Signs Your Ex Will Never Come Back

It’s difficult to let go of someone you love. Overthinking and self-doubt often sneak in. How can you tell if your gut feeling is correct? People occasionally reunite after splitting up and spending time apart. Usually, this occurs as a result of their realization of each other’s importance and their need for one another. However, statistics show that after ending a serious relationship, ex-partners rarely come back in 70% of cases. Living in the delusion that they’ll return prevents you from moving on with your life, particularly when there are clear signs your ex will never come back. Let us have a look at some of the signs your ex will never come back.

Little to no communication.

While some people make an effort to communicate less frequently, there are some who simply stop talking the moment you ask for a breakup. They could alter their phone number, and unfollow you on all social networking sites. Or refuse to answer your calls and text messages. Also, they try their hardest to avoid you. They clearly don’t want to get in touch with you. Or have you contacted them if this continues for a while?

They stay away from you and people close to you.

A typical aspect of being in a relationship is getting to know each other’s social network. It’s possible that you’ve been friends with them for a while. Even after you’ve broken up, it’s acceptable to still be close with them. The fact that your ex is attempting to avoid your mutual friends suggests that they do not want to connect with anyone who will lead them to think of you. They don’t want to put themselves in a situation where you might think they are interested in you. By using this approach, they steer clear of anyone. They would want to reconcile you two or question you about your breakup.

They return your belongings.

When things are returned, it is one of the obvious signs that she or he will never return. There is bound to be a lot of sharing when two people are in a relationship. This is about more than just feelings and spaces. It is also about objects. People share everything, from clothes to crockery, and bedspreads to furniture. Take it as a definitive sign if your ex begins returning your belongings after you’ve separated.

Your ex-friend-zoned you.

A subtle way to end a relationship is to become friends with no ill will toward each other. If you both agreed on similar lines, it’s a good sign that they might return. However, if you find your ex completely indifferent, such as treating you like all other friends, not being romantic or flirtatious, and not bringing up the past while still respecting you, they have done a good job of emotionally detaching themselves from the relationship and moving on in the healthiest way.

They tell you to move on.

If your ex has friend-zoned you or you are in contact with each other, you may tell them to move on or stop dwelling in the past or give reasons as to how you deserve someone better than them. If they use any of it, respect them and don’t waste your time or suffer another heartbreak by clinging to false hopes. It’s pointless to invest more emotional energy into the relationship by holding on to the past and attempting to reignite the passion. This behavior is likely to irritate your ex, exacerbating the situation for both of you.

They don’t mind if you’re seeing someone else.

You don’t want to start a new relationship anytime soon, but someone else is, and you don’t want to turn them away. You may be just getting to know each other. If your ex finds out about it through mutual contacts and is completely fine with it, you have your answers. They are uninterested in what is going on in your life and do not want to bother you when you are moving forward.

Your ex does not want to meet you.

Have you been contacting your ex about setting up a conciliation meeting? But in vain? Have you gone so far as to show up at their house and almost be shown the door? This is a sure sign your ex will never come back.

They are indifferent to you.

If you run into your ex and they ignore you, avoid eye contact, and responds with only a single phrase, they are telling you they do not want anything to do with you anymore. It’s time to let them go if they are so uncomfortable with you that they are not even able to smile.

Your ex told you they’ll never trust you.

When attempting to get back with an ex, trust is most often the last thing to return, and you must repeatedly demonstrate your trustworthiness. If your ex still likes you, they will give you another chance to prove that they can trust you again. But what if your ex keeps bringing up trust issues in every other conversation or openly tells you that the reason they don’t think you’ll come back is that they can’t trust you? In that case, you’re not doing a good job of establishing trust, and your ex’s opinion of “who you are” is jeopardized. The chances of them taking you back are extremely slim.

They’ve greatly evolved.

You two may remain in contact even after the breakup. If you notice a significant change in your ex’s personality or attitude toward you, it’s a definitive sign that they’re making a deliberate attempt to let you know that you’re no longer significant. Don’t seek clarification about the strange behavior. Instead of being behind them, understand and let them be free.

The Ending Note 

People enter romantic relationships with the hopes of finding their soulmates, marrying them, and creating life-long memories with them. Unfortunately, breakups destroy this fantasy. When your ex is over you, you should be able to tell by looking for these signs that they have moved on.

Holding on to someone who no longer wants you in their life will hurt your feelings, which is difficult to accept, but it is necessary to move on with your life and wait for your true love.

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