Types Of Spiritual Eyes

This blog article will explain what spiritual eyes are, what types of spiritual eyes exist, and how to open spiritual eyes. So let us read.

We observe dreams with spiritual eyes; our bodily self is not present, but our intellect and soul are. We frequently see sights that we may label as illusions or hallucinations, but have you ever considered that there may be some truth to them? What about some more logic and truth?

Only a pure heart filled with God’s love is capable of receiving spiritual eyes. The spiritual eyes are the soul’s eyes. You believe in things that the material world cannot explain, such as angels, heavens, hell, the devil, and so on.

The spiritual eye refers to the image or scene generated in our minds’ eyes straight from God. You can perceive the invisible with spiritual sight.

What Are Spiritual Eyes?

The ability to sense (or see) spiritual reality is referred to as spiritual eyes. When God opened the eyes of Elisha’s servant above, he saw angels all around them. These angels were constantly around, but his physical sight was incapable of seeing them. God supernaturally granted his physical sight the ability to see and KNOW that these angels were present.

Spiritual seeing is the perception of spiritual objects via spiritual eyes. Our hearts are the eyes that allow us to see spiritual things: we see spiritual things via our hearts. God can offer us spiritual vision in a variety of ways (eyes), such as spiritually opening our physical eyes via prophetic visions, dreams, or revelation.

Where Is the Spiritual Eye Located?

You may have heard it referred to as the “third eye” or “sixth chakra” in yoga classes, and it is positioned between the brows, or more accurately, immediately behind that location inside the brain. When we concentrate on this spot during meditation, we raise our consciousness and feel more uplifted.

Types of Spiritual Eyes

Have you ever had a point of view, a person, or an identity that you couldn’t describe to anyone? We’ve all had countless dreams, so how do we perceive a dream? Not with our eyes open. So, what do we see and how do we see it? All of these questions are explained by the idea of spiritual sight. External, internal, and auditory spiritual sight are the three types of spiritual eyes.

External Spiritual Sight

A person can see another entity or spirit or have a vision of an angel or demon through this form of spiritual sight. An angel or even Jesus might be a spirit entity. Watching an external vision evolve is similar to watching a movie.

An angel came in Acts 10:3 while Cornelius was praying and fasting; this is an example of external spiritual sight.

While fasting, Peter had an open vision that revealed that Jesus and the Gospel were also for the Gentiles. Following that vision, Peter was supernaturally brought to Caesarea, where Cornelius and his entire household were baptized and received the Holy Spirit.

Internal Spiritual Sight

Internal spiritual sight refers to the ability to perceive spiritual creatures or pictures in one’s “mind’s eye.”

In internal spiritual sight, a person visualizes other spiritual entities in his mind’s eye. That is, he may have a notion while God is indicating something to him. He informs us that something good or terrible will happen.

The Lord shows the prophet a basket of fruit in Amos 8:1. Amos appears to be having a discussion with God within his thoughts. The Lord asks Amos what he sees, and then the Lord interprets the fruit for him. God will often communicate to you in the stillness between your thoughts.

Auditory Spiritual Sight

As the name implies, we hear God’s message in the form of ideas, intuition, or dreams via auditory spiritual sight. We all get gut feelings from time to time. That is how auditory spiritual vision works.

Auditory spiritual sight is when we hear things from God spiritually through our intuition, thoughts, or dreams. This is seen when God summons Samuel. God may be calling your name as well. We must sometimes be silent to hear God’s voice.

It appears difficult, but it is not. As already indicated, always seek God’s interpretation. When God begins to show you images or visions or dreams, attempt to identify a Bible verse that corresponds to what you are seeing.

What Does Bible Say About Spiritual Eyes?

  • Only God can provide spiritual sight and undivided hearts. Only He can make deaf ears hear, blind eyes see, dead taste buds yearn, and unyielding hearts soften. Ezekiel 11:19; 36:26
  • I beg that the eyes of your heart be opened to see what the hope of His calling is, what the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints are, and what the exceeding greatness of His power toward us who believe. 1 Thessalonians 1:18-19

How To Open Spiritual Eyes?

Different religions have demonstrated many routes that will bring you to spirituality and awaken your spiritual eyes. It all comes down to your faith and confidence.


All religions, including Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, and Sikhism, recognize this path. Meditation is less difficult. You must spend some time alone in quiet, communicating with God and your inner self. Meditation can help you purify your spirit and fill your heart with the love of God. To ease tension, you can combine meditation with breathing yoga.


God is worshipped differently in different religions. Whatever religion you practice, learn and worship with your heart. With God’s help, you will achieve righteousness and spiritual vision.

The Ending Note 

As you discover your actual self, the experience of gaining spiritual eyes is incredibly soul-satisfying. The bond with God grows stronger. You also receive righteousness in life. God constantly wants us to take the correct path and broaden our spiritual horizons. The devil is the one who holds us back. Anyone with a pure heart and real dedication might pray to God to open his spiritual sight. This is God’s amazing gift. God is constantly there in your trip to help you view with spiritual eyes. He desires that spiritual vision be a part of your life so that He can lead you every day.

With this understanding, we can define spiritual eyes and the many types of spiritual eyes. We modify the way we interact with problems by fostering spiritual traits, which leads to new patterns of behavior and transformation in our lives.

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