have a contemptuous expression on her face.

You spend very little time together.

Though it’s healthy to have some space between you and your partner, hardly spending any time together is concerning. Your girlfriend may be actively choosing to spend time apart from you if she is always coming up with reasons why she can’t hang out with you or if her Instagram stories are full of events you weren’t invited to or even know about.

What Can You Do About It?

If your girlfriend hates you, your relationship may be on the verge of falling apart. Here’s what you can do to fix your relationship:

Think of yourself from her position.

Being compassionate, loving, and empathetic to her is sometimes all she requires. Simply have a conversation with her. By talking to her, you will be able to find out what she’s going through. She is probably dealing with a stressful work situation or family issues. A conversation will also offer her room to be herself. Give you a chance to make her feel more appreciated and understood in your relationship. Taking a step back and attempting to see things from her perspective can be helpful. Any relationship, especially one you want to continue for a long period, benefits from having empathy.

Reflect on yourself.

Maybe you should start with yourself. Do you think you need to fix your behavior? Have you consistently ignored her complaints about a particular issue? Perhaps your girlfriend misses some of the efforts you put in at the beginning of your relationship. Whatever the case, a little introspection can reveal the reason for your girlfriend’s annoyance with you and may provide an easy guide to resolving the situation.


Apologizing and admitting you were wrong can help your girlfriend feel validated in her feelings, making her more likely to agree to talk to you. Accepting that you are mistaken and taking responsibility for your actions is one of the first steps toward a healthy relationship. After you’ve apologized, see if she’ll talk to you. You should not force her to talk, but rather show her that you are willing to listen to her concerns and collaborate with her to find a solution. Sometimes people believe that their partner despises them when, in reality, the partner simply feels ignored. Communication that is open and honest is essential in any relationship.

Attend counseling.

If you don’t know what’s wrong or what to do about the problems you’re having, or if you’re upset about the state of your relationship, counseling might be a good idea. Going to an unbiased source or a relationship expert can help you improve and protect your relationship. A counselor can assist you in working through your relationship issues in a healthier manner by providing you with tools and methods for approaching and resolving conflicts. Many times, a troubled relationship requires a fresh perspective on how to deal with conflicts.

Concentrate on yourself.

While making every effort to improve your relationship is admirable, knowing when to end a relationship may be the best thing for you and your partner. If communication, apologizing, counseling, and other measures fail to improve your interactions with your girlfriend, it may be time to move on. In such situations, it is crucial to prioritize your happiness and well-being in order to prepare for the next happier, healthier relationship.

The Ending Note

Your partner not loving you anymore can be a distressing experience, especially when you are still in love with them. Understand the underlying reasons why your partner may have grown to hate you. Your behavior, lack of communication, and not feeling understood and appreciated may be some of the root causes of your girlfriend’s dislike for you.

Lastly, recognize and accept your differences. Because no couple has everything in common, embrace your differences and watch your relationship thrive. If you and your girlfriend simply cannot get along, go to counseling. Consider ending the relationship if nothing works. You cannot force a relationship.

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