Types Of Spiritual Candles

Candles have a strong, guiding presence in your prayers, spiritual healing, and meditations — especially when you’re working with your aura and the Divine Light. Candles have a unique force field that is unmatched for conducting and rerouting misdirected spiritual energy. Let’s find out the types of spiritual candles in this article.

Depending on the color of the candle you use, it represents a different spiritual energy. Lighting candles is a wonderful way to aid in the meditative process.

Here is everything you need to know about spiritual candles and what each color of a candle signifies:


Red candles can be used for a variety of purposes, but red is particularly linked to emotions like lust, passion, and energy. These candles are excellent for attracting material possessions.


Yellow is a very stimulating color. It is great for bringing in focus, engaging your inner child, and accepting your flaws. It can also assist you in accepting the duality of the world because yellow will help you work with your mind and duality comes from the mind.


Orange is the color of creation, making it a great candle for fostering creativity, letting go of resentment and anger, and embracing the feminine creator present in you. An orange candle can also be used to call in new relationships, like friendships with strong emotional ties, as well as to mend the mother’s wound.


Green conjures up thoughts of growth, so if you’re looking to grow, this is a good candle color to take into account. This color is also frequently linked to money.

Light Blue

Acceptance and truth are the two frequencies of light blue. A light blue candle is a good choice if you’re working with either or both of those themes, whether you’re having trouble accepting a situation or you want to access the truth.


The color indigo, known for its deep blue, almost purple hue, is all about intuition and dispelling delusion. Using an indigo candle would be to invoke a higher frequency life purpose—things that are not only for your benefit but also have the interest of the collective in mind. It’s also a frequency of opening new doors to uplift the world in a different way or looking at the world differently.


Purple is ideal for accessing the dream world, particularly vivid dreams. Especially, if you’re looking to explore dreams or even access a cleansing frequency. It is yet another method that works well for intuition.


A pink candle is the one to choose if you’re looking for love. When it comes to true love, pink is preferable to red because the latter is more associated with lust or physical love. It depends on the type of lover you’re looking for right now, but a pink one is calling in a pure connection.


These are perfect for fresh starts and new beginnings. White candles are excellent for purifying your home. You can light new ones after purifying your home to maintain and elevate the purified energy. White is a good color to use to encourage calm and peace.


Black candles also have the protective connotation that the color black is affiliated with. You shouldn’t use them continuously but rather for a limited period to protect yourself from a particular threat, and then let it go to release the energy. Black candles are also used to break bad patterns and habits.


Consider including a gold candle in your collection if you’re looking for a high vibrational frequency. This candle can be used for a wide range of purposes because it will help magnify your intentions. To intensify things, combine gold candles with other colored candles i.e., gold and orange for a new relationship.

How Do Candles Improve Your Spiritual Practices?

Calms the active mind.

Candles help to calm the constant stream of thoughts, feelings, and to-dos by fostering a calming and relaxing environment. As a pure-scented candle’s light shines out, you can train your mind to be a watcher of the light.


An illuminated candle represents enlightenment and transience. Candles serve as a link between worlds. They are aware of the infinite, never-ending compassion while also being in the world of form.


A burning candle used in your meditation space can heighten your sense of devotion.


The act of lighting your sleep boss candles during meditation can act as an anchor, allowing you to easily enter a meditative or quiet state.

Remembrance of nature.

The flame of the candle represents the inner light. It can serve as a constant reminder of reality and everyone’s ultimate fate.

How To Perform A Candle Ceremony?

Here are some pointers on how you can perform a candle ceremony:

  • Set an intention to bring them from the mental to the physical realm, preferably in writing. Use transparent glass candles to watch the wax and flame burn, and each time you light one, say your intention aloud.
  • Sit down, get comfortable, and tap into your intuition. Call on any deities, spirits, and guides you work with.
  • Keeping your intention in mind, light a candle that corresponds to that intuition.
  • Once you are done, snuff the candle out instead of blowing them out to avoid undoing all the work you just did. Thank any guides who worked with you.

How Can You Read The Flame?

The size of the flame can reveal a lot about the amount of energy you’re using. 

A large flame indicates that the reading is extremely energizing. If it’s small, it might be a sign that you’re experiencing a “slow burn” problem that will take some time to resolve.

If a candle burns extremely quickly and clearly, there aren’t many energy blocks or limited belief systems. It may take a while to burn, which indicates that you are overcoming various obstacles to reach your intention. If the candle burns black on the clear glass, it also means that you have a lot of energy and belief systems to get past to achieve your intention.

Wax tunneling, also known as resistance, can happen when you encounter obstacles or “stuckness” on the way to your intention. If the candle wick begins splitting or moves in a particular direction, ask your guide what they’re trying to tell you.

The Ending Note 

Be sure to stock up on candles the next time you want to meditate. Make a practice area in your house where you can relax and take in the peace. Using candles and learning about their ability to change circumstances in your life is a fun process. You’ll discover that including candle work is an excellent way to support your spiritual practice.

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