Anonymous Authority Fallacy

The Anonymous authority fallacy aka Appeal to Anonymous Authority, Fallacy Unidentified Authority Fallacy, and Unidentified Experts Fallacy always follows the claim game while trying to defend any subject. 

What is Anonymous Authority Fallacy?

Because it is unknown whether or not the authority is an expert, this fallacy (Anonymous Authority) is deceptive. Another variation of this error is appealing to rumors because the information’s source is equally obscure. A reliable source is one that confirms the addition to being reputable.

In other words, we can say that a form of informal fallacy or persuasive tactic where it is thought that the advice of a reputable expert in one field should be taken into consideration in another. For instance, Mr. X, a successful businessman, needs to understand how to handle budget deficits. Known also as the expert fallacy.


If you want to appeal to an authority, you should appeal to the right power. For instance, if you are debating a physics-related subject, you should consult an expert in the field. Although it seems straightforward, many clever people conflate different fields of expertise.

Even appealing to the proper authorities, though, can be mistaken. This is due to the fact that evidence and reasoning, not a person, are what prove a statement to be true. Einstein, for instance, did not relativize space and time. Instead, he found it. His arguments for the relativity of space and time support the data he provided, not his legitimacy.

4 Appeal to Authority Logical Fallacy Examples

Celebrity endorsements or opinions

Celebrity endorsements boost the sales of numerous products. A celebrity endorsement on social media can affect the entire social media following of a celebrity due to the broad consumer reach that social media can provide. Along with connecting with the credibility being followed, this gives the business direct access to hundreds of thousands of customers.

Health Advice

Many people have opinions on matters pertaining to health, but not all of them are knowledgeable in their fields. If you are not a medical practitioner, it is preferable to get professional counsel regarding your health concerns as they develop rather than trying to figure out the best course of action on your own. When you visit a doctor, this relevant specialist will typically treat you in accordance with the generally accepted body of scientific knowledge.

News Sources

A meme featuring Abraham Lincoln and the words “Not everything you read on the internet is true” circulated on the internet a few years ago.

This meme was intended to make fun of people who believe everything they read online or in the media. Obviously, since the internet didn’t exist when Abe Lincoln was alive, he cannot quote this. But he is a strong leader who many people still respect today. His standing and knowledge, nevertheless, are obsolete in the digital age.

Following Analysis

It is a flawed argument when someone attempts to make a claim based on a minority viewpoint. Let’s take the scenario where someone argues that climate change isn’t a real issue only based on the findings of one climate change researcher. Despite the fact that this evidence comes from a credible source, the claim isn’t strongly inductively support the argument because 97% of climate scientists believe that climate change is happening.

How To Avoid Misusing The Fallacy Of Anonymous Authority

When deciding whether to accept someone’s authority, take into account if the subject at issue requires empirical proof and whether it is feasible for the assertions to be independently confirmed by fact-checking. This kind of appeal is frequently made. It is one of the reasons why conducting verification could take a lot of time.

Avoiding Anonymous Authority is challenging because, while defending our evidence, we frequently rely on hazy language and hazy memories. The best course of action is to confirm the credentials of the “experts” and their source.

The Ending Note 

We hope this helps you better understand this particular fallacy. In order to ensure that you take the full notion of the authority fallacy, We have selected some great examples. Please share further advice on how to prevent this fallacy. We are happy to hear this.

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