Types Of Spiritual Barriers

You’ve let your heart be open. And you’ve read several books and articles. You’ve learned about divination instruments like cards and pendulums, but nothing appears to be working. Because of the spiritual barriers. There are many types of spiritual barriers, which we will discuss in detail in this article.

Perhaps you want things to happen faster. There are periods in our life when we feel completely open to the Universe, and then hard events, maybe many, occur. We roughen up to progress through these events, and when this happens, we might close down to preserve energy.

However, Spirit will call for you again, and you’ll know when it’s safe to open up again.

So, whether you want to connect with one Spirit on The Other Side and obtain confirmation that they exist, or you want to open your heart to all Spirit again, we’ll go through a few of the most frequent types of spiritual barriers in this blog.

Are you prepared to discover which, if any, spiritual barriers are preventing you from communicating with loved ones, angels, or guides on the other side?

What Are Spiritual Barriers?

Spiritual barriers are impediments in your life that are placed there by satanic agents, witches and wizards, spiritual strongmen, and ancestral powers. If you are not praying, these barriers can be quite dangerous. As a result of these spiritual hurdles, many believers today are under demonic attack. These spiritual barriers can only be overcome spiritually.

Types of Spiritual Barriers

Many of you are struggling because you have yet to identify the obstacles to your spiritual growth. Desiring spiritual progress is essential, but there are some barriers along the way. Think again if you believe your progress cannot be hampered. Several things will try to sabotage your efforts. What exactly are these things? In today’s post, we’ll look at the several types of spiritual barriers that might stifle your spiritual progress. Let’s get started.

Barrier Of Belief

We are all deserving of and capable of receiving direction from The Spiritual Realms, which are frequently referred to as the Original Language or the Primal Language in spiritual books. This language is innate in all humans.

Have you ever helped a friend and delivered the most insightful knowledge you’ve ever heard, only to quickly forget what you said and where it came from? Have you ever had the feeling that something wasn’t right or in your best interests but didn’t know why? Then, a few days later, you discovered more information about it, which confirmed why. Have you ever heard a voice in the middle of the road or been saved by Spirit and not realized it?

Believing that you can’t reach the divine or that connecting directly to Spirit is impossible might prevent you from connecting; this can manifest energetically as a locked door right above your crown chakra.

It’s also likely that other people’s remarks have shut you off, individuals who didn’t feel they could connect with you, and your energy field has become contaminated with theirs. This happens, yet Spirit never leaves. You can connect right now, but the first step is to believe that you are worthy of connecting and that this is a reality that you can achieve.

Lack Of Commitment & Inconsistency

Consistency is powerful, and sticking to a plan produces excellent outcomes. To be unconcern about one’s spiritual well-being is not something to be proud of. God is always there to love you, and He wakes you up every morning. That is a tremendous blessing! Spiritual growth can not happen by accident; you must be devoted and show up continuously.


‘Pride comes before a fall,’ as the adage goes. It causes the chest to expand as the brain and heart contract. When no one meets our standards, we are proud. We avoid seeking the Lord because we don’t want to give up control or confess we need help. We’d rather pat ourselves on the back or blow up our chest to show that ‘we’ve got this.’ This is both hazardous and mundane.

Harboring Doubt And Denial

These two barriers are linked because doubt is frequently followed by denial.

Doubt is the difficulty to believe and the suspicion that what you encounter is reliable. It can enter through the absorbed concepts we take in, through the ethers, and through the surroundings, we were born into.

There is no need for doubt if you can trust yourself and your observations and have proof that they have been correct many times, a strong faith in the basis of what you know and who you are. This is about having faith in your abilities. Looking back on your life, have some things been elegantly weave together to form now? Thousands of testimonials of individual people, just like you, experiencing unexplained, spiritual experiences- worldwide- are now available on the internet.

In reality, when these ‘strange’ things are analyzable collectively, they suddenly cease to be so unusual and begin to seem a little more regular. One of the most prevalent topics raised is that they have been attempting to grab your attention, but their efforts have gone undetected or dismissed due to skepticism, and then denial.

To overcome this barrier, believe in yourself and your experiences. You don’t have to explain it to anyone or make up a plausible explanation right now. You are the only one who can confirm the veracity of your experiences.

Fear The Spiritual World

Although most of us want to grow spiritually, we are afraid of performing some spiritual practices, such as midnight rituals. Because they may raise our state of consciousness and allow us to perceive the spiritual world, which we believe is populated with scary beings as a result of watching too many horror movies.

Always Worrying About Something

Most of us are unable to grow spiritually because we are always in confusion. We are concerned about our earnings, our appearance, our children, our companies, other people’s ideas and opinions, and so on. This mental condition inhibits us from having a tranquil mind, hence postponing spiritual progress. A peaceful mind is necessary for spiritual growth because it allows us to hear our intuition’s voice, which is a trustworthy guide to spiritual progress.


Because we are impatient, some of us are unable to progress spiritually. We anticipate reaping the advantages of spirituality within a short period of reading books and engaging in spiritual activities, and we give up when we are unable to transcend the egoic consciousness despite our spiritual efforts. We are ignorant that spiritual growth may take a long time since, like anything valuable, spiritual growth necessitates long-term dedication.

The Ending Note

We must nurture bravery and faith, as well as accept spiritual activities if we are to progress spiritually.

Don’t be concerned if you’ve identified with one of these types of spiritual barriers. Working with removing this barrier to open up and enhance your connection to the Divine can help you establish your connection to your Spirit Guides, Angels, or Deceased Loved Ones on the other side.

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